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  1. I'm pleased to see some players like the art (from what we can gather not in-hand @Palpster). I think the illustration and color fits the theme fairly well, especially considering combat is a secondary aspect in Keyforge. I'm not overly crazy about the artwork, but I asked because a number of TCG players in my area are not keen with it. I wanted to gauge if the criticism is a bit of "it's not magic art," vs. a collective impression.
  2. I'm curious what the community thinks. An opportunity for feedback to the FFG staff.
  3. Seriously, the moderators are very mellow around here. Good way for someone to get warned or a thread locked. Regardless, I'm done putting time into this and have let it go. I posted for others to be cautious at least, to avoid my experience. Good luck and happy gaming everyone.
  4. I'll dig it out and photo as soon as possible. Asked my commission guy to fix it into something table worthy and it would cost more than I paid. Pics are only fair. I'll find them and do so . and yes, this is GF9 Battlefield in a box I'm referring to tgall. When in standard condition the releases are excellent. I especially love my 15mm scale church for WW II games.
  5. Yay! Brilliant news. I am finally motivated to do some laundry ?
  6. We agree ahead of time what we are doing. By that I mean is it a carefully balanced demo, a fun scenario, or a anything (legal) goes hardcore afternoon to field a lot of toys.
  7. Mods please remove this if not allowed. This particular company mentioned in the title was the worst customer service experience I've ever had with a game company. Read along if relevant to you: I purchased the "frozen ponds -- Winter" box in early 2017 and was surprised to see the defect when I pulled it out. What was supposed to be frozen water looked like white typing paper quickly glued onto cardboard. If you check the box cover, there is a sheen and subtle blue / ice feel which makes the color different from the snow nearby on the basing. One was also more than slightly warped. I wrote them thinking it was an easy replacement. I have a lot of Battlefield in a Box sets and I enjoy them immensely. They wrote back after several weeks and asked for pictures. I sent some. They wrote back again after delay and said, "it looks just like the box art and your pictures aren't very clear." I explained how it did not look similar, specifically. Then I offered to send better pictures if necessary to resolve the matter. No response...for weeks. Multiple emails sent. Then I sent a conversation shot from my Facebook where people on the Flames of War forum, with a good reputation, said, "yeah those look pretty bad. They'll help you out" I said if out of stock we I was open to credit if that issue was behind the delay. I asked to please contact me. They responded they they discussed it and there would be not replacement product sent. Final word. There was $35 I would never see again. Yet I was at Adepticon 2017 a bit later, and there was the booth in the dealer hall. I figured what the heck, let's chat as real people, and asked the kid behind the product for his manager or team lead. He replied that he was not available. I briefly explained my situation, left my number, and asked him to give a quick text upon return. Walking away I glance back, and he tosses my number without care under the desk and commences appearing as bored as possible. I heard from no one. if you purchase this new terrain from a competing company, I hope you get a good batch. Buyer absolutely beware...
  8. Fairly so. Still a Monday night league, but the sheer cost of too many expansions released too quickly has caused my group to throw in the towel. great game, we still play with our older stuff on occasion.
  9. Four of us showed up to check out the Legion Demo at the Crazy Squirrel Game Store in Fresno, California. We were more impressed with the figs in person compared to the online photos. The shop sold a lot of product this last weekend. We're eager to get playing.
  10. Agis what brand and color of Tufts are those on the bases? I've been trying to find the right match for my Agrellan Earth texture paint.
  11. I have been viewing your work for so long now, and it just keeps getting better. That is saying a lot. Thanks for the recipe and the pics. Cheers
  12. I Highly recommend primering black or gray first as well, especially on the underside of the model. Then hit with the Zandri so you don't have to over-coat.
  13. I'm not interested enough to work heavily to promote, as most mass battle rank & file players in California are into 15mm (which I pefer) with certain areas heavy into Kings of War. I just enjoy it with my buddy. I'll never have a fully painted army for this system (we play like once every month or two) let alone two painted demo forces. Cheers to all who are working hard, however. Games with a vast amount of troops are very, very hard to promote. People love trying it, hesitant to buy it.
  14. I'd love that on my table. Slopped sides help, and it seems a proper height. Cheers to the efforts!
  15. My bud and I each ordered a starter set. We'll see how it goes as well. I'm wary of scale issues with terrain, i.e. actually finding buildings that don't look goofy. If he digs it and we actually play, I'll invest further. Surprisingly, with a slew of games present in my community, not many in the scene seem interested in starting up another mass battle squad based system. So much work and we really want these painted on the table. We may get some recruits that are leaving the other big companies in the dust, however.
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