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  1. any2cards

    Store Championship canceled... what to do?

    I have enjoyed this thread, and the opposing view points expressed. It has been thought provoking. This, (see the quote above) in my opinion, has been the best post in this thread to date. I instantly got this full color image in my mind of 25 X-Wingers all playing in a library setting ... with the prototypical old-marm-buttoned-up-laced-librarian from the Little House on the Prairie shooooshing all of the players every two seconds, while a TO is trying to contain a brewing argument over some over-hashed picayune interaction between several stupidly-designed never-properly-playtested upgrade cards. I have been laughing for 15 minutes. Thank you. I was having a tough morning. This improved my day immensely.
  2. ^--- Nice post. It is important to remember that FFG (Asmodee) is a business, and their focus is to make money. As a result, I agree that any potential future version of Descent will focus on those areas that they feel will provide the greatest return on investment. And that most certainly will be with a strong leaning to co-op style play. It's unfortunate from my perspective, but it's foolish to tilt at reality. Of course, I also believe that any potential D3e is a long way off. Given point one above, I think they are far more focused right now on milking their Disney Star Wars License dry ...
  3. @leewroy ... I understand what you are saying. Being a Dungeon Master is somewhat different. I think in that role, you are focused on making sure that there is an immersive story, and that the individuals playing within that immersive world all have a good time. This means that you are constantly balancing difficulty/challenge versus fun, etc. In that sense, you are playing WITH them, not so much as you have the same win conditions, but because if you perform your job well, you and they both have a good time. I would actually be fine with this, if that is what a potential D3e would become ... I just don't want to have to interact with an app to achieve this environment.
  4. I will take the high road here, and assume you didn't mean to call me an "old fart, stuck in my ways". While I own Gloomhaven, I have not yet formally begun play, so I cannot give first hand perspective. Having said that, I know many who have managed to play the game without the need to interact with an app. Perhaps us "old folk" simply have a better attention span, and are more detail oriented. A board game is just that ... a game whose central focus is a board around which several individuals congregate for a social, good time. I don't consider being forced to interact with an app, via various digital devices, to be part of that board game. An app such as that used by D2e does far more than "book keeping". It completely replaces the adversarial nature of the game, and completely removes one major role, that of the Overlord. I am not aware of your age in specific, but in general, the younger generation is fascinated with such devices, so much so, that their ability to interact effectively in a social, group gathering, is highly diminished. I simply see the addition of apps to games such as D2e to be more of the same. Further, it is quite clear that our world in general, and the USA in specific, is moving more towards a focus of participation trophies, everyone gets to feel good about themselves, everyone gets to win, etc. That is why coop's seem to be the in-thing at this time. It allows everyone to participate without the potential of conflict, awkward interactions, someone losing, etc. ... most of those things that I have distinctly found are skills lacking in the younger generation - that is to say the ability to cope with all of the aforementioned "negative" effects of true competition. I, quite frankly, consider this a significant step backwards, and one of the major reasons why this country struggles in so many areas. In the real world, you don't always get to win, you don't always get to avoid difficult things such as conflict resolution, etc. In life, there is competition in most everything we do. So it certainly makes sense to prepare our children properly ... one of the things that does this is competitive board games that involve critical and strategic thinking, where decisions that you make have very real consequences. This is what is lost when everyone is buried in their electronic devices ... I certainly prefer to have the choice to play a game without requiring one. You certainly are free to feel otherwise. Just my two cents.
  5. any2cards

    X-Wing Vassal module hotfix v8.0.9

    Mu0n ... I never know what you are talking about, but I have learned it pays to listen anyway ... 🤑 Thanks for all of your hard work !
  6. ^--- This. The thing that torques me off about it is that the actual mechanic of shrinking and enlarging for large/huge monsters is simply stupid. It is short sighted design, taking the easy way out, to allow for smaller dungeons, etc., which in turn prevents monsters from becoming "stuck". Quite frankly, this was an interesting aspect to have to take into account when you played D1e as OL, and were dropping crushing blocks, pit traps, etc. Further, all D1e's rules do is introduce arguments, resulting in a plethora of FAQ movement entries to make up for that poor design.
  7. I will not buy a further edition of this game unless there is an option of 1-v-many. In other words, I want an Overlord. For me, this is a board game. I have little, to no desire, to use an app while playing a board game. Having said that, as long as the app allows me to optionally be the OL, I would live with it.
  8. any2cards

    X-Wing 2.0 App not available to all Regions?

