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    Transitioning to 3rd Edition

    Not in the manner I want to see ... create complete campaigns that utilize everything across all expansions. In addition, I do not want it to be just digital ... I want the challenge of competitive play ... an Overlord v the heroes.
  2. any2cards

    Transitioning to 3rd Edition

    LOL ... way to go way overboard ... what a fantasy ... you want them to play test it for a significant amount of time to make sure all of the interactions that may occur are accounted for?! You sir must be what they call a "Dreamer". Next you are going to want them to have card editors, professional manual writers, etc. so that they consistently use the same phrases across all cards, rule books, etc. 😝 😱 (Just in case my sarcasm did not translate ... I am only teasing you ... I couldn't agree more)
  3. Well, to be honest, I could live with them simply releasing the 12 heroes that exist in D1e but do not exist in D2e. After all, they assuaged my OCD completeness issues by releasing the missing classes. We are half way home ... now just release the heroes, and I can stop twitching in the middle of the night ... 😝
  4. any2cards

    Transitioning to 3rd Edition

    The biggest issue that D2e has had in my opinion (and that of many others), is FFG's long term insistence that all you ever need to play the game is the original box. Rarely (albeit they did some later on) have they incorporated expansions into campaigns. What this game really needs is a campaign that utilizes boards, characters, monsters, LTs, etc. from ALL expansions. Yes, that means it may only be viable for the subset of people that have purchased everything. Never the less, I think it would be a big seller. This is true from a physical standpoint as well as a digital standpoint. FFG really needs to get past the mindset of not mixing and matching expansions. If they truly do come out with a D3e, I will not buy it if they don't plan from the outset to develop and support the game in this manner. Further, I want to also make it clear that while digital, cooperative play is welcome, I also want to play this game as 1 v many ... in other words, an active Overlord role.
  5. The purpose of this thread is to provide a knowledge base of sorts for the game Descent 2nd Edition (D2e). Within this original post, I intend on maintaining a "living" document which will contain links to pertinent information for D2e. Hopefully, over time, and with the community's assistance, we will have a resource that can assist in answering questions that are typically asked by new users, as well as provide an information database for those of us with extensive experience in the game. I want to extend a big thank you to FFGEvan for his assistance in getting this thread "pinned". This should make it easy for everyone (new and experienced) users to find. I will get the ball rolling by creating links to information that I have frequently referenced. If you have additional resources you would like to see within the original post, please reply and provide that information, and I will make sure it gets placed in the proper section. General Forum Rules - General guidelines, principles, and rules for using the forum Expansions Base Game Conversion Kit - Converts D1e Heroes & Monsters to D2e Dice Pack Lair of the Wyrm - Small Box Expansion Labyrinth of Ruin - Large Box Expansion The Trollfens - Small Box Expansion Shadow of Nerekhall - Large Box Expansion Manor of Ravens - Small Box Expansion Mists of Bilehall - Small Box Expansion The Chains That Rust - Small Box Expansion Splig - Base Game Lieutenant Belthir - Base Game Lieutenant Zacareth - Base Game Lieutenant Alric Farrow - Base Game Lieutenant Merick Farrow - Base Game Lieutenant Eliza Farrow - Base Game Lieutenant Valyndra - Lair of the Wyrm Lieutenant Raythen - Labyrinth of Ruin Lieutenant Serena - Labyrinth of Ruin Lieutenant Ariad - Labyrinth of Ruin Lieutenant Queen Ariad - Labyrinth of Ruin Lieutenant Bol'goreth - The Trollfens