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  1. Kingtiger said: CrazyJones said: I am waiting for the japanese expansion.� And too for an expansion that include Poland and France invasion. � We might see these at some point in time, I hope. My bet would be on seeing a Stalingrad expansion next: Days of the fox gave us half of a Bristish army (as compared with the sizes of the german and US armies in the base game) and Normandy provided us with the other half. Similarly, FoTB gave us half a Russian army leading me to think that a Stalingrad expansion would provide us with the other half so larger scenarios can be played. At this point, I would be shocked to see anything else released for Tide of Iron. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, just saying I would be completely shocked to see anything new released for that game.I was looking at Lock N' Load years back, when I ran into Conflict of Heroes, which is similar and a very good game design as well.For me at this point in time, the element of time itself is very important to me. I've fallen back on the tried and true Memoir 44 game. M44 has expanded and added so much over the years, that game play has become a lot closer to ToI. One main positive for M44 is the different styles of game play it now offers. You can play a basic game in a little over an hour, or if you want something more, something bigger, you can play the Breakthrough or Overlord format. They already have a second campaign book out, and I think I have something in the neighborhood of 340+ scenarios to choose from, spanning every theater of WWII.
  2. I have 6 Pnzr IVs in mine and I think that is what you are supposed to have.
  3. Brummbar said: It may not be dead…but when fans like you guys are talking of other games, that's not good for it's vital signs. A real shame that not only does FFG not directly support this game, it doesn't even support it indirectly…I would've had a couple of campaigns out by now if I could've and that alone would've kept the community happy. What is wrong with game companies?! Don't they know we want to play! We want to help! We want to be involved! You're right, a couple campaigns would have keep the community happy. Th trouble for Tide of Iron was FFG's commitment to the fantasy game, Dust Tactics, or is it just Dust? I'm not sure, but the fantasy game on the alternate reality WWII deal. They decided to go that route, and ToI was left to wither on the vine, IMHO. I seriously do not see myself ever playing ToI again, and it is a sad thing to say. It's funny, but I like ToI better than I do M44, but M44 gets the support from Days of Wonder…and for me, that's the difference. I still play M44, and will for quite some time. The game is like the energizer bunny, the support for it just keeps going, and going, and going…so I keep playing and playing, and playing. Art of Tactic has moved in to fill the spot ToI used to occupy for me. Game boards for AoT are just as good in the practical sence as ToI, and Zvezda trumped FFG on the pieces, they raised the bar there. You are not going to beat Zvezda pieces. The kill shots for AoT vs ToI are: A) the individual unit costs for the AoT pieces, and B) the support the company gives in terms of addition pieces and expansions. The unit costs makes it incredibly simple to DYO scenarios, and obviously, the rich choices offered with all the additional game pieces that are being added non stop, make AoT an easy choice over ToI. Also, when you read things from the game designer for AoT, I'm probably misspelling his name here, but I think it's Konstatin; you get the feeling that he created the game with a vision in mind, and you can see he is making good on his follow through. Other than the scenario book for ToI, I never really felt that there was any meaningful feedback from the game designer. Kinda like fire and forget weapons, FFG did ToI like; "design and forget". ToI had it's moment in the sun, it had a lot of potential at one point, but FFG was just not the company to make it happen.
