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  1. As of August 18, 2019, all Familiar and Class Familiar cards are finished.
  2. As of August 18, 2019, all Condition cards are finished.
  3. If you mean the extension D2e Card Viewer, it makes no use of flash what-so-ever. I have never heard about anyone not being able to load the extension. If really does not make use of any for of esoteric calls, etc. It is a single JS file and a single CSS file. I would make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome, and make sure you are using the latest version of the D2e Card Viewer.
  4. As of August 17, 2019, all Act II Shop Item cards are finished.
  5. As of August 16, 2019, all Act I Shop Item cards are finished.
  6. As of August 15, 2019, all of the Hybrid class cards are finished. Note: I realize that @Sadgit had already created all of these. In fact, I just used his cards and re-created them, as I wanted a copy of ALL of the cards that have been created for D2e. So, if you now find any errors with these cards, it is NOT Sadgit's fault, but mine. As always, please just let me know. Thanks.
  7. As of August 14, 2019, all Warrior class cards are finished.All Class Skills and all Class Items are now completed.I am going to be working briefly on setting up a test page, and then I will be moving on to re-doing all of the Act I and Act II item cards.
  8. As of August 14, 2019, all Scout class cards are finished.
  9. So these particular cards are a true outlier ... an anomaly ... As the viewer is trying to be nice and display between 5 and 7 cards that all have the same name. Quite frankly, I blame the game designers for naming all of these cards the same way 😋 There is no way, without an enormous screen and super high resolution, that the viewer will EVER get all of these on the screen. That in part, is the other problem. I designed the viewer to work with the resolution that most users are using today ... that is 1920x1080. Note that I said MOST and not ALL. Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the will to try and figure out a way to code for all possible resolutions. Having said all of the above, @Sadgit is having issues displaying 2 cards without them sometimes falling out of the viewable screen area --- but apparently this issue, for the same cards, does not happen on all sites ... for example it may work on FFG but not on BGG. This must have something to do with how these websites are rendering certain things ... Still, I am going to be working on this and try to get at least two cards to work correctly. Quite frankly, the viewer was only ever suppose to show a single card; it simply is trying to be nice by showing everything with the same name. This complicates things. But, I am working on it ...
  10. As of August 14, 2019, all Mage class cards are finished.
  11. I will be working on creating test pages (with some help from @Felin) that will be stored on my GitHub repository. When this is done, it will provide a central, update-able site, for testing. @Sadgit: Hopefully, this will facilitate quicker testing to try and resolve some of the issues you are having with images spilling off of pages. This has never happened to me, and yet, with the same setup, seems to be happening to you on certain websites. So strange. So hard to debug.
  12. I do have test pages for my own use. They are not public, however.
  13. As of August 13, 2019, all Healer class cards are finished. In addition, all Class Items (across all classes) are finished.
  14. D2e Card Viewer - a Chrome extension which operates on key websites to underline Descent 2nd Edition card names, which allows you to see images of the cards while you discuss them in forums, threads, etc. For a long time now, I have been very dissatisfied with many of the card images that are displayed by the D2e Card Viewer. This is due mostly to the fact that I did not have access to the original digital assets of the game, and relied on scanned images; even if those scans were high resolution (300 dpi, 600 dpi, even 1200 dpi), the images tended to looked washed out, blurry, etc. This left the final product leaving much to be desired in my eyes. If you compare the D2e images across most expansions to the excellent images that exist for Sadgit's Sands of the Past, or even of his re-done Lost Legends cards, the difference is incredible. Further, after working very hard with Isaac Childres (aka Cephalofair - creator of Gloomhaven) and Marcel Cwertetschka (aka Morthai - creator of Forgotten Circles) to utilize the original digital assets of those games in the creation of the Gloomhaven Card Viewer, it further accentuated the enormous difference of quality of images. Being the perfectionist I am, I couldn't stand it anymore. Since I am 78 years old, I have a plethora of time on my hands. At the urging of Sadgit (and his on-going patience, assistance, direction, etc.), this old dog is learning new tricks ... specifically, how to utilize Adobe's inDesign to create new card images. So, I am officially announcing my intent ... my grand project if you will ... to re-create ALL of the card images for the game D2e, and thus for the card viewer. I am starting with the Class skills cards and items. I have completed the re-creation of the Apothecary class. If you are using the viewer, you can see a sample of the new cards here: Bottled Courage Obviously, this effort is going to take time ... but I feel that it is worth it, as I get to learn new software, new skills, and attempt to keep the mind sharp. Now, as it is necessary to literally re-create all facets of each of the cards (XP, Fatigue, Text, Images, etc.), it is possible, even perhaps likely, that I make mistakes. If you find such mistakes, I would appreciate it if you would point them out to me ! I will update the bottom of this post as I complete card sets. D2e Image Update Project - Finished Images August 10, 2019 Class - Apothecary Class - Bard August 11, 2019 Class - Disciple Class - Prophet Class - Soul Reaper Class - Spiritspeaker August 12, 2019 All Class Items August 13, 2019 Class - Hierophant August 14, 2019 Class - Conjurer Class - Elementalist Class - Geomancer Class - Hexer Class - Necromancer Class - Psychic Class - Runemaster Class - Bounty Hunter Class - Shadow Walker Class - Stalker Class - Thief Class - Treasure Hunter Class - Wildlander Class - Beastmaster Class - Berserker Class - Champion Class - Knight Class - Marshal Class - Skirmisher August 15, 2019 Hybrid Class - Crusader Hybrid Class - Heretic Hybrid Class - Watchman Hybrid Class - Battlemage Hybrid Class - Lorekeeper Hybrid Class - Truthseer Hybrid Class - Monk Hybrid Class - Ravager Hybrid Class - Trickster Hybrid Class - Avenger Hybrid Class - Raider Hybrid Class - Steelcaster August 16, 2019 Act I Shop Item Cards August 17, 2019 Act II Shop Item Cards August 18, 2019 Condition Cards Familiar Cards Class Familiar Cards
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