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  1. Essentially, though a friend argues that even action card like splints and bandages counts as a normal first aid roll so it triggers the once per day/act limit. Some dude also printed this on some web based helper pdf file so it's causing conflict on the use of such cards, since the card itself says it can be used once per encounter instead. As for changing a crit into a normal wound temporary, we assume this could be used to make first aid checks/healing easier since now the person is considered lightly wounded? Bright wizard cauterizes the crit, so then the healer comes in and has an easier roll?
  2. Some Advanced classes require you to complete a basic career to aquire them according to the rules on the back of their career sheets, but what about the ones that have no requirement? Is any career allowed to transition to these advanced career as if they were just any other career by spending advances? One doesn't need to complete any career to aquire these advanced careers that have no requirement?
  3. - So there is limit of performing first aid on a character once per act or so. Does this also restrict your usage of action cards that require a first aid skill check? Can you for example in a battle use an action card that requires a first aid roll, then perform first aid for recovery effect as normally listed in the rulebook? Since it's a separate action card with different effect than normal first aid recovery, I assume that it doesn't count as the once per act deal. - Several actions or effects can cause a wound card that is critical to flip to normal side. Is it possible for a player to then heal that wound as if it were normal since it's been flipped over? The players wanted to do this but didn't let them since it seemed a bit gaming the system but perhaps it's intended as a potential quick heal for crits?
  4. Yea they really are not worth it unless you got extra points left over when building your squadron. I've ended up taking them just for that purpose. The extra chance to crit is a nice bonus, but I would never auto include them on any fighter and treat them as extra filler material. Proton Torpedoes are really meant for use against larger targets and not ideal against fighters, so against slower targets they make for a nice heavy hitter, but currently when against just fast ties… not worth it.
  5. So far the two games I've played with the Y-Wing, it's essentially won me the game each time. Don't know if I would call it OP against the Empire so far, but it really seems that way. While only 1 defense die is pretty bad, the ship can still absorb 8 hits before it dies which frankly is alot since the Empire has very low damage output in wave 1. And with the right droid upgrade you get the shields repairin….. yeah right now I would say it's a bit too good. I'm sure things will even out more with more waves and options for the empire, but it feels beardy to take a fully upgraded Y-Wing currently. While it may seem like a sitting duck, any smart player will make it a key component to protect in their games and while your escorts and the enemy zoom around each other, the Y-Wing gets to just coast along shooting in a 360 degree arc picking off targets. I really think the Ion cannon should have been only 2 attack dice instead of 3
  6. That just seems to make things more complicated than anything in a CCG style game. So you can cancel an effect that clearly finished resolving when it was played? It just feels extremely wierd to be able to resolve an ability, play a card and resolve it, and then play another in response to a card that resolved 2 effects ago to cancel it? Seems very late to cancel a card effect at this point. Playing card games for almost 2 decades now, and that just doesn't sound or feel right at all.
  7. I really don't know if that is legal. Does the game follow normal CCG style effect resolution with a stack? Because Tomb is resolved independent from the when played effect, and then playing the card pulled out separate would be resolving too late as the when revealed effect already resolved
  8. Alright the book has the phases and order of play in chart form that tells you windows to play actions in. Playing event cards from hand with no specific timing listed counts as an action correct? Now in the rules it states that a player can play effects/actions after any step in a phase, which does not seem to match the play chart in the back of the book as it doesn't have green spaces between each listed step. Which is correct? Purely following the chart where you can only play these cards duing the green bars that say actions can be played, or is it like it said earlier in the rules that between any step?
  9. Ok we are not sure on this but the wording confused us a bit. So when a person plays a spell that holds a die in place, it can be used by anyone at the table. Now when you do this, the spell is considered in play as noted in the rules, so this means its not tied to the person who plays the spell? So if the original person who cast the spell and saved the die/dice and is killed off, the spell with the die/dice is not discarded right? From the way it reads it seems to say that the spell is in play and anyone can grab that die, so we play and assume that it's no longer tied to the player and doesn't matter if the original character dies off right?
  10. Stuff like this has me worried on how well they will support the game. How up to date will they keep these point values? Cyclone is releasing soon as well as the walker kits which have new variants which have no updated costs on them, so how long till they update these values? Also as mentioned, what about the model kit units that you can buy? The 2 unknown heroes on the tourny list are probably the promo hero figs that retailers get in their retail game night kits. They are supposed to be previews of heroes coming in future sets.
  11. Well I picked up the creature guide and vault so I think all the skaven stuff and spells in Edge of Night I already have. Any interesting character creation additions at all?
  12. I got Gathering Storm and was not to thrilled by it, the group found it very linear past the first chapter and heavy on combat, so we moved onto free form games. Now I'm picking up Witches Song because of the new Witch stuff that looks useful in general, but skipped on Edge of Night. Gathering Storm added a handful of new things that could be used for other scenarios like the new talents but it wasn't much. Does Edge of Night add anything meaningful to the game or is it pretty forgettable if your not likely going to run the campagin any time soon?
  13. Gear Krieg is still being supported, but not really by DP9. They still sell the figs, but the game is now being handled by one of the writers of the Battlefield Evolution system, and that is what the current edition is being used. DP9 is concentrating on Heavy Gear only right now but they are partnered with AD Publishing. It's battlefield evolution which was originally put out by Mongoose, with rules to use 15mm miniatures instead of 28mm which is what the game was made for. Just last week AD publishing put out a new supplement for Gear Krieg, and have many more planned so the game is not abandoned. DP9 is helping out by putting out some new figs when they can, they just released a few months ago new Japanese walkers, and supposedly some more walkers for other countries are planned for the future when they have sculptor time available.
  14. If it literally is just compiling all the rules from previous releases into hardcover books in a new organized manner that is fine. The problem others and myself are having is that the preview makes it sound like some stuff is being updated and possibly new material. I would hope that any additions or changes be given to us for free in form of faq/errata document or some free downloads of some kind.
  15. Generally for any range shot being made while engaged, I toss in some extra misfortune dice because it should be a tough shot to make.
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