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  1. I can't agree more. I have been a professional poker player for a very long time. Poker is a game with many similar situations to the on-going debate in X-Wing. There are poker players that are hard core MATH people, doing everything to make the best EV or GTO play possible, and there are people who are hard core FEEL players, that go with their feel, their gut instinct, and their reads of others. I personally feel that the best place to be is a hybrid of these two choices. The same can be said, in my opinion, for X-Wing. EDIT: The funny thing is that the best EV or GTO play in poker is often not the same. Makes things interesting.
  2. It must have been a ***** painting that thing ...
  3. "I guarantee there will NEVER NEVER NEVER ever be a third faction". ^- This. I still smile today.
  4. Looks interesting. I personally would have preferred a complete new campaign, but this does provide a way to play the game for far less of a time investment. It looks like it would work well for an informal sit down, when you have only a relatively short time to play. Trials of Frostgate
  5. Link does not work. I receive the following error: The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.
  6. Indeed. Can't like this enough. I have spent nearly $4,000 on this game and have never played it once. Still, I love it because I love the ships. They are pre-painted, so an old, decrepit, nearly senile, talent-less hack such as myself can collect the ships and just look at them in all their glory. Nevertheless, every so often, I secretly wish for them to come out with X-Wing 2.0, and piss me off (because nothing will be compatible), so that my OCD for completeness will be satisfied, and I can kick this plastic crack habit once and for all. Mistakes were made. Many. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too MANY !!! Now I need FFG's help to end this nightmare.
  7. I don't post very often (in this forum), but I do find the on-going debate about ordnance very amusing. I have been around this game since the beginning, and until the last couple of waves, one of the biggest on-going complaints was the fact that ordnance was worthless ... cost too much, doesn't do anything, what is the point, etc. Now, FFG actually makes the ordnance valuable, and the whining doesn't stop ... it just approaches from a different angle. As I said, amusing. Wait a wave or two, and we will find new things to complain about as it pertains to xxxxx (xxxxx can be a stand in for just about any mechanic, ship, etc. in this game).
  8. I agree. I don't think anyone at FFG is spending any time on D2e anymore. Can't get the Quest Vault updated, can't get the FAQ updated, well past Gencon with no annoucements what-so-ever. Even those who have answered questions in the past submitted via FFG's rules link have taken more than 6 months to answer my questions, if they have been answered at all. Very disappointing.
  9. One more thing I would like to point out ... All of the cards work basically by using their "key" name ... as in the full name of the hero, the title name of a card, etc. It is possible to add additional "nicknames" for cards, if they are used more frequently. For example, suppose you have a hero called "High Mage Quellen". Currently, you have to type all of that in to make it show up underlined, and thus viewable by the extension. It is possible to create a entry called "Quellen" for that hero, to allow a nickname of sorts. Having said that, this game comes with many, many cards. I don't want to get caught up in creating thousands of nicknames for things, as maintaining it all would be a royal pain in the *&^. But, if there are some key ones that "everyone" uses, I would be happy to create entries for them.
  10. Ignore post. Placed in wrong thread.
  11. I agree with Zaltyre. Once a quarter (every 3 months or so) would be fine. As he also stated, if something big occurred, you could always do a special update. Quite frankly, with the complete lack of new things for this game (including updating their own FAQ), I think you are going to find the need to make fewer and fewer changes. After all, if there is no new content ...
  12. @Sadgit has it correct. In order for any card to be underlined and displayed, it must be spelled correctly, as I have entered it into the data files. I have made mistakes in the past when it comes to how some things were spelled, and because of that, they did not show up correctly. I have edited all of those and corrected them. While I am not aware of any that don't work, I am not infallible. I will be happy to make corrections to any that are not working.
  13. I am not sure what you are asking here. I can state that my extension can, and will show every single card that exists across all expansions for D2e.
  14. Somewhere, I have an official ruling e-mail from FFG on this. It is indeed a one time use. To be even more clear, "the next hero" is NOT an optional thing. Whomever (whichever?) hero attacks that marked monster next will be spending that hero token, whether or not he hits/misses, doesn't need the surge, etc. If I can find the ruling in all of my other stuff, I will copy and paste it here.
  15. Yes, you have to be using Chrome ... the extension only works for Chrome.