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  1. I'd say run a "5 Star" and a Legacy event. If a new set can be developed and playtested by Gencon, and the game is a draft or limited tournament w/ the new cards could be good.
  2. 2 was correctly answered, 3 was close. On an Action you can only use one ability on it, chosen at the time it's played. (unless it specifically says otherwise, Dramatic Monologue for example). Any other card type, you can use each enhance on the card once.
  3. NJBrock22 said: 1. How do i play a 2nd char? and what happens when i do? You announce it as a form from your hand and play it to your card pool, durring your end phase when it is cleared from your card pool you attach it to your character and you gain any abilities(that you do NOT already have) and resources(also that you do not have) but you maintain your current max vitality and hand size. 2. When can i play actions? if my action has multiple things it can do, do i do all of them, 1 of them, whichever i choose? Actions tell you when to play them denoted by the "F: E: or R:" on them and when you play them for that ability say you have 2 Form abilites on an action card you must CHOSE one of them to play and resolve that one, perfect example is test of strength, when you attempt to play it you chose one of the enhances to play, make the check, make the check for the cost and resolve it. 3. During the enhance step can i use as many enhances as i want (1 per card) or just 1 enhance? 1 per card in play, hand, face up momentum, attack and character; though note only actions can be played for their enhance ability from your hand durring the enhance step. ONLY Exceptions to the rule are cards like **Kilik** who says you can play his enhance multiple times per enhance step. 4. What is desperation? Deperation can only be played if your character is LESS Than Half (Rounded down) vitality. For example if your character is a 7/19 your character must be at 9 vitality or less to use desperation, if your character is a 7/18 however you must be 8 or less vitality. 5. Whats is combo(weapon, attack)? Combo ability is played if the last 2 cards in your card pool are of the cards required by Combo (x, y) say x is a high weapon and y is a low attack if the 2 cards IMMEDIATELY PRECEEDING this attack are a high weapon and a low attack you may play the combo enhance/form on the attack/action. 6. When i play block(s) on my opponents turn do i start a card pool? every turn you have a card pool, only the player who's turn it is can play and perform forms though only cards you can play durring his turn are as follows: cards to block attacks, enhances from your hand, staging area, card pool, character and momentum, and Reversals; and both players clear their card pool durring the end phase as normal, you may add any attack you played durring the turn that dealt damage(not thru an ability) to your momentum if you chose. as to the negatives of having a character commited, on the first turn you cant use any non active/static/continuous(whatever term you are accustom to) on your character unless it says playable while commited and thus you wont have any foundation/character to commit to pass checks. Any other time in the game it's just whether you can use your abilites or not though there are a few cards that if your character is commited can hurt you or help your opponent. N.J. A couple of small notes: 1) A character card will only attach during the end phase if it is the same name. EG you can't attach Rock Howard to King. 3) Some cards (The ultimate team for example) have 2 different enhances on them. You can play both enhances if you can pay the costs. Of course, chances are you're not going to want to use both enhances on TUT on the same attack... but you could. *cough*Hata*cough* 4) A 19 vitality character must also be at 8 to be at desperation. It's LESS THAN (HALF ROUNDED DOWN).
  4. Anyone who already registered (all half dozen of you) will have to register again. While installing an avatar gallary I kind of borked everything up, and upgrading the version to fix the problem made the backup incompatible. Sorry for the inconvience. Fortunatly there wasn't really much there yet, so no huge loss.
  5. Right now there's nothing there except forums. You can go to ufscentral.com and click through, or go straight to the forums.
  6. Here's a thought that probably won't happen, get the Guilty Gear license specifically for a LCG model.
  7. I rather like UFScentral as well.
  8. rC() said: the only problem with ufsforum.com is that when the website goes up, and its more than a forum, the name won't be appropriate :-O. Unless its just always gonna be a forum, then thats good Exactly... which is why I was thinking something like ufsfans.com might be better... but you people are imaginative... I'm sure someone can come up w/ something better, which is the whole point of this thread. Wheeee!
  9. I would have beat it if I hadn't let him "go back in time" and play Tag Along on an earlier attack. *shakey fist*
  10. It's my understanding that FFG is going to leave these forums up for us for a couple of months. I'm planning on hosting us some new forums to help keep the game alive, but I need to know where to put them. Some options: NAME.aslum.net (no additional cost to me, but not super easy to remember) http://ufsforum.com ($10 a month, and available... this is my #1 choice atm) Any other suggestions? I'd like to get this live ASAP so people can copy over anything of import (trade thread for example). Got some spare time, see if you can find something that's easy to spell, and remember, and is UFS related, and is available: www.whois.net/ Keep in mind we may want to add other tools later (for example move the wiki over to track "card interactions"), blogging tools, or whatever. So something like UFSFANS.com might be better then ufsforum.com and is also available. We could then do http://forum.ufsfan.com and http://wiki.ufsfan.com etc.
  11. TripsEX said: With TCO being down, and we having no real hosting right now, I request TWO things from the community! 1: Aslum, can you please set up some forums for us? We are going to need them. If you can, that would be much appreciated. 2: Everyone who wants to be in this Committee, send an e-mail to me at TripsEX@gmail.com so I can get numbers straight. Please include what you want to do, how long you have been playing, and how dedicated you can be to this committee. I will pass information onto Antigoth. Do we know for sure these are coming down? Do we have a timetable? Regardless, I'll try and get something up over the holidays.
  12. Sounds to me like the pro tour might be the only "real" thing left to UFS. I'm certainly willing to offer up webhosting for any endeavors to keep the game going. I've shelled out well over two grand just on "5 star" cards, so I sure as hell will do what I can to get my money's worth from this game I love so much. And Anti-Goth, I heard you where having some hosting problems. If you need space, or forums or whatever I'll be happy to help you out. You've got my email, me a line. As far as web service goes, what can I do that would be helpful? If FFG is going to shut down these forums I'll be happy to set up a new one for those who wish to keep up w/ the game post-mortem. I've already set up a wiki (http://ufswiki.aslum.net/) which never saw much use. I'll be willing to set up most any other web-application which is felt to be useful. I've got access to super easy installs on tons of stuff, and am a fairly competent web-developer (slightly better then the fools who designed these forums TBH) and bandwidth nor storage space are issues for me. This makes me want to cry so bad. I hate to see something I love dying. I
  13. So... Who's still planning on going to Gencon next year? Is there going to be a final worlds with Tekken and SCIV:QFS? I imagine tournout would be fairly small for a "dead" game, but I know I'm still planning on going to GenCon UFS or not. If there was a UFS tourney or two that would be awesome.
  14. No offense to Guitalex, but could we get confirmation from Antigoth or another rules Arbiter (hahaha do we really even have another)? I'm happy to play it either way, but that's not what the rules currently say, and I'm not such a huge fan of going off of "Forumite X said that Hata said it was so". In light of recent developments (See the SOTG) I don't suppose it matters too much, or that we'll see AGR 2.1 ever. ):
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