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  1. any2cards

    Andira Runehand Hero Ability

    And yet, it is virtually always the case with the majority of board games that: Rules/Game Mechanics >> (are far greater than/outweigh) Perceived Fluff EDIT: It is never a good idea, especially with FFG games, to read "intent" into the game, its rules, etc.
  2. any2cards

    "limited edition" ships?

    Sometimes I wonder that myself ... 😝 I suspect I am older than most on these forums (I will be 78 in July). This longevity often comes with issues ... health issues ... the most minor of which results in severe shaking of my right hand and arm. I shudder to think about having to move small minis accurately. I am an active gamer, but typically more about board games like D1e, D2de, MOM2e, Gloomhaven, etc. that allows me to interact and socialize with many people at once. I love all things Star Wars, and the minis were really nice, so I started collecting. I don't regret it for a moment. And even though I don't actively play the game, I am fascinated by many of the discussions within these forums, especially those that focus on strategy, etc. Even those that involve "the sky is falling moments" can bring a smile to my face and a deep laugh from the diaphragm. Those are things that can make the day better, and me feel better. Thus, I hang out in the X-Wing Forum.
  3. any2cards

    "limited edition" ships?

    I am not sure why it is so difficult to see the difference. I am a collector of the game, solely for the beautiful, painted minis. I have spent more than $4,000 on this game, and have been around since day 1. I have never played a game of X-Wing. Given that, I have also never been to any form of competitive setting such as store championships, regionals, worlds, etc. One of the things that has separated FFG from other producers and suppliers of games, is that they have always made any of their expansions available to all, and with none of them being a random crap shoot as to what you get. That is no longer the case. This is really not that difficult to understand.
  4. any2cards

    Dark Forest Custom expansion

    Done - it is under the section Community Custom Content.
  5. any2cards

    Index of Useful Links

    Add Rugal's Dark Forest custom content to the Index of Useful Links under the section Community's Custom Content.
  6. any2cards

    Transitioning to 3rd Edition

    Not in the manner I want to see ... create complete campaigns that utilize everything across all expansions. In addition, I do not want it to be just digital ... I want the challenge of competitive play ... an Overlord v the heroes.
  7. any2cards

    Transitioning to 3rd Edition

    LOL ... way to go way overboard ... what a fantasy ... you want them to play test it for a significant amount of time to make sure all of the interactions that may occur are accounted for?! You sir must be what they call a "Dreamer". Next you are going to want them to have card editors, professional manual writers, etc. so that they consistently use the same phrases across all cards, rule books, etc. 😝 😱 (Just in case my sarcasm did not translate ... I am only teasing you ... I couldn't agree more)
  8. Well, to be honest, I could live with them simply releasing the 12 heroes that exist in D1e but do not exist in D2e. After all, they assuaged my OCD completeness issues by releasing the missing classes. We are half way home ... now just release the heroes, and I can stop twitching in the middle of the night ... 😝
  9. any2cards

    Transitioning to 3rd Edition

    The biggest issue that D2e has had in my opinion (and that of many others), is FFG's long term insistence that all you ever need to play the game is the original box. Rarely (albeit they did some later on) have they incorporated expansions into campaigns. What this game really needs is a campaign that utilizes boards, characters, monsters, LTs, etc. from ALL expansions. Yes, that means it may only be viable for the subset of people that have purchased everything. Never the less, I think it would be a big seller. This is true from a physical standpoint as well as a digital standpoint. FFG really needs to get past the mindset of not mixing and matching expansions. If they truly do come out with a D3e, I will not buy it if they don't plan from the outset to develop and support the game in this manner. Further, I want to also make it clear that while digital, cooperative play is welcome, I also want to play this game as 1 v many ... in other words, an active Overlord role.
  10. any2cards

    Index of Useful Links

    I modified the original post to include links to the newly announced Lost Legends card pack. The very fact that I was able to type this, despite my complete shock, is amazing. Never thought I would live to see this day.
  11. Shocked ... just ... shocked. After returning from the hospital to deal with the palpitations of my feeble, old heart after seeing ... something ... anything ... being announced for D2e ... I was pleasantly surprised that they have finally addressed some of my OCD issues ... we get new stuff that completely fills out all of the classes ... I can live with this ... I think. 😋
  12. any2cards

    Quest Vault

    In case you aren't aware, the deficiencies of the Quest Vault are well known. Further, it is highly unlikely that they will ever be addressed, as FFG has ignored repeated contacts by some of us who have been long time users, beta test users, play test users, etc. Most of us feel that this "app" has been all but abandoned, mostly like D2e in general.
  13. any2cards

    MOM2e Game Spreadsheets

    This person indeed made a mistake. My apologies. This is what happens when you use "Copy and Paste" to speed things up. I have corrected this error and uploaded an update to the DropBox. Thank you for pointing this out !
  14. any2cards

    Piercing and Tunic/Ghost Armor

    I just want to make sure you understand that this is a Descent 2nd Edition forum, and not also a Descent 1st Edition forum. I only make this point as you may be better served posting these questions on BGG within their Descent 1st Edition forum, as you are far more likely to get responses.
  15. any2cards

    Orders and half actions in 1st Ed.

    A "Ready" action allows you to perform 2 half actions, one of which is an order. So, you can: Move up to your speed and place an order (Aim, Dodge, Guard, or Rest) -or- Make an attack and place an order (Aim, Dodge, Guard, or Rest). Note that the order placed can be done at any time during your turn. So, for example, you can declare a "Ready", place an Aim order on yourself, and then immediately make an attack using that Aim. Does this clear things up?