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  1. And scenarios add greatly to the factor of success. This is very close to what I am envisioning for my first full point game. Nicely done.
  2. One core for my friend and I each, to see if we like it a lot and how much we actually play. Then we will expand from there, possibly with another core + unit boxes, but probably just unit categories that we agree on for our larger matches. He's playing Imperial, i'm playing rebel -- but we are borrowing, not trading, our starter set figures.
  3. I agree. It is rules and supplements where PP and GW get your wallet the most. A Snowspeeder with models, upgrades and rules in the box at $40 with a typical discount is not bad at all from my experience. And it appears a core set for Rebels, with an added snowspeeder, walker and one or two troop boxes = enough points for a full game. A standard game from other systems requires far more investment.
  4. It's unfortunate. Has been a rough year for most people I know, reduced game time means other favored systems overshadowed this one. Hope you get in some matches.
  5. wandered into the release party on an unrelated matter, and watched 42 Core Sets sold in one hour. Pretty wild. I'm sure I'll get sucked in shortly lol.
  6. Cheers from Central California. 2 players thus far.
  7. The concept of suppression, similar also to what AT-43 incorporated, makes for a healthy game. I see other aspects of Dust Warfare here too, which pleases me. I'm not fond of troops running to the deployment edge, but it will be fun to gun down retreating units as well as what it offers in preventing active squad maneuvering. Better a design than if demoralized models were removed, for this game IMO. Glad some seasoned mini gamers are appreciating the fine work with Legion thus far.
  8. Shoto weapon with Qui-Gon chucking shield damage is going to be rad.
  9. We interviewed a young adult years ago at a job who didn't know what ewoks were. We passed. I would love to paint ewoks, jawas and sand men. Here's to hoping for legion with a long, healthy table life.
  10. I've no interest in dungeon crawl style or their skirmish option. I'm getting the Legion starter at least.
  11. Excellent trade experience with @Piscettios. He negotiated fair and well, shipped in careful packaging and was a gent all the way around. Cheers to a small but worthwhile trade.
  12. My girlfriend and I are playing the new Dargoborne CCG. It is, "just for us." No one to keep up with, no meta pressure. If you are doing things at your pace, as a couple, i think it is a system in which you can share your collection together very well.
  13. Terrain is essential and on the menu for production I hope. Not only will it look super rad, my fantasy and sci fi terrain pieces for other systems will only go so far.
  14. I'm going to save my nickels for this, I feel your pain -- but out with the old in with the new. I have stuff I need to sell that I've been too lazy to list on ebay, and this will help clear the clutter. Then I can enjoy fun, current clutter.
  15. I hear ya man, they are my least fav to roll after the hated D4's. But, it is what it is. If some are D6 that's even better. A small price to pay for such goodness. But I approve of this post.