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  1. The Troll Slayer and Witch Hunter aren't available in the store anymore....Any word on why?
  2. I literally squealed to see this announcement. Welcome back, Marine!
  3. Sorry but no. There is no action stated that allows you to discard combat tokens. As for getting an official word from FFG you'd be better of emailing them directly. They don't really patrol the forums in that manner.
  4. I'd love to see FFG take a slightly different approach with a next expansion. Do a big box set for the Elves with a full array of units for them and maybe one new unit for the other three factions (Yes, basically expecting the player to already have some Undead) an alternate Command Deck and some new terrain types like a Keep and maybe Cliffs. Put it all in a nice big box so we can get some extra storage. Then give some new neutral options like Beastmen, Flesh Molders and maybe another large ne of some sort. That would be a great amount of content to hold people over for a long while.
  5. Oh I was fine with people crushing my opinion. I was mainly trying to feel out if others felt the same way I do. Turns out they don't, and I accept that. *quietly plans revenge* In the end, it's a matter of perspective I guess. I personally feel like this game should have a heavy lean towards squadrons to invoke the feel. I honestly expected this thread to be mostly ignored with quiet Yay or Nays.
  6. Actually that's a very good point. The idea that not taking squadrons would be a disadvantage is very thematic, and when I picture Star Wars I see them as clouds buzzing everywhere, with whoever runs out first being heavily punished for it. But the game is set up in such a way that taking them or not is a viable choice and maybe that just rubs me the wrong way. Oh hell...I'm complaining that the game is balanced. This may also come from years of playing Warmachine, and the inclusion of Warjack Points in 2nd edition that made using them "free" to some extent so they would continue to stick around and be awesome.
  7. Oh no, you're right to do so in some regards. I did feel like Armada was going to be featuring a *lot* of squadrons swarming around but from what I see personally or watching games online or reading battle reports it's usually two or three ships loaded to bear with little regard for Squadrons, usually one or two as afterthoughts when the more juicy options run out. And add in the smaller ships that are arriving taking up the space in the list for those squadrons and I worry that one of the major factors that, to me, makes the game feel like Star Wars will get pushed out by better options. I should be clear here. I am open to the fact that I could just be wrong as hell and everyone else is happy with how it is. I'm no where near saying I dislike the game. I still love it. This is more of *musing on the subject* than any hard line in the sand stance demanding change. EDIT: My comment was a response to Drasnighta, I just don't type fast and other people responded quickly. :-)
  8. Ok, so I picked up Armada as soon as it dropped because it just looked so awesome. I was glad to see the game turned out to be good as well. But now the community as a whole knows the rules, we're several waves in and it looks like FFG isn't planning on ditching the game any time soon. Great! But I feel it's time to ask....am I the only one who thinks it's time to move away from Squadrons being paid for out of the Fleet cost? I know when the game first released a lot of people were confused if the 1/3rd was a separate point value or not, and FFG was quick to clear it up. The Squadrons still count towards the total of the fleet, you're just limited to that amount...but that was back when we had one squadron for each faction, both with a low-ish point cost and almost no ships or options. Now, we have a variety of ships with a range of costs. We have multiple squadrons for each faction *and* the Scum and Villainy expansion that adds even more Squadrons and a range of points and abilities and options.....but how often do you see people get to really explore them? I feel like since the game has expanded and we're seeing larger ships and more tempting upgrades it's slowly pushing Squadrons towards being less useful. Thoughts? Opinions? Raging hate mail against me?
  9. Mine should be fairly obvious, except for the number. Most assume it's my birth year, it is not. It's actually the date that Nagash killed his brother and seized control of Khemri. It's technically a negative number, since year 0 on the Imperial Calendar was Sigmar being crowned and Nagash took over 1959 years prior to that. Also fun fact, I sometimes use Nagash2000 for things, which again people assume to be my birth year but is actually Nagashs.
  10. I know it's not enough to carry an expansion all by itself, but I did think of some things I'd like to see added as options.... (forgive me if csomeone has mentioned it before) Racial Objectives. Maybe three per faction, player to your left shuffles your races deck, deals you one, and puts the rest back.From then on they work like Secret Objectives. Bombers. Similar to Shock Troops in that they are free upgrades for Fighters. Better combat value, must be damaged first out of the group. Replace the ability to capture PDS with maybe an option to lose the upgrade to make an additional attack roll? The Emperor's Ship; A new ship type, only one in the game that players have to compete to earn. Basically a super-War Sun. If it's destroyed it's just gone, but gives a bunch of nice bonuses.
  11. I did feel kind of let down with Wave 3 being a single ship per faction...but if FFG is going to do that and announce a new wave every three-ish months I think that's a pretty solid trade off. Nice to see more stuff as always.
  12. I'd like to add that Battlelore 2nd Ed came out ad then went silent for months just to have seven expansions fall from the sky. Combine that with how quickly the printings sold out they could be using that to judge the size of the X-pack they want to make. I say kick up your feet, play through the Delve quest a few more times and wait for the inevitable.
  13. If I recall correctly, it was almost a year from the release of Battlelore 2nd ed before they added anything to the game, and then in short order it got seven expansions. I'm holding out hope that 2016 will see them get some breathing room to work on some more Diskwars, it's a solid system.
  14. Yeah, downloading it again got rid of it. One copy has a lot of missing letters and the other doesn't. Bizarre.
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