Lieutenant Rylan Olliven - Shadow of Nerekhall Lieutenant Verminous - Shadow of Nerekhall Lieutenant Tristayne Olliven - Shadow of Nerekhall Lieutenant Gargan Mirklace - Shadow of Nerekhall Lieutenant Skarn - Manor of Ravens Lieutenant Kyndrithul - Mists of Bilehall Lieutenant Zarihell - Mists of Bilehall Lieutenant Ardus Ix'erebus - Mists of Bilehall Lieutenant Oath of the Outcast - Hero & Monster Collection Crown of Destiny - Hero & Monster Collection Crusade of the Forgotten - Hero & Monster Collection Guardians of Deephall - Hero & Monster Collection Visions of Dawn - Hero & Monster Collection Bonds of the Wild - Hero & Monster Collection Treaty of Champions - Hero & Monster Collection Stewards of the Secret - Hero & Monster Collection Shards of Everdark - Hero & Monster Collection Forgotten Souls - Co-Op Adventure Nature's Ire - Co-Op Adventure Dark Elements - Co-Op Adventure Heirs of Blood - Campaign Book Lost Legends - Card pack expansion to include all missing classes (Mage, Healer, Hybrid) Apps Road to Legend IOS Version Android Version Steam Version Chrome Extensions D2e Companion Card Viewer by any2cards - Extension for Chrome which auto-displays D2e cards Game Rules Descent Journeys in the Dark Second Edition - PDF containing the rules for the base game Lair of the Wyrm - PDF containing the rules for expansion #1 Lair of the Wyrm (small box expansion) Labyrinth of Ruin - PDF containing the rules for expansion #2 Labyrinth of Ruin (big box expansion) The Trollfens - PDF containing the rules for expansion #3 The Trollfens (small box expansion) Shadow of Nerekhall - PDF containing the rules for expansion #4 Shadow of Nerekhall (big box expansion) Manor of Ravens - PDF containing the rules for expansion #5 Manor of Ravens (small box expansion) Mists of Bilehall - PDF containing the rules for expansion #6 Mists of Bilehall (small box expansion) Road To Legend - PDF containing the rules for the app Road To Legend Lieutenant Packs - PDF containing the rules for all Lieutenant Packs. Includes rules for Plot Cards, Threat, and Fortune Forgotten Souls - PDF containing the rules for the co-op automated Overlord adventure #1 Forgotten Souls. Nature's Ire - PDF containing the rules for the co-op automated Overlord adventure #2 Nature's Ire. Dark Elements - PDF containing the rules for the co-op automated Overlord adventure #3 Dark Elements. FAQ & Other Helpful Documents FAQ v1.6 - FFG's Official Frequently Asked Questions document, and should be used as a supplement to the rules for each expansion FFG Sez Unofficial FFG FAQ - Contains a list of user questions with answers provided by FFG, but have yet to make it into the FAQ FFG Sez Unofficial FFG FAQ - Searchable Wiki - Similar to the above, but searchable Community Rules Reference Guide FFG Tools & Game Aids Mini-Site - Descent 2nd Edition mini-site which provides complete details about the game, products, support, etc. Quest Vault - FFG provided software which allows you to create custom quests for Descent 2nd Edition Movie Trailer - MOV file which shows an overview for the game Descent 2nd Edition The Shadow Rune Quest Pad - PDF for the base game's campaign log. Heirs of Blood Campaign Log - PDF for the book expansion Heirs of Blood's campaign log. Community Tools & Game Aids Glossary of Terms by Zaltyre - Definitions for critical terms used within the game. It supplements the rules and FAQ Guide To Range and LOS by Zaltyre - Definitions for Range and LOS used within the game. It supplements the rules and FAQ D2e Campaign Flow by any2cards - Word document detailing info on all Campaign Steps D2e Card Sleeve Info by any2cards - Word document detailing info on sleeves sizes for all cards D2e Conditions by any2cards - Excel spreadsheet detailing info on all conditions D2e Dice Summary by any2cards - Word document detailing info on all dice utilized within the game D2e Expansion Image Icons by any2cards - Word document detailing info on all expansion image icons D2e Expansion Info by any2cards - Excel spreadsheet detailing info