  4. Aussie_Digger said: Well i think any sort of expansion will be a miricle at this point in time. I have to agree with this comment. I'd be really suprised to see anymore expansions for good ole' Tide of Iron. Zvezda's Art of Tactic, much as I never thought I'd be typing here, but they have just top notch miniatures that surpass the high quality of the FFG Tide of Iron pieces. Of course, Zvezda is a model company to begin with, but the level of detail they bring to the table in their pieces is just not going to be beaten. On top of that, Zvesda has kicked into high gear with supporting that game. They have just a ton of additional pieces available to add to the game, kinda like the above pictured equipment expansion shown for M44. We've talked on these boards for the past 5 years + now, about we'd like to see additional, stand alone models made available for Tide of Iron to add to the game. Well…Zvezda is doing just that for their game. If you don't paint (I do) you just snap the kits together and you wind up with just the same kind of pieces Tide uses…meaning nice looking but unpainted pieces. Zvezda's pieces beg to be painted just like the Tide of Iron pieces. Then you have Zvezda having released not one, but two expansions for their game. Blitzkrieg 1940 is due out sometime around GenCon time. Battle of the Danube is already out. So some of the things I type here in these forums about what I'd like to see get done for Tide of Iron, I actually see getting done by Zvezda for Art of Tactic. That makes me gravitate to Art of Tactic, as opposed to Tide of Iron, where I have to type posts about the things I would like to see them do for their game, on a forum that the company says they don't read.
  5. freddieyu said: Haha! This could also be said for GW and its specialist line of games. We have to admit FF is a "populist" company similar to GW, Wizkids, Wizards of the Coast, and (brrr) Hasbro. Unlike Academy Games, where the founder as well as author of the games like Conflict of Heroes communicates directly with you, like he did with me yesterday on facebook. Now that's customer support, and i even haven't bought a single game yet! (i will though, CoI is a great game!) Having said that, You can't deny the quality of ToI and all its expansions. I will get Normandy as well as FotB, and instead of relying on FF look online for community support. I agree that ToI is a great game, with exceptional components, BUT… as the title of this thread states…the game gets "No Love" from FFG. If it even got one tenth the support Memoir 44 gets from Days of Wonder, this game would be a huge smash hit. What are you gonna do though? FFG let's it twist in the wind, and games like Conflict of Heroes by Acadamy Games, Art of Tactic by Zvezda, and of course M44 just pass it by and leave it to collect dust on the shelf. There is just nothing but a big dry arid desert; in terms of information, along the lines of things like designer notes, state of the game, and future of the game. Just a big blank. A zero. Nada. Zilch. I don't know about anyone else, but I wonder about things like, will there be a Pacific expansion? Will there be any more campaign expansions? They did a map pack #1, will there be a map pack expansion #2? There was a scenario book Vol.1, will there be a Vol.2? Will there be any more Russian front expansions, or should I get a second copy of FotB if that's the end o' the line for ToI? You log in here thinking it's the official company forum for the game; to which you'd think would be a great place for the company to announce any news and info for the game, but you get auto messages like: "Hey, we provide this forum as a perk for our players(read: customers), but that's all this is, we don't even look at these forums". I come away with the impression that the company has absolutely no interest at all in the game they produced, and that I purchased from them, making me an unvalued customer. Why even look at these forums at all then? Why even have them? BGG has so much more than this forum. A very odd and unusual company to say the least, FFG is. Very disappointing, to say the least, from this customers point of view. PS- I almost forgot, I also have to agree on Conflict of Heroes being a great game with super support from the company. It's what I look for as a comsumer, and what keeps me going back to spend more money with said company. Support like what FFG has given ToI was a direct factor in my decision to hold off buying the Napoleon game. The lack of support will also most likely assure that I will be just a one time customer of FFGs, and not a repeat customer. Where as with Acadamy Games, I will most definately buy into thier ACW game series, continue buying the CoH series, and most likely buy into anything that company offers that even remotely strikes my interest. That's the difference a small bit of time makes on my future buying habits. As the old verbage goes…"Ignore your customers long enough, and they'll go away." So goes your customers, so goes your sales. So goes your sales, so goes your company.
