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  1. any2cards

    Heirs of Blood

    I don't claim to have any insider information, but FFG's attention is focused mostly on their Star Wars IP. I would be surprised if you see anything from D2e, including reprints any time soon, if ever.
  2. any2cards

    Share Your Questions About X-Wing™ Second Edition Here

    Not to mention the fact that the new packaging sure SEEMS like it will be easier to open. In addition, it looks like you will be able to remove the ship, and still leave the box for storing the cards, etc. if desired. In 1.0, you often had to destroy it all just to get it open.
  3. Assuming my memory is accurate (as it has been a long time since I played this), this is how we played it.
  4. any2cards

    Share Your Questions About X-Wing™ Second Edition Here

    I have read through most of these questions (for those that actually asked questions) ... For those of you who have paid attention to this thread, *** AND *** have watched the video from the 05-18-2018 reveal, how many of the questions posted here were actually addressed? 25%? 50%? Just curious as to how actively the devs are reading this thread and then actually answering the questions. As in, is it worth posting new questions?
  5. any2cards

    A guide to complaining about 2.0

    DON'T: Tell me how to think, react, reason, etc. DO: Give your OPINIONS, and let me decide their validity. 😵
  6. any2cards

    Collection photos to show why 2.0 will cost you a lot

    I was going to say: FIRST. WORLD. PROBLEM. Then I read the above. Never mind. 😈
  7. any2cards

    X-Wing V2 - What to do, what to do?

    I rarely post within this forum, but read almost everything every day, as I get much enjoyment from the insightful posts that many of you make. In addition, many posts often provide comical relief. Basically, it allows me a sort of "escape" from the real world, which is unfortunately filled with many unpleasant medical issues. Perhaps I should explain. I bet that I am far different than the general demographic for this game, and for the participants in this forum (not counting the fact that I am an avid gamer). In July, I will turn 77 years old. I was a Navy Seal for 25 years, leaving after reaching the rank of Command Master Chief of the Navy. I have spent more than $4,000 on this game, but I have never actually played a single time. I love Star Wars. I especially love the miniatures, as they are pre-painted (something I would not be able to do for myself), and are very cool to look at in all of their glory. I love reading the threads in these forums, especially as it pertains to strategy, positioning, advanced game theory, etc. But now I have come to a cross roads. I don't know what to do when it comes to X-Wing V2. I don't need any of the conversion kit stuff, as I will never be able to play the game, for reasons I don't care to go into here. I do plan on completing the V1 collection by getting the Tie Reaper and Saw Renegades. At that point though, what do I do? Do I just call it a day, consider the collection complete, and choose not to do anything with V2? Or, do I simply wait for cool new ships to be released in future waves, and acquire just them? The issue with that approach is my OCD completionist attitude is going to cause me to twitch uncontrollably (more than I already physically do 😊) because I will only have an incomplete V2 collection, which really doesn't go with the rest of my stuff. I realize this is a minor problem in the grand scheme of things (many may think it first world-ish), but I think I have earned the right to be grumpy about some things, and gosh darn it, I am using my chit on this ! To be honest, I am very pleased for all of you that have the opportunity to actually play the game, that they have rebooted it with what seems to be universally accepted as a better approach for future proofing it, while implementing many of the rule changes/suggestions that have been made within this very forum. Despite not being able to play, I am very excited about the future direction of the game, and look forward to reading and watching future tournament play to see how things turn out. So, imagine you are in my shoes, given everything I have shared above: What to do? What to do?
  8. any2cards

    Vault- please test thanks

    I have no issues accessing it.
  9. any2cards

    Time for a New Vault?

    I have no issues accessing it.
  10. any2cards

    Sudden panic- resolved

    I have no issues accessing it.
  11. any2cards

    Wave XV

    I don't post a whole lot in this forum, tending to lurk and enjoy. But I do follow certain people because they tend to post well thought out positions, they tend to provide valuable insight, they provide thought provoking information, or they simply make me laugh. In the past @ficklegreendice, you have done all of the above. This post, however, is the best. I nearly fell out of my chair when I read this bit of understatement. Well done. Very well done.
  12. any2cards

    Rulings for worlds

    I want to give this comment +1,000,000 likes. It's true. It's **** true.
  13. Usually, I do not try to speak for anyone other than myself ... but, I am fairly certain that there is a large contingent of individuals that participate within this forum, that would be very happy if the only new physical content that was released by FFG for D2e contained the following: The remaining unconverted 12 heroes from D1e Classes to balance the Archetypes (Healers-5, Mages-5, Scouts-6, Warriors-6) - so give us another Healer and Mage class Hybrid Classes to finish out all of the reasonable possibilities If FFG would create and release the above, I would consider my collection complete, and would be satisfied if the only new content (if any) was digital. Make no mistake, I would love additional physical expansions, but if I received the above, I wouldn't be unhappy if it didn't happen. Without the above, D2e seems unfinished to me, and causes my OCD/Completionist self to twitch uncontrollably at times.
  14. No worries. I was neither offended, nor did I think you were necessarily stating that I was wrong. I simply wanted to point out, as it applied to your post above which tallied the vote, that my comments were only meant to apply to Grease Trap specifically. Quite frankly, I think it should NOT move a hero off of the map (the use of Grease Trap). I simply think that there is a possibility that it may (given other contradictions that exist within this game), and I have played it that way in the past to avoid needless and endless, arguments.
  15. I feel I need to explain my thought processes as it pertains to the statement "moving off of the map is possible with abilities and affects that do not grant movement points". First, I want to make it clear that I am responding solely to the edge case of what occurs when the OL plays Grease Trap on a hero that is moving in the direction of, and enters an empty space of an exit tile. At no time did I discuss, or mention that I felt this way about all scenarios/abilities/affects other than Grease Trap. Quite frankly, I haven't considered all such possibilities at all. Despite your cogent arguments, I still feel thematically that the use of Grease Trap would move the hero off of the map; it is not the hero spending the movement points, but the OL moving the hero 3 spaces in the direction the hero was already moving. While it is entirely possible that I am wrong (wouldn't be the first time or the last), it is at least equally possible that I am not. After all, FFG's wording for their rules, quest rules, card text, ability text, etc. leave much to be desired. There have been way, way too many times that people have insisted that they were correct, when if fact, it was officially ruled differently. That is FFG's model after all, contradicting themselves. For those of you who have been along for the D2e ride from the very beginning, all you have to do is go back and remember the threads and flame wars about how STUN works, and you will understand where I am coming from.