about all expansions D2e Hero RNG by any2cards - Excel spreadsheet which can provide random groups of heroes D2e Lieutenant-Agent-Ally Stats by any2cards - Excel spreadsheet detailing info on all Lts, Agents, Allies D2e Monsters and Traits by any2cards - Excel spreadsheet detailing info on all monsters & traits D2e Monsters and Traits Interactive by any2cards - Excel spreadsheet detailing info on all monsters & traits D2e Proof of Purchase by any2cards - Excel spreadsheet detailing info on all proof of purchase codes for all expansions D2e Rule Priority Order by any2cards - Word document detailing the rule priority order for game play D2e Shop Items by any2cards - Excel spreadsheet detailing info on all shop items Guide to Overlord Cards by Indalecio - Detailed guide to all Overlord Cards Guide to Lieutenant Plot Decks by Indalecio - Detailed guide to all Lieutenant Plot Decks Campaign Tracker for Descent 2nd Edition by Atom4geVampire - Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent 2nd Edition Descent Damage Calculator by HavocDreams - Excel spreadsheet which calculates expected damage based on criteria entered Damage Descent Calculator by Chaoticus - Web page which calculates expected damage based on criteria entered Valkyrie by BruceLGL - An open alternative to the Road To Legend app with a Quest Editor Tiles List by Quest by DerDelphi - A list of all tiles used by quest D2e Custom Hero Creator - A web based tool that allows you to create official looking custom hero cards Wikipedia D2e Wiki - Original Wiki for D2e which provides a lot of information for the game. D2e Community Wiki - Updated Wiki designed by Psymia for D2e which provides a lot of information for the game. Community Opinions - Threads which discuss what expansions to buy in what order. Which Big Box Expansion? Expansion Order? What to Buy? Suggestions on Where to Start What expansions to get first? Hero Party Analysis Painting / Painted Minis - Threads which discuss and/or show painted minis for Descent 2nd Edition paintin' stuff by Antizombie Descent 2nd Edition, glad I took the plunge. All painted! by bulldoguk My painted heroes by Prodigal Player Prepping minis for painting by Rophan Painted Mirklace, Verminous, Tristayne Ollivan, and Ironbound by stver7804 Painted Queen Ariad (front & back images) by stver7804 Painted Models (Image heavy thread) by Engrimm My painted Giants from Crown of Destiny by keschnell My Painted Descent Minis by darkstarminis Another descent mini painting thread! by uppTagg My painted Minis by jonboyjon1990 Painted Crypt Dragon from Guardians of Deephall by keschnell More painted minis by Kanludar My painted figures by Atom4geVampire/ Descent 2E Painting Blog by ozDarchangel Sorastro Painting You Tube Channel by mattflow Anyone up for seeing some Painted Miniatures? Click here. by Styfen Yet another "My Painted Figures" post by palleon Storage Solutions - Threads which discuss and/or show storage/transportation solutions for Descent 2nd Edition KR multicase for storing/transporting your Descent figures by bulldoguk Box for cards by ameria Storage by jjenkins Descent storage solutions by Zogwort Thinking about purchasing all the Hero/Monster packs... by gameboymaster01 Storage and organization of tiles by Lifer4700 How to Store Your Descent by NobleSeven Descent second edition + expansions storage solution by JTSleep Community Game Variants - Threads which discuss and provide alternate play variations for Descent 2nd Edition Variant "delving" play-mode more like 1E by Madmartigan Descent Solo/Coop: Nerdook's Variant 2.0 by nerdook Descent Automated Overlord: The D6 Variant by nerdook AI Overlord? by Tyberalyx BJZSN's Arena Variant (Team Vs. Team) by BJZSN Redjak's Automated Overlord Variant (RAOV) by RedJak7 BJZSNS Waves of Mutilation by BJZSN BoardGameGeek (BGG) List of Variants - Co-Ops, Automated OL, & Others RogueLike Variant by DiegoZap Community Campaigns & Quests - Threads which discuss and provide additional campaigns & quests for Descent 2nd Edition Campaigns The Legacy of