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  1. I am sure you have more questions, perhaps, about this card game. It was originally released as a CCG (like Spellfire or Magic or Pokemon). It was then transitioned to a format called an LCG: Fixed collation packs whose expansion packs have sufficient copies of each card you need for deck building maximums. SOME of the old CCG cards were reprinted in the LCG and are tournament legal... a very small 'some' and I wish there were a master list somewhere so I could go rifle through my old CCG cards and combine them with my LCG cards.
  2. Yes, but what are the rules? How many packs will one need? etc..
  3. Heya, I want to introduce people to this game... How many draft packs should I get for us? How do we use them?
  4. Origins has also been ramping down around when they bowed out. It has garnered a bit more attendance the past few years, but they keep having scheduling issues (like the week before last day of school for most districts), professionalism concerns (event registration issues), etc...
  5. Well, if FFG had the WoD setting they'd've likely used it for their new version of "are you a werewolf" game they just announced... OR they're going to make an LCG of a generic vampire universe...
  6. Star Wars seems to have great deck building simplicity, however, the mechanics, at the moment, seem lazy. Massive swings also. Someone said it was easier to teach, but having demo-ed both to high school students, I can easily say they are equally as difficult. You will likely have more playres for Star Wars, but you might have BETTER players for Netrunner.
  7. Mariuzs… did you read ANY of these threads on here? V:tES is still being released through their tournament organization VEKN in the form of small print releases… hopefully. http://www.vekn.net/
  8. Well, if it means anything to ya all, I also don't like that M14 is bringing back Slivers either so… Just goes to show I don't like what I perceive to be lazy deck building design… and that when I buy a pack of M14 (or a force pack in Star Wars LCG) that the pods I get will feel… under par? I mean, why put a LITTLE cowbell in a song when MORE cowbell is better? BUT as youv'e said, and I've seen, it appears that, for now (though we're only 2-3 packs in) a little hoth is just as good THOUGH… how much Hoth do we really HAVE? If you are restricted on how much cowbell can be done, the solution for more cowbell is not an option, but when it is… Here's to hoping Nate and company have done their jobs well!
  9. And seem just as lazy, if not more, then as well. I just don't like being pushed into this game with the first mechanical interaction is the simplest one. The only cure for hoth is MORE HOTH! (it's like cowbells). Netrunner didn't suffer from this in its first packs. Nor did Warhammer…
  10. Perhaps I am just discouraged by the Hoth cycle BECAUSE of this linearity in design (thanks for the article post! I'd read things on that a long time ago. It was refreshing to see it again!). 1.) Linear design in product acquisition. A) I bought the first pack of Hoth cycle. I got 4 objective sets of cards I couldn't use effectively ON THEIR OWN (that is, with those and the core set). Imagine if I put just those Hoth objective sets into my deck: 2/10 chance (well a touch more) of them synergizing… not great. Making only a few of the objectives in the pack worthwhile. B) Forcing additional purchases from later in the Hoth cycle for the purchase I already made to be effective. Granted, when buying product that is modular in interactive design, you'll need to make more purchases. They just don't feel as heavy handed and specific as these Hoth purchase. C) Consider also FUTURE product. After the Hoth cycle, will they trickle in some additional Hoth items? (unlikely…? look at Summer / Winter mechanic in AGOT: it finally got a revisit after YEARS of product in between). Certainly we'll have "these 6 hoth objectives and these 4 <insert room for other objectives in future sets>". 2.) I just don't like linear design, I guess. Or perhaps not in this form of a collation… though I suppose it might be BETTER this way, because I can just NOT BUY the product altogether, but the problem with that is similar to oher problems with linear set design: When slivers are hot, everyone plays slivers. (MtG reference) 3.) Hoth did not need to be linear. They could have represented the struggle for Hoth in a different way (need large ATATs to take on small damage creators, need sheilds to keep planet safe from star ships, need small troops to raid bases to take out sheilds, need mobile speeders to take on large ATATs…). This was, perhaps, the lazy way, though, also the more understandable way to represent the struggle for Hoth. As an aside, I again think that we have this mechanic as a result of the game going from a cooperative LCG to a competetive. The linear mechanic seems to be present in LotR LCG and I believe this had a similar design… Thanks for listening. I really wanted to enjoy Star Wars LCG, but it just feels flat (or as flat as a line).
  11. I suppose this mechanic will work itself out later. Right now it is "Hmmm… I need more Hoth keyword… guess I'll throw more in and be 'ok' if it doesn't happen" where as later it'll be "Ok… so I could do this 'reward for having lots of hoth' which I'll likely win, but then I won't be able to play with these awesome sets in the Coruscant Cycle". I didn't mean to say that the entire Hoth cycle is full of nothing but bad mechanics (reserve that for another thread. lol j/k). I am saying "Elves get stronger with other elves… decks built! Let's just throw everything elf into the deck!" mechanic is weak. At the moment, that is how it feels. Objective number 37, 38, 39, 40 AND 42 all are contingent or better by having 'Hoth' in your deck. A small scant 43 and 45 in the second force pack, but it still feels like it is milking a dead cow (well… dead in my play book). Have X (which normally does nothing) get Y. I suppose ALL card games have this to some effect… IDK. Maybe I'm played out in regards to card games of this nature…
  12. One affiliations abilities for now… but doesn't the DS also have a 'something happens specifically to a 'hoth' objective' ability as well? And I'm saying that this mechanic is lazy because it can't and shouldn't be repeated. And what happens two cycles from now? Clearly the 'have more hoth stuff' deck will get its boost auto.
  13. Anyone with me on that? Really like the mechanics and deckbuilding, not happy on force packs. What will the next cycle be, Bespin? If you have more Bespin than others, get goodies? Lazy, uninventive, overplayed, flavorless mechanic.
  14. Hi! I have all of FFGs LCGs. I really enjoyed this one, until I realized that everyone was making specific decks for specific scenarios… not just building 'one deck to rule them all' sort of thing… which sort of ruined the fun for me… How do you guys play? Do you know what scenario you're fighting off against and build a deck to beat that, or build a deck and surprise yourself with a scenario? ALSO I'm thinking about my next buy. I have the core set and the first two expansion packs… my decks really aren't that playable and I'd like to have 2-4 decks together so I cna get some friends and show them how to play together. Suggestions on a deluxe expansion that'd give me some things I'd need?
  15. CoC has some rich interplay, but so does warhammer. Its multi player component is an interesting add-in and is definitely worth checking out, and, AFAIK, no such multi player exists (supported by an entire expansion from FFG) for CoC… So if multi player is a thing, go W:I. W:I has six factions and you CAN swap between and within factions… its core set has some repeats and has more replay value than CoC's core set. They're both designed by the same guy… warhammer wasn't tainted by game design of James Hata (questionable if this is 'tainted' but he's made some weird and questionable combinations of things IMO… not saying that the W:I guy hasn't either). BUT I love the depth of CoC… and background. There are more decisions in CoC and the games don't seem quite as predictable due to the story card element… so over all…. tough call?
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