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  1. any2cards

    Piercing and Tunic/Ghost Armor

    I just want to make sure you understand that this is a Descent 2nd Edition forum, and not also a Descent 1st Edition forum. I only make this point as you may be better served posting these questions on BGG within their Descent 1st Edition forum, as you are far more likely to get responses.
  2. any2cards

    Orders and half actions in 1st Ed.

    A "Ready" action allows you to perform 2 half actions, one of which is an order. So, you can: Move up to your speed and place an order (Aim, Dodge, Guard, or Rest) -or- Make an attack and place an order (Aim, Dodge, Guard, or Rest). Note that the order placed can be done at any time during your turn. So, for example, you can declare a "Ready", place an Aim order on yourself, and then immediately make an attack using that Aim. Does this clear things up?
  3. any2cards

    Enfid's Descent Miniatures

    Okay ... how much? 🤣
  4. any2cards

    Newest Update on Rules

    Are you looking for the latest rules for D1e or D2e?
  5. @Sadgit, Thank you for continuing to take the time to maintain this document, despite the lack of additional content from FFG. I, for one, appreciate it !
  6. any2cards

    Complete list of components?

    In another thread, I posted a link to a spreadsheet that contains a complete list of components for every expansion. Here is a link to the spreadsheet: MOM2e Expansion Info
  7. any2cards

    MOM2e Game Spreadsheets

    I have maintained several spreadsheets for this game, and while modifying them to support Horrific Journeys, thought that some of you may find these helpful as well. Below, you will find a link to my DropBox which contains two files: 1) MOM2e Expansion Info - this document provides complete information for all of MOM2e and all of its expansions, including summary and detail pages. It also includes sleeve information for all of the cards. 2) MOM2e Investigator RNG - this document provides a random drawing of investigators grouped by the number of people playing. In order to gain the most experience and diversity of investigators played, our group chooses to "deal" three random investigators to each player, and then each player chooses 1 to play. This is what this spreadsheet does on an automated basis. MOM2e Game Spreadsheets Enjoy.
  8. any2cards

    PSA App Update Shenanigans!

    And yet all of this discussion makes me wonder ... If FFG paid for, and built a truly first class app, with all the bells and whistles anyone could ever want, alpha and beta tested the *&^% out of it, asked for feedback etc., and then CHARGED for the app ... I can hear the distant screams already about how they are gouging their customers and just trying to make a buck where ever they can, etc., etc., etc. Basically what we already hear when they come out with expansions and/or conversion kits that don't fully satisfy each and every person's personal wish list ... Most of the active participants on this forum are never happy, no matter what approach FFG takes ...
  9. any2cards

    Difference Between Cities you Visit?

    The City Action for each city is different. Explore.
  10. So, we get another piece of digital content for RTL. And it is free. All good. I sincerely hope, however, that this does not start another round of thread after thread positing what is coming next for physical content.
  11. I added this link to the Index of Useful Links under the Proxies section
  12. any2cards

    Dark Forest Custom expansion

    I should be able to take time to read through the cards, and provide some feedback if necessary. What I will not be able to do anytime soon is actually play test the expansion.
  13. any2cards

    Dark Forest Custom expansion

    Thank you for taking the time to learn DropBox and place the files into it. It will make it much easier downloading it. I will download everything and take a look, but please note that I am very deep into playing Gloomhaven right now, so it will be a while for me to get to this.
  14. any2cards

    Dark Forest Custom expansion

    @rugal ... I am very interested in downloading this expansion, as I have been fascinated by your work in the past. Unfortunately, you are hosting this on a site (SendBox) that throttles downloads, and makes me wait 1 minute to even begin downloading the files. Despite the fact that I have gigabit connection to the Internet, it will take over an hour for me to download this material. Why don't you get a free cloud account with something like DropBox, etc., so that we can download this stuff in 1/100th of the time without waiting? I truly don't mean to be critical of YOU, just the process. I want your files ... I most certainly do not want it to take a hour to download, when there is no reason for it to be this way. Just a recommendation ... you may get more people to download it if you do so.