Timmorran by Zaltyre Weapons of War - Mini Campaign by Zaltyre The Silken Threads by Morthai The Ascension of Margath by Rugal Elements Demise by Brutalien (BGG) Quests The Ritual of Immortality by BuBu The Runied Mine by Draconic Lord Dungeon of Death by AceCaldwell Burying of Burden by Kringler The Dragon's Den by Kyrsa Community Custom Content - Threads which discuss and provide additional custom content for Descent 2nd Edition BJZSN's Custom Classes Morthai's Custom Classes Morthai's Custom Search Decks Morthai's Custom Familiars, Items, Search Cards, Class Cards, and Fonts Jopan's Custom Hero Creator Piligrim's Custom Hero Sheet Template Proxies for D2e Tokens - Suggestions for Proxies for D2e Tokens General Proxy Items from Shapeways Archers Archers Brightblaze Brightblaze #1 - 2nd from right Brightblaze #2 - 1st from right Cardinal Cardinal - For Cardinal's Plight Gryvorn Gryvorn - The Shadow Rune Finale Guards Guards Miners Miners - For Miners in LotW Pico - Not strictly necessary as mini does not go on game board Pico #1 - 2nd from right Pico #2 - 3rd from right Raven Flock Raven Flock Reanimate Reanimate #1 Reanimate #2 Reanimate #3 Reanimate #4 Reanimate #5 Shadow Soul - Not strictly necessary as other figures allowed in same space Shadow Soul Skye Skye #1 - 2nd from left Skye #2 - 2nd from right Summoned Stones Summoned Stones #1 Summoned Stones #2 Summoned Stones #3 Tyrus - For Tyrus in HoB Tyrus #1 Tyrus #2 Villagers Villagers #1 Villagers #2 Wolf Wolf #1 Wolf #2 - 3rd from left Wolf #3 ********************************************************************************************* Questions & Answers General Game Play 1. How many heroes should I play for the most balanced Campaign/Mini-Campaign/individual quest game experience? a. 2 Heroes generally favors the Overlord b. 3 Heroes generally favors the Heroes c. 4 Heroes are considered by most to be the best game balance 2. How many heroes should I play for the most balanced Co-Op game experience? a. 2 Heroes generally favors the Heroes (in other words, it is the easiest to win) b. 3 Heroes are considered by most to be the best game balance c. 4 Heroes generally favors the Co-Op (in other words, it is the hardest to win) Expansions 1. What is the difference between the various expansions available for Descent 2nd Edition? a. You can find out if a specific expansion is a big box, small box, co-op etc. in the section above titled Game Rules. b. All of the box expansions generally come with some additional figures (heroes and monsters). In addition, they all come with additional cards which may contain hero sheets, monster cards, class cards, shop item cards, condition cards, search item cards, relic cards, map tiles, etc. In general, the big box expansions have more of all of the above than the small box expansions. c. The main additional feature that the big box expansions provide is that they contain an entirely new campaign. In addition, some contain a new green power die. For this reason, many consider them to be the best bang for your buck. d. The main additional feature that the small box expansions provide is that they contain new game mechanics such as Rumors, Advanced Quests, Secret Rooms, etc. e. Lieutenant Packs add additional functionality for the Overlord. They provide a figure for each of the lieutenants (which many like better than the base game's tokens). In addition, they introduce the game mechanic of Plot Cards, Threat, and Fortune. f. The co-op expansions introduce a new mechanic of the automated Overlord. This allows everyone to play as heroes, cooperatively, against an automated Overlord. In addition, it can allow you to play solo. h. The book expansions only provide a brand new campaign. Many, however, think that these campaigns are some of the best available, as FFG only had to concentrate on the creative side of the campaign itself, rather than also having to generate pieces/parts. The book expansions also contain additional lore and fluff of Terrinoth that many find to be enjoyable.
  6. any2cards