  6. These forums are like visiting the land time forgot! LOL! I just logged in, and was looking at a couple things, and they are still advertising Wings of War here! That has gone over to Wings of Glory, some time ago too. I remember a couple years ago I posted a question asking if ToI was discontinued, and there was a big flap here and on BGG! Funny, I'll bet someone at FFG had to go like this: "Hey, is ToI discontinued? Well?! Hey! Listen up folks, somebody find out if ToI is discontinued, some wiseguy just posted a question asking about it! ToI? Whadda you mean what does that stand for!?! It's one of our games! Tide of Iron…I said TIDE OF IRON! Wha…it's a WWII wargame! Of course it's by us! Now get off your rear end and find out if we discontinued it!" etc, etc… LOL…
  7. Grand Stone said: More scenarios! We have a fantastic russian front expansion with nice russian tanks (if you take away the errors and lack of errata). Give me more scenarios! You're right on the button on that call! This game needs scenarios something fierce, most especially for the Russian front! My biggest fear/drawback with ToI right now is the lack of game support. DoW has just pounded out new material for M44 for the last 8 years. Zvezda is now pounding out new material for Art of Tactic, and so ToI just starts to slip into the background for me. If FFG got together and put a really good scenario editor on here like DoW does for M44, that would be the first thing I think FFG ought to get done for Tide, but really, that should have happened a long, long time ago.
  8. AnglePark said: RAF1945 said: I wouldn't mind them making one for the Pacific Threater. I agree -- Pacific next, please! I don't want FFG to pull a Squad Leader (Avalon Hill) on us, and never finish the series with the Pacific expansion. It really sucked when Avalon Hill announced a Pacific expansion for SL, then dropped the series in favor of ASL before releasing that module. As long as it took to release FotB, I'd be suprised to see anything else released for ToI. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see a pacific expansion! I just think we're looking at th end o' the line for ToI products, IMHO.
  9. The card systems however, to me, just feels 'right' in Battle Cry though.
  10. RAF1945 said: Could you tell the differences between Battle Cry and Memoir 44? IMHO, the game mechanic used in both games works the best with BattleCry. As far as can you tell the difference between BattleCry and M44, I say yes. M44 has such a great company supporting it, and gets so **** much support, that that game has just taken on a world of it's own. It can be played in it's original version, or in Overlord style, or now in Breakthrough style, there are mini combat card decks added, battle specific maps and scenarios, aircraft, terrain out the ying yang, different weapon types being added, troop types...and the list just goes on and on for that game. Another thing that seperates M44 from BattleCry is the card deck used in each game, they have similarities in the section cards, but the rest of the decks are specific to the time period, and do a good job seperating one another. Hope that helps.
  11. It's looking like this game is in trouble, as Nexus has gone under, from info gathered in other threads in this forum. FFG was just the US distributor for the game, which was published by Nexus, the same company that did Wings of War. Ares games has picked up the Wings of war game and is taking it over as Wings of Glory, maybe FFG will be the US distributor for Ares? I was following this game and saw that there was some kind of issue with the cards when it came out, now with Nexus biting the dust, this game could be in real trouble. I'll hold off until I see if someone steps in and takes over on it. Like I said, Ares picked up Wings of War, but they won't get the new stuff for that going again until early next year. If nobody's picked up this game, then at best it's going to be out of commission for some time.
  12. RAF1945 said: Thanks to you all.. I have some suggestions to you all Conquest of the Empire and Memoir 44 are both excelent. Can any of you tell me how the Battles of Napoleon and Battle Cry are? I can't speak for Battles of Napoleon, but Battle Cry is excellent. The first version was super, and I have to say that the rerelease of it is even better. They cleared up a few flaws from the original game (All Out Offensive card removed being one) and it is super. I was hoping to see some more scenarios published for it too, as all the new ones they added were earlt civil war battles, leaving open the speculation that some later war scenarios were on the drawing table, but nothing as of yet. Another game I picked up, but have not had the chance to play yet is Zvezda's Art of Tactic: Operation Barbarossa 1941. I always thought that ToI was a combination of AAM & M44. Art of Tactic seems like a blend of Tide of Iron, AAM & Flames of War, IMHO.
  13. At this point, I would be stunned to see another expansion for ToI. What was FotB, something like two years after Normandy?
  14. skolo said: that is the question. what to choose? Well, I struggled with that same question, so my solution was to buy them both, and I have never regretted it.
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