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  1. The link to the raw D2e GitHub page where you can find all of the files is: GitHub D2e Card Repository The link to the hosted GitHub Files Page for D2e (a web page which allows you to test the viewer against all of the cards in the game) is: D2e Card Viewer - Test Page EDIT: Thanks for the B-Day wishes !
  2. Thank you for the B-Day wishes ! Act 2 Agent Baron Zachareth Back has been fixed. Thank you for pointing it out.
  3. I have updated the Lieutenant cards. This round of digital asset updates have now been completed.
  4. Not sure what you are asking here as both my test pages and my GitHub site have both agents and lieutenants (under separate headings). EDIT: LOL, all this time, and I never noticed that my GitHub Pages showed the Lieutenant card for the Agents. I never noticed because I have a separate page that I use that shows side by side image comparisons between my original (old) images and the latest versions. On this page, each card is separately coded, so I didn't have the issue you did in seeing Agents. I rarely actually use the test page. Doh ! Fixing now ... EDIT: In order to see the agents, you need to type "A-" + the agent name. I have modified my Github Pages and updated the site. Waiting for it to propagate ... EDIT: Ok, it all works now. Turning 79 on July 6th. It really shows. Lol.
  5. Thanks to a user from BGG, I recently came into possession of digital assets significantly better than the ones I had previously used for the Plot Decks, Agents, Rumors, Advanced Quests, and Lieutenants. I am in the process of upgrading my cards to use these new digital assets. So far, I have updated the Plot Decks and Agent cards.
  6. I wish I could find a place that would print the 5" x 4" hero cards. I have talked with 9 places ... none of them can do it. Edit: I actually did end up using a FedEx place near me to print prototype cards on their heaviest, gloss paper stock. It actually isn't too bad. Still a bit light in weight, but workable.
  7. Generally speaking, it is ALMOST NEVER a good idea for heroes to open multiple areas at the same time within a D1e game. There are some exceptions, but they are pretty rare. Of course, it IS almost always a good idea to NOT get bogged down either. A standard play for the OL in D1e is to just keep spawning stuff that distracts the heroes' attention from that which they should be focusing on.
  8. This has been cross-posted to BGG's site: I have usually used Printer Studio for much of my card print jobs, as they do a wonderful job, and the results are excellent. For Descent Second Edition small cards, however, Printer Studio's cards are slightly the wrong size. I know that I saw a regular on BGG and FFG post (perhaps Sadgit?) of a place they use that has the exact same size cards for the small cards. Can someone enlighten me, and provide me the name of such a place? Also, a very good friend's 3 year old daughter decided that the best place to do her coloring and use of scissors was on my buddy's entire set of Descent First Edition hero cards. Ugggh. Anyway, I am re-creating all of the cards for him in inDesign. Since they are the same size as the Descent Second Edition cards, I am wondering if someone knows a good place to get that format of a card printed, on appropriate stock. Once again, Printer Studio doesn't have this size of a card. Thanks in advance for any information provided !
  9. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/fc/4d/fc4dc724-5757-4d80-ae43-7616bc190c54/x-wing-solorules_openalpha-compressed.pdf
  10. They can be quite enjoyable to play with. Just make sure you know all of the rules that apply. In addition, I heavily recommend that you acquire the final FAQ for the game, as there are some rulings for boulders (as well as a whole lot of other clarifications). The final FAQ was created on 2012-07-12. If you don't know where to get it, here is a link: D1e Final FAQ
  11. Quite frankly, this is not a very helpful comment. I don't want to use Valkyrie. I want to use the official app for MoM2e. I have the same concern as the OP. I already own all of Mansions of Madness 2. While we have played the game a bunch, there is much content left to be played. But that won't be possible if the app disappears, stops working, etc. This is the exact problem of buying a BOARD GAME that uses an effing electronic device. I have already made the commitment to maintain an ios device for this app (as well as for other games that I own that use an app). Having said that, recent games that use an app have placed the apps code into an escrow, that will be released to the public should the company fold, no longer support the app, etc. This way, at least, the gaming community will be able to support and build on the app in the future. I would love to see FFG do this for D2e, MoM2e, et. al. I just don't think it will ever happen.
  12. Thanks. I am well aware it was still kind of available ... note that in my post above, I did say this: "Still, they all but eliminated the existence of the product from their website" You must admit that it is not easy to find ... in fact, I would say that anyone that has not been on this site for quite some time wouldn't even know that archive exists. Its even hard to find via Google searches, and they index **** near everything ...
  13. I hope you are right. I just don't believe that to be the case. As for the "forum was condemned to die" comment ... it was directed more to the history of what happened with D1e. When FFG ended production of all things D1e, the forum basically went away shortly afterward. Now, to be completely fair, part of this is because they started the D2e forum, and most likely didn't want any apparent confusion as to which was which. Still, they all but eliminated the existence of the product from their website; this in turn eliminated most interactions between individuals about the game. Why would it have hurt to maintain both? I, and many of my friends, still play way more D1e than we do D2e. I'm just afraid that now that there is nothing new coming out for D2e, the forum will end up going down the same road, and I will no longer have the opportunity for stimulating conversations about the great game with people such as yourself. EDIT: And quite frankly, the elimination of the D1e forum & product from FFG's website was by FFG themselves (as that was the whole company back then); Asmodee is WAY WAY worse with this kind of thing. They are getting rid of whole product lines that they see as not competitive monetarily; that's fine as its a business decision; but to also remove methods of communicating about the product such as their forums, when people invested significant amounts of money in the game, is simply short sighted and callous.
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