    Yes, because FFG has never lied been mistaken in the past. I have many, many bridges for sale ... 😝
  9. Sorry ... I will get back to posting my original thoughts on this once I find a way to properly parse this statement. 😖😵🤢🤮 Every time I feel like I have it ... I realize I am just fooling myself. 😜
  10. I wouldn't. I far prefer D1e to D2e, in terms of the mechanics, how the game played, etc. Unfortunately, D1e had some very serious balance issues, which simply were never properly addressed. D1e RTL added a campaign style to the game, which I very much liked, but again, major balance issues. Sea of Blood was an unmitigated disaster. If FFG ever comes out with D3e, I would prefer a game closer to D1e. But, no matter what they produce, what I really want is for them to mother-******* play test the ever living **** out of the game. And then, I want them to hire professional writers and proof readers, so when they create cards, documentation, etc. there is complete consistency with key words, phrases, text, etc. Finally, when they do release it, SUPPORT the ever loving game ... I would be willing to wait YEARS for this to be the case.
  11. So much so, that I am stunned on a daily basis, that this thread continues to get posts ... I ask myself every day when I see new posts to this thread ... "Why doesn't this **** thread just DIE already ...?" Hmmm ... I think I just kept it alive ... 😖🤬🤢 ... 😝
  12. Easy. When your opponent is considering his placement of obstacles, point violently, yell "OMG, what the **** is happening there", and when they turn to look, grab his Luke, rip it up, throw it on the ground, and begin whistling. "Luke? What Luke?" 😱 <And in case anyone thinks I am serious, please don't mistreat cards, even those as obnoxious as Luke>
  13. All the proof you need for the lack of support for this vault is the fact that it is still considered BETA 5 years later.
  14. This is very much a chicken/egg and/or horse/cart catch-22 situation. The Vault isn't getting much use because it has significant bugs, is missing significant content, receives no responses for support from FFG, etc. What user in their right mind wants to invest a lot of time working with the Vault given what I just stated?
  15. any2cards

    Anyone else feeling stuck by this change?

    In a perfect world, there would be a balanced distribution and supply/demand for assets available within the conversion kits. In that world, everyone searching for items, say on eBay, would be met with equal sellers/traders. It is my humble opinion that this "world" is pure fantasy. First, I don't think that there is going to be sufficient conversion kits produced (at least initially) to meet the demand that will exist. This in turn is going to make it more unlikely that you are going to be able to find someone that will match up with your needs; in other words, trying to find someone that wants to sell/trade precisely what you are looking for ... Second, many of the posters on this site are already unhappy with the make up of each of these kits ... many for the exact same reasons. Therefore, I would predict that demand for certain items is going to far out weigh supply ... This will most assuredly result in seeing extreme demands for certain items ... those demands being either very high prices, or requests in trade that are anything but balanced. I also expect that the initial limited supply of conversion kits is going to result in the same kind of demands, especially from those that will do their best to buy many conversion kits, just to sell them, either as an entire kit, or to piece them out, most likely hoping to get greater return individually, then they would by re-selling the kit in its entirety. Third, I predict given the above, and the response that has already occurred by the unveiling of what is in the conversion kits, there are going to be many, many threads posted after September complaining of same. It would not shock me if re-stock availability of conversion kits goes unfulfilled for at least 6+ months ... leading to even more unhappiness. I have given much thought to this, and actually have another 1/2 dozen points or so, but you get the idea ... I truly believe that those who have an average to above average collection of X-Wing 1st Edition (spanning all factions), and are hoping to say purchase only 1 conversion kit initially, for the faction they play most (reducing the initial cost), are going to be some of the most unhappy people in the long run. I think that once they decide they really want conversion kits for the other factions, they won't be readily available. This in turn is going to make it even harder to try and take the path of buy/sell/barter pieces, and the pieces need for this approach won't be available. As a disclaimer, I am not moving on to second edition. I have an enormous 1st edition collection, mostly because I love the miniatures. I have never actually played the game. But even if I did, I would be reluctant to move on for various reasons that aren't worth discussing at this time. Quite frankly, I hope my thoughts on this, in time, are proven wrong. I hope that all of you that wish to move on to second edition can do so both economically, and on the time schedule you desire. I wish you all the best ! I just don't think it is going to work the way many people believe ...