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  1. I am currently doing/showing it this way mostly for my benefit, as a reminder. Since I have several other cards that work this way (such as "H-" for the hero cards for Raythen and Serena, and "F-" for the familiar card for the Reanimate), I was just being consistent. I want to figure out a way, when there are multiple types of cards, to prompt the viewer to ask which one they want to see. In the meantime, I create it this way as a reminder to myself that the issue exists.
  2. Sadgit kindly provided me some new card images that reflect official FAQ rulings from FFG. Two of those were for the hero cards. For now, I have kept them separate, by referencing the errata'd cards with a prefix of "E-". Here are the two cards side by side: Grisban The Thirsty E-Grisban The Thirsty Thaiden Mistpeak E-Thaiden Mistpeak
  3. I have sent the link to both FLanowski and Bucho.
  4. Secret Rooms - New Images / Sizes Brigand's Quarters Cursed Tomb Hidden Stash Overgrown Chasm Place Of Peace Room Of Keys Tainted Spring The Armory The Dark Council The Dragon Shrine The Lorekeeper's Vault Troll Pit
  5. Tainted - New Images / Sizes Abomination Bad Blood Death Rage Death's Hand Dream Walk Gray Decay Great Sorrow Martyrdom New Orders Ordinary Perfect Peace Vile Shadow
  6. Heroes - Warriors - New Images / Sizes Alys Raine Corbin CK-Corbin CK-Eliam Grisban The Thirsty CK-Hugo The Glorious Karnon CK-Karnon Krutzbeck CK-Krutzbeck CK-Laughin Buldar Lord Hawthorne CK-Lord Hawthorne Mordrog CK-Mordrog Nanok Of The Blade CK-Nanok Of The Blade Nara The Fang CK-Nara The Fang One Fist CK-One Fist Orkell The Swift Pathfinder Durik Reynhart The Worthy Sir Valadir CK-Sir Valadir Steelhorns CK-Steelhorns Syndrael Tahlia CK-Tahlia Trenloe The Strong CK-Trenloe The Strong CK-Varikas The Dead
  7. Heroes - Scouts - New Images / Sizes Arvel Worldwalker CK-Arvel Worldwalker CK-Bogran The Shadow Grey Ker CK-Grey Ker Jain Fairwood CK-Kirga Laurel Of Bloodwood CK-Laurel Of Bloodwood Lindel CK-Lindel Logan Lashley H-Raythen CK-Red Scorpion Roganna The Shade Ronan Of The Wild CK-Ronan Of The Wild Silhouette CK-Silhouette Tatianna CK-Tatianna Tetherys CK-Tetherys Thaiden Mistpeak Tinashi The Wanderer Tomble Burrowell CK-Tobin Farslayer Vyrah The Falconer CK-Vyrah The Falconer
  8. Heroes - Mages - New Images / Sizes Astarra CK-Astarra Challara CK-Challara Dezra The Vile High Mage Quellen Jaes The Exile CK-Jaes The Exile CK-Landrec The Wise Leoric Of The Book Lyssa CK-Lyssa CK-Mad Carthos Master Thorn CK-Master Thorn Ravaella Lightfoot Seer Kel CK-Truthseer Kel Shiver CK-Shiver Widow Tarha Zyla CK-Zyla
  9. Heroes - Healers - New Images / Sizes Andira Runehand CK-Andira Runehand Ashrian Augur Grisom CK-Aurim Avric Albright Brother Gherinn CK-Brother Gherinn CK-Brother Glyr Elder Mok CK-Elder Mok Ispher CK-Ispher Jonas The Kind CK-Jonas The Kind Okaluk And Rakash CK-Okaluk And Rakash Rendiel Sahla CK-Sahla H-Serena Ulma Grimstone
  10. Relic - Lieutenants - New Images / Sizes Azathea's Triumph Shield Of Zorek's Favor Band Of Foresight Soulless Scythe Blade Of Brivala Staff Of Shadows Bones Of Woe Stone Of Wayward Means Curative Vial Sun's Fury Duskblade Taskmaster's Ring Fallen Heart The Manor's Heart Gauntlets Of Spite The Shadow Rune Her Majesty's Malice Tome Of The Five Lies Omen Of Blight Undertaker's Coat Robes Of The Last Valyndra's Gift Scorpion's Kiss Waiqar's Favor Shadow Plotter Ynfernal Rune Shards Of Ithyndrus
  11. Relics - Heroes - New Images / Sizes Aurium Mail Shield Of The Dark God Boneborn Bow Spirited Scythe Book Of Stars Staff Of Light Dawnblade Sun Stone Fear Eater The Manor's Heart Forewarned Ring The Shadow Rune Fortuna's Dice The White Crown Gauntlets Of Power Trueshot Immunity Elixir Undertaker's Coat Living Heart Valyndra's Bane Mending Talisman Wanderer's Stone Robes Of The Last Workman's Ring Shadow Plotter Ynfernal Rune Shards of Ithyndrus
  12. Index of Useful Links

    Thank you for pointing this out. I have fixed the link.
  13. I would contact BruceLgL, as he is the creator of the program. I have not used it, but I know some new content was made for it, and some have been translating The Shadow Rune to it.
  14. I am old and broken. Give me a chance to fix my own typos.
  15. Familiars - New Images / Sizes Brightblaze CK-Brightblaze Pico CK-Pico Raven Flock Scourge Skye CK-Skye