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  1. ...Are you seriously saying you wouldn't spend $20 to fully upgrade all player activities in Arkham to a digital system? Considering people are spending $5 a pop to replace a token with a plastic figurine, this thing is GOLD. Definately worth the price, I'd actually expect it to cost more. I just hope we one day see FFG release the full iPad version of the game. I would happily pay full game price to convert the entire thing to a digital gaming experience - iPad board games have worked fantastically in our group... Arkham is just dying for an iPad-iPhone combined app like scrabble.... - Omni
  2. So, anyone else finding coin victory to be one of the best contenders? Properly optimised, we're seeing this win within 11-12 turns quite easily and largely regardless of race. Part of the tech involves upgrading military and part of the 'coin quests' involve winning combats, so it's not exactly a weak combatant either. Seems that Tech builds have little chance once you start facing opponents that are optimising builds... you pretty much need to be stealing tech to have any chance, since you can't get past the 1-tech-per-turn limit. Culture gives the coins a run, but seems to get just cut short. Thoughts? -Omni
  3. All the expansion needs to do is give us the ability to scale up to 6 players. The biggest (only real) problem with this game is picking who the chosen 3 other people are to play it with! It's great that it plays faster than TI3 with 4 players, but this game is BETTER than TI3 and could be just as much fun as a 6-7hour 6player epic. Hell, if you offered me 8 players, I probably STILL wouldn't say no. It's. Just. That. Good. -Omni
  4. Yep. That's all. Had to write it somewhere - just bought this thing (finally), chalked up four games already. This game is a work of art. Not going to review it, couldn't do it objectively. However, if you: get an unsuppressable twitch every time you view a large unconquered fantasy landscape sprawling before you find it bizzarre that people would choose to fight Napoleonics when they could fight with elven/demon/undead/feudalistic magical awesome believe that no matter how good a game is, it can always be improved with loot, skill upgrades and quests are baffled that noone has cottoned on to any of the above and made a crapload of money from people like you Then fear not. And buy this game immediately. 9.5/10 and hands down the best epic strategy game I have ever played. Hands. Down. - Omni
  5. Hey guys, My first post here in a while, since the game was launched really (back when Bleached first launched the Director's Cut , which at the time I couldn't understand because he launched it before the game was even released... crazy man) and the topic caught my eye. My 2 cents: I loved this game with a passion. I wanted it more than any **** board game in history, because everything I'd seen about the story, the concept, the rules and the gameplay I thought was going to be brilliant. I actually LIKE the competitive storytelling. I agree that the game would ALSO be amazing as an AH style co-op, but I actually think the competitive system works fine also. The Twilight Cards were the key. They are the magnificent secret to enabling competitive, self-balancing storytelling. ....Except they are completely screwed. The only reason why my (initially very enthusiastic) gaming group has dropped this title is because of the 'take that!' nature of the dark cards (props to Scott of board games with Scott for picking this early). I agree with many of the points the OP raises, but only this one actually breaks it for me. AND THIS IS WHY WE NEED AN EXPANSION. What the final instalment of AH proved is that you can issue new cards and mechanics for an old game to correct the flaws of the past. The story system - which is clearly ripped from Android - has breathed new life into that game for many many years to come. By issuing a new mechanic for every character ever invented, the designers have introduced a final 'patch' that balances all the cumulative inequities between the characters. An expansion for Andriod could signficantly rework the twilight decks and improve the pace of play, and that would be all that is required to see the game assume its rightful place as one of the greatest games of all time. ...if I can ever convince anyone to play it again with me
  6. We've always interpreted it as Dam does - the rules in Dunwich seem to suggest that the flow of play continues as per the normal rules for insanity/unconsciousness after the slight modification to penalty. Because the rule states "move as appropriate", it's clearly directly referencing back to the main book from that point. The 'miss all actions' component occurs after the moving component in the rule book, so it would seem safe to assume that you still don't get any actions this turn.
  7. I have since found an official clarification from KW on the old forums. He explicitly states that you need to forfeit all focus for the turn to keep the token. Well, that ends that debate Thanks for the comments.
  8. Hi guys, This is a general question on Focus expenditure and a specific instance with Bast. It is unclear whether or not each literal step you move a slider counts as a focus point, or if it is the final total travelled. This is important in the case of the character Lily Chen, who gains stam/san when she increases stats. If focus is spent on a point-by-point basis, the character can shift up to trigger the heal and then shift back down to where she was, gaining a free heal while spending two focus, but the actual final location of the indicator doesn't move. Thoughts? Is this as intended? This leads to the bigger question (for our house) about Bast. Bast tokens require you to 'spend all your focus' during upkeep or lose the token. Does this mean: You forfeit all focus, not moving any sliders (effectively a 'cost' although this word isn't used). You may spend as normal, but you have to use all your focus up. Because this is measured on a point-by-point basis, it's possible to tick up and tick straight back, yeilding no net effect on your stats. You may spend as normal, but you have to use all your focus up. Your expenditure is based on the final distance travelled, so your character must change shape considerably each turn (fickle like a cat?) to keep the counter. Thoughts?
  9. Also, by piloting a viper, you can get up close and personal with Plastic Base Stars. Which is a good thing.
  10. Also, just an additional thing to remember when considering characters: Plastic Base Stars. Just FYI.
  11. The correct interpretation is actually: Plastic Base Stars. That is all.
  12. There is another special strategy that the Cylons can now employ to ensure victory. Plastic Base Stars. That is all.
  13. What rocks about this expansion is that it appears to be TWO expansions. Getting immediate modularity from the first box??? Supa +++ awesome! Finally Your Honour, to conclude my argument: Plastic Base Stars. The defence rests.
  14. interestingly, by the original strict definition, Yha and Devils probably aren't, but clearly they are intended to be. The rule book specifically states that players 'pass through the streets to visit the various locations'. There should be an explicit clarification in the IH rulebook... but there probably won't be.
  15. Surely the specific definition for 'Location' holds. Even if FFG gets a little confused in its application from time to time. Locations are the areas on the board attached to streets. Anything else, including the final battle, must therefore not be a location and not trigger location abilities.
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