    Index of Useful Links

    I modified the original post to include links to the newly announced Lost Legends card pack. The very fact that I was able to type this, despite my complete shock, is amazing. Never thought I would live to see this day.
  7. Shocked ... just ... shocked. After returning from the hospital to deal with the palpitations of my feeble, old heart after seeing ... something ... anything ... being announced for D2e ... I was pleasantly surprised that they have finally addressed some of my OCD issues ... we get new stuff that completely fills out all of the classes ... I can live with this ... I think. 😋
  8. any2cards

    Quest Vault

    In case you aren't aware, the deficiencies of the Quest Vault are well known. Further, it is highly unlikely that they will ever be addressed, as FFG has ignored repeated contacts by some of us who have been long time users, beta test users, play test users, etc. Most of us feel that this "app" has been all but abandoned, mostly like D2e in general.
  9. any2cards

    MOM2e Game Spreadsheets

    This person indeed made a mistake. My apologies. This is what happens when you use "Copy and Paste" to speed things up. I have corrected this error and uploaded an update to the DropBox. Thank you for pointing this out !
  10. any2cards

    MOM2e Game Spreadsheets

    I have maintained several spreadsheets for this game, and while modifying them to support Horrific Journeys, thought that some of you may find these helpful as well. Below, you will find a link to my DropBox which contains two files: 1) MOM2e Expansion Info - this document provides complete information for all of MOM2e and all of its expansions, including summary and detail pages. It also includes sleeve information for all of the cards. 2) MOM2e Investigator RNG - this document provides a random drawing of investigators grouped by the number of people playing. In order to gain the most experience and diversity of investigators played, our group chooses to "deal" three random investigators to each player, and then each player chooses 1 to play. This is what this spreadsheet does on an automated basis. MOM2e Game Spreadsheets Enjoy.
  11. any2cards

    Piercing and Tunic/Ghost Armor

    I just want to make sure you understand that this is a Descent 2nd Edition forum, and not also a Descent 1st Edition forum. I only make this point as you may be better served posting these questions on BGG within their Descent 1st Edition forum, as you are far more likely to get responses.
  12. any2cards

    Orders and half actions in 1st Ed.

    A "Ready" action allows you to perform 2 half actions, one of which is an order. So, you can: Move up to your speed and place an order (Aim, Dodge, Guard, or Rest) -or- Make an attack and place an order (Aim, Dodge, Guard, or Rest). Note that the order placed can be done at any time during your turn. So, for example, you can declare a "Ready", place an Aim order on yourself, and then immediately make an attack using that Aim. Does this clear things up?
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    Enfid's Descent Miniatures

    Okay ... how much? 🤣
  14. any2cards

    Newest Update on Rules

    Are you looking for the latest rules for D1e or D2e?
  15. @Sadgit, Thank you for continuing to take the time to maintain this document, despite the lack of additional content from FFG. I, for one, appreciate it !
  16. any2cards

    Complete list of components?

    In another thread, I posted a link to a spreadsheet that contains a complete list of components for every expansion. Here is a link to the spreadsheet: MOM2e Expansion Info
  17. any2cards

    PSA App Update Shenanigans!

    And yet all of this discussion makes me wonder ... If FFG paid for, and built a truly first class app, with all the bells and whistles anyone could ever want, alpha and beta tested the *&^% out of it, asked for feedback etc., and then CHARGED for the app ... I can hear the distant screams already about how they are gouging their customers and just trying to make a buck where ever they can, etc., etc., etc. Basically what we already hear when they come out with expansions and/or conversion kits that don't fully satisfy each and every person's personal wish list ... Most of the active participants on this forum are never happy, no matter what approach FFG takes ...
  18. any2cards

    Difference Between Cities you Visit?

    The City Action for each city is different. Explore.
  19. So, we get another piece of digital content for RTL. And it is free. All good. I sincerely hope, however, that this does not start another round of thread after thread positing what is coming next for physical content.
  20. I added this link to the Index of Useful Links under the Proxies section
  21. any2cards

    Dark Forest Custom expansion

    I should be able to take time to read through the cards, and provide some feedback if necessary. What I will not be able to do anytime soon is actually play test the expansion.
  22. any2cards

    Dark Forest Custom expansion

    Thank you for taking the time to learn DropBox and place the files into it. It will make it much easier downloading it. I will download everything and take a look, but please note that I am very deep into playing Gloomhaven right now, so it will be a while for me to get to this.
  23. any2cards

    Dark Forest Custom expansion

    @rugal ... I am very interested in downloading this expansion, as I have been fascinated by your work in the past. Unfortunately, you are hosting this on a site (SendBox) that throttles downloads, and makes me wait 1 minute to even begin downloading the files. Despite the fact that I have gigabit connection to the Internet, it will take over an hour for me to download this material. Why don't you get a free cloud account with something like DropBox, etc., so that we can download this stuff in 1/100th of the time without waiting? I truly don't mean to be critical of YOU, just the process. I want your files ... I most certainly do not want it to take a hour to download, when there is no reason for it to be this way. Just a recommendation ... you may get more people to download it if you do so.
  24. You may want to review the top thread within the forum called Index of Useful Links, as it provides a large amount of information to the game. One of the document links within there is a link under the section Community Tools & Game Aids called D2e Expansion Info. This is a spreadsheet which provides complete information on all of the expansions in the game. One last comment ... all of the expansions that do come with Lieutenants have card board pieces that represent those lieutenants. The LT Packs replaces those card board pieces with minis, as well as provide additional content.