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  1. correct... all my newfs i got was via trading and bartering all we had at my shop was a thing of starters and only thing i ended up buying was an Ivy deck since thats all the money i had and have had since, so yeah 0 newfs up there i HAVE to trade legacy for standard to get stuff untill i can get enough money to get newfs *not gonna happen any time soon unfortunately 0 jobs in a 60 mile radius...* yeah... N.J.
  2. also if you're playing with a lot of older cards, look for cards like Geyser Thrust this PUNISHES your opponent for having too much momentum, another card that will help is Speek the Truth as you just start gaining back all that damage he dealt to you if he just went off on you, and another one that just shuts down BOTH of those cards is Ikari Warrior, ok he gets a momentum, Blow up Ikari; k you have 0 momentum now, good luck getting N-Type to work again. N.J.
  3. Rather odd idea for a deck i was looking thru my collection and then found Tira2 and noticed how BOTH of her abilites REALLY complement her playstyle, lemme show why: Starting: Tira2 6/23 Air, Fire, Water Characters(9) Tira1 x1 Air, Death, Water Tira2 x1 Air, Fire, Water Tira3 x1 Air, Death, Evil Tira4 x3 Air, Chaos, Death Tira5 x2 Air, Death, Fire Tira6 x1 Air, Death, Life Assets(2) Aisel Nedrossel x1 3/5 Tira ONLY Unique Weapon +2M Vimana x1 3/3 Tira ONLY Unique Weapon +2M Attacks(26) Bo Rush x4 5/3 2H3 Multi: 3 Weapon +2L Chain Throw x3 5/3 3M5 Stun: 2 Throw Weapon Charlie's Fierce Punch x4 4/3 3H4 Punch +1L Circling Wing x3 4/3 3H4 Stun: 2 Weapon +2L Hurricane Punishment x4 5/3 5M5 Kick +1M Reaping Hook x4 5/3 3L5 Weapon +2L Swing Kick2 x4 2/3 3L2 Kick +0L Foundations(35) Aim High x4 1/5 +3H Breatheren of the Coast x4 2/5 +1L Chain of Command x3 3/4 +3H Dark Messiah x4 3/5 From the Mouse, Humility x4 2/5 +3L Powerful Style x4 0/5 +2M Rootless x4 0/5 +1L Soul of Ling-Sheng Su x4 2/6 +2H Whereabouts Unknown x4 1/5 +2L[b: 2] For those that do NOT Know what Tira2 does here is what makes her so good: "F: Lose X Vitality: Play 1 foundation with difficulty of X or less (no check necessary)" note the difficulty curve of MOST of the foundations very low so you can play cards by just paying vitality, really tells ANY Control Check hacking decks to go sit on it and then you begin to pound on them as early as turn 2 or 3, Chain Throw loop is not the goal of the deck it's to play as many attacks as possible over 2-3 turns and MAYBE end with a Bo Rush to finish them if you time it right you can actually mill out your opponent, also the characters are in there for 3 reasons +0 block, 6cc and can stack, really who wouldnt stack any of those, all do something that makes her THAT much better either by hacking checks, guarenteeing checks, making an attack multiple, huge damage pumps, changing zones and readying your character or even giving nice speed pumps. N.J.
  4. hmm could have sworn i worded 1 correctly, 3 yeah i screwed up on my math i admit that... 2 on the other hand, i'm pretty sure the rules explicitely say as i have it saved to my other cpu that when playing an action you must CHOSE 1 ability from it, you cant play all abilities on it (non static ones that is). i'll double check this when my cpu gets back up running. N.J.
