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  1. I've already got the 'standard' card sleeve protectors for the game cards themselves and I'm hoping to find something that is quite a bit larger for the character sheets. Any recommendations? I don't want to laminate them as that can yellow after a while.
  2. Big Remy said: As long as you can draw a straight line from the center of the Heroes/Monsters sqaure to the center of the space you are attacking without hitting obstacles, you have line of sight. You know that Bolt template that one of the expansions uses? Might as well use it for this, since it will be the most use you get out of it. But the bolt template is 2 or 3 squares across. Sorry for coming off as dense but it appears that the example in the JitD manual is incorrect as it shows two parallel lines of sight and only one seems to draw a straight line from the centre of Silhouette. The other emanates off to her immediate left and runs parallel to the apparent correct one. Big Remy said: Blast targets spaces, as do all attacks. In the example mentioned in the book, he only has LOS to the front half of the Ogre, since the front half is blocking the LOS to the back half and the squares beyond. Additionally, Blast does not deal extra damage to monsters that occupy more than one space. As long as one square of that Ogre is in the Blast radius (since there are some weapons that can add Blast levels), it takes damage. Not sure if that answered the question for you or not. I'm not sure if that did answer my question. Now I'm even more confused. If blast targets spaces and not necessarily complete monster (i.e. monsters that take up more than a single space) how do you calculate its effects? To put it more succinctly, the Giant takes up four spaces, but according to these rules, my hero can only see the two out of the four spaces that the giant occupies. Therefore, does this mean that my blast and its calculated damage only affects half of the giant? This doesn't seem to follow according to the rules of combat but according to the diagram in the manual this appears to be the case. I'll get this eventually, just have to get past the Homeric 'D'oh' moment.
  3. I'm a relative newcomer to this game. I've introduced the game to my core group of friends and over the past month or so we've managed to blast through the first few quests in JitD. I liked it so much that I went out and got the 3 other expansions (the like for the game plus an lucky super-duper sale prompted me to purchase the other 3 - no ToI yet). Question the first: concerning Line of Sight (and I'm sure I'll have a few more over the course of the next few months). In the main manual, the example shows Silhouette and two rows of diagonal Lines of Sight in red running off two the left, parallel to each other. The first line is a direct lead-out from her character and this makes sense to me. However, the second line, to the left of the character which then runs diagonally to the upper left, doesn't make sense. I thought Line of Sight was a single line (i.e. a one-square's width)? Can anyone clarify? I'm tempted to just have Line of Site radiate from the character's core which basically equates to 8 Lines of 360 degree site for 1 movement square and then rapidly dimishes as it expands past 2 movement squares. Second Question: Blast. In the JitD manual is shows Valadir (?) next to an ogre. The text states that Valadir can target the first two squares of the ogre (the front two - shown in shaded red) but not the back two squares. ??? I'm lost here. Since no other characters could be on any of the squares occupied by the ogre how is this relevent? Isn't blast damage calculated against a complete character? Or am I missing something here and it's only a portion of the character that this blast affects? Finally, as an Overlord, when I have 8 cards in my playable hand and it's my turn I read as follows: pick up X number of threat (X being of course the number of heroes) and draw two more Overlord Cards. Discard any 2 cards of available 10 Overlord cards to keep the deck at a constant 8 cards. Pick up the number of threat associated with the discarded cards??? It's the last part that I'm unsure of. Can I gain threat on discarded cards once I've reached 8 cards? I'm probably just not seeing the forest through the cliche here but if someone could enlighten me I'd appreciate it.
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