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  1. ...but I can't help wishing that the 40K system could have been adopted to a new edition of warhammer fantasy roleplay, rather than the dice mechanic as implemented by FFG. The fact that the 40K game continues to be published, this 2nd edition is being worked on, and the 40K ruleset appears mostly intact (evolution rather than revolution) shows me there is still faith in the D100/career system at the root of warhammer roleplay. So maybe we'll get a WFRP "2.5" someday... Chernobyl
  2. I don't like the lack of allocation of army cards to army units. Its completely ramdom, and allows a person with many figures to have only a small number of cards. I'd like to see specific allocation of units/card to figures on the board.
  3. the new Dungeonquest game has 4 new heroes in it. And, true to form, they've included cards to use these heroes in Descent, Runebound, and Runewars. Runebound seems to lead the Descent game in expansion lands. We have a "Tomb of Ice" dungeon expansion so a campaign box in land of "The Frozen Wastes" (Runebound) would make sense. However, a campaign box was the last major Descent release (Sea of Blood, a mirror of the "Island of Dread" Runebound game) and so a dungeon expansion box would be the next logical expansion. I'm hoping for someting related to the Sands of Al-Kalim.
  4. great effort putting this into a google-app thing, but I'm not sure the scale is implemented correctly. Measuring using the path tool I get about 165 miles between altdorf and middenheim along the road. the forum thread referenced the distance is 220 miles. The black spectrum map of middenland also has a 150 mile scale and it seems much farther tahn 165 bertween those two major cities. can you check this? great work melding them together though. Chern
  5. Checked it out, looks great couple comments though... fix the river near Talabheim...I realize this is on the border it looks really weird. Add a scale. Maps need a North Arrow, and a scale. The 25MB empire/Kislev map had one, and I think its correct for the maps.
  6. Sounds really cool. I tried this a while back after I saw the Combined Empire map that was floating around a while back. Some line up nearly perfectly...some take a little editing but fit well. But some...I had a really ugly time trying to get Bretonnia to line up with neighboring countries and eventually dropped it to work on other things. Glad to hear someone had success. I'd be interested in the big 350MB version as well, storage isn't an issue for me.
  7. You're not a terrible overlord, you just haven't read the rules well enough. 1) you can't go to town and back in the same turn, and it costs 3MP to do any shopping. 2) you can only drink one potion per turn.
  8. Given that the Descent boardgame line inevitably follows the Runebound game line, I'd expect to see either an advanced campaign box based on the Frozen Wastes (as we already have creatures and cards from Tomb of Ice), or, a "vanilla descent" expansion box with the Sands of Al-Kalim theme. The Mists of Zanaga hasn't been released for Runebound yet so it is a ways off as a setting/theme for Descent.
  9. cursed items make the hero worth more conquest as a penalty - so when he dies, the overlord benefits (unless one of your players has the hero that can remove tokens for fatigue, as in my party) But the shield, improving the armor to a point where its near impossible to wound the hero, kind of negates that penalty. So its a bit uber.
  10. One of the players in my descent campaign has a hero (forget its name) that has the special ability to move his movement before or after making a guard attack action. My question is this - do these count as movement points? otherwise he's basically immune to things like grapple...
  11. one silver chest, even if you get two draws per hero, is only 8 items max, not counting "get a potion and draw again" type cards. there are a lot more than that many silver treasure cards. also, since you sell treaure cards for half, you'd have to sell 4 copper treasures to buy 1 silver treasure.
  12. Heh, it seems kind of unrealistic to use the falling block trap, on the surface island level. where was the block, in a tree?
  13. a side note on using varnish, is they are great for decals. often after drybrushing your figure you;ll have a rough surface which is less than ideal for having a decal adhere to the painted surface. a small layer of clear varnish at the location will provide a smooth surface for your decals. let it set completely before applying the decal. After teh decal is good and set, you can clear varnish OVER the decal to "lock" it place and really protect it. Then, flat spraycoat the model as a whole once all decals are set. I've used this method to great result on some dark angel space marines - great for shoulder pads, squad emblems, etc.
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