  5. 1. How do i play a 2nd char? and what happens when i do? You announce it as a form from your hand and play it to your card pool, durring your end phase when it is cleared from your card pool you attach it to your character and you gain any abilities(that you do NOT already have) and resources(also that you do not have) but you maintain your current max vitality and hand size. 2. When can i play actions? if my action has multiple things it can do, do i do all of them, 1 of them, whichever i choose? Actions tell you when to play them denoted by the "F: E: or R:" on them and when you play them for that ability say you have 2 Form abilites on an action card you must CHOSE one of them to play and resolve that one, perfect example is test of strength, when you attempt to play it you chose one of the enhances to play, make the check, make the check for the cost and resolve it. 3. During the enhance step can i use as many enhances as i want (1 per card) or just 1 enhance? 1 per card in play, hand, face up momentum, attack and character; though note only actions can be played for their enhance ability from your hand durring the enhance step. ONLY Exceptions to the rule are cards like **Kilik** who says you can play his enhance multiple times per enhance step. 4. What is desperation? Deperation can only be played if your character is LESS Than Half (Rounded down) vitality. For example if your character is a 7/19 your character must be at 9 vitality or less to use desperation, if your character is a 7/18 however you must be 8 or less vitality. 5. Whats is combo(weapon, attack)? Combo ability is played if the last 2 cards in your card pool are of the cards required by Combo (x, y) say x is a high weapon and y is a low attack if the 2 cards IMMEDIATELY PRECEEDING this attack are a high weapon and a low attack you may play the combo enhance/form on the attack/action. 6. When i play block(s) on my opponents turn do i start a card pool? every turn you have a card pool, only the player who's turn it is can play and perform forms though only cards you can play durring his turn are as follows: cards to block attacks, enhances from your hand, staging area, card pool, character and momentum, and Reversals; and both players clear their card pool durring the end phase as normal, you may add any attack you played durring the turn that dealt damage(not thru an ability) to your momentum if you chose. as to the negatives of having a character commited, on the first turn you cant use any non active/static/continuous(whatever term you are accustom to) on your character unless it says playable while commited and thus you wont have any foundation/character to commit to pass checks. Any other time in the game it's just whether you can use your abilites or not though there are a few cards that if your character is commited can hurt you or help your opponent. N.J.
  6. Yoko, if you dont have something positive to contribute DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL... eric, if you want i can try to make you a deck that can work for you for either of those 2 charcters, i'm well known for making decks on a budget that are both fun and competitive. Those starters are Mai5 and Chun-Li5 right? N.J.
  7. I've reciently playtested a rather unique format; a "Full power" format, where everyone starts the game with 1 copy of each version of 1 character in play, and you cannot pack any more characters in your deck, and it was pretty fun especially when you play against a Mai deck, +4 to all checks is fun, we will be working on a banned list for that format. N.J.
  8. well i talked to steve specifically about that a few days ago and he said that they would THINK about doing a LCG version for shadowar but do not hold him to it it would still depend on if they could make enough money to support it or not, lets just wait to see if Jason can come to an agreement with FFG to buy the game before we start coming up with alternate games just yet, trust me Steve wants to see the game live on. N.J.
  9. Mignon1 Build: Self Confidence x3-4 Air Base x4 Multi-Hobbyist x4 rest of the deck full of foundations with blocks, preferably foundations that have 4ccs or worse. Dhalsim4 build same as above except with 4x White Magic to generate momentum the decks SHOULD build themselves, lemme see if i can find ya a link for the official decks though. N.J.
  10. if you want to you can contact me in the morning at either my skype or msn accounts and i'll explain step by step the game, shouldn't take too long, skype - njbrock22 msn/wlm - njbrock22@hotmail.com anyone else needing to understand the rules of the game is more than welcome to contact me tomorrow. N.J.
  11. UFS, L5R(had a nasty Crane Dueling Honor run deck laying around here somewhere), MTG[love my Esper Affinity deck], Descent, D&D, may eventually once i get a job FINALLY get into Warmachine/Hordes as i've been threatening my local league that i'm gonna jump in and own everyone. MAY Get back into Pokemon though i havent made a succesful deck since my old Dewgong/Kadabra[base] deck, meh. N.J.
  12. you know i'm in Brian; i can help with Playtesting and/or set design and be a back up rules arbiter if necessary, only thing i cannot do is rend images for cards should we get to that stage... though i have a few buddies on msn that can do that i'll talk to them about helping our cause. As i said to Horvath via e-mail there are a LOT of good players here who LOVE THE GAME too much and WILL NOT LET IT DIE a dishonorable death like it is trying to do now. N.J.
  13. nazoenigma said: @ NJBrock22: I haven't been around long, so could you tell me what that is? I'm really curious TeamCanadaOnline, the site is down temporarilly but it will be back up soon, you can talk to Brian (antigoth) he'll explain what they did over there for a long time to keep Raw Deal up and running for 2 years. N.J.
  14. AIM - njbrock22 (on least) MSN - njbrock22@hotmail.com Skype - njbrock22 Martial Heroes(a fun game btw) - Elianna [low level assasin right now] aurora server hell anyone wants to play a friendly game though it has to be on the trust system i can play ya on MSN or skype. N.J.
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