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  1. Whatever it is it' crappy looking. Hope it's not final
  2. Used to play the CCG (still have all my cards) and looking to get back into. Anyone wanting to get out/part with their LCG collection?
  3. Any reason why this can't be played with only two, what would have to change in the rules, what prevents it (if anything)?
  4. I have read mostly bad reviews about this game, how come? Also how does it play with two? I want to get it for the theme but already have some really good war games like Kemet, Cyclades, Nexus Ops, Eclipse, and Clash of Cultures. What makes Conan so special?
  5. Defeating a monster as a result of having an encounter from a space with an experience counter would award you with that particular counter would it not? I don't understand the question. You go to a space with a counter, then if you are successful take it, if not you leave it and put an undefeated token and add it to the track up top.
  6. That's why I'm posting here, I have a set of hero figures from the 1E base game to trade.
  7. Master of R'lyeh


    I seen somewhere that there are promos for android, how are they obtained? Is it through mail order from the novels and if so which books are required? How many promos are there?
  8. Here is a list of variants I have been working on to speed up the game: - Use the threat track - Start with 5 Gold - Each player starts with a 1 cost ally at random - Fully heal in cities for one gold (skip market step) - Start each market with 3 items, use split market deck variant - Softer knockouts. Loose half gold only, sent back to nearest town - Use leveling variant from Frozen Waste - Give up movement dice to heal. Roll, if it matches the terrain you are on heal you heal one. May give up multiple dice to heal more than once - Gain gold equal to XP earned. - Critical hits deal double damage (rolling a natural 20 is a critical hit) - Give up movement die to rest - Loose/skip a turn to fully heal/rest in the wild Still trying to figure out the best combination for solo and two player games. Any thoughts or suggestions? I would love to add some ideas to the list so please share your own variants.
  9. I don't currently have access to a printer and ultimately want the etched dice. I know someone out there has a spare set they don't use.
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