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  1. dcdennis said: This isn't entirely the same thing, but I've had Varys in the shadows indefinitely before because he was only going to discard himself the entire game. and to that i say, if there are no ally's in play, why waste the 2g to put him in the shadows in the first place Speaking of a self-discarding Varys, don't ask Jayke what happened to him around Turn 3 in our game. :/
  2. Intentionally Anonymous said: RESERVED FOR LUCAS REED'S DECKLIST ONCE I GET IT I played a decklist that Jeremiah "Shives McShivers" Duggan "loaned" me given the time away I've spent in the last 6 months. At his recommendation, I replaced the Gold Link with the Black Iron Link as I didn't expect much in the way of Choke. Thankfully neither Amuk (Lannister/Isles) nor Dobbler (Lannister/Wildlings3) got much going beyond Winter (which Meera & 'Last Hearth both enjoy, TYVM) and I had enough challenge control to avoid Support of the Kingdom. I'll have a more in depth report later to explain why I was a fool to also add a Bronze Link as card #61 _and_ one motherlovin' link too many in a Loss & a Half. :/ House Card (1) House Stark Regionals/Ice&Fire days 2011 1 Agendas (1) The Maester's Path Gates of the Citadel 1 Plots (7) Valar Morghulis Core Set 1 City of Sin Time of Trials 1 City of Spiders Tales from the Red Keep 1 At the Gates Gates of the Citadel 1 A City Besieged Chasing Dragons 1 City of Soldiers The Battle of Blackwater Bay 1 The Minstrel's Muse Return of the Others 1 Characters (33) Hodor Core Set 1 Riders of the Red Fork Forging the Chain 3 Jeyne Westerling A Song of Summer 2 Brienne of Tarth Princes of the Sun 1 Oldtown Scholar Forging the Chain 2 Carrion Bird The Winds of Winter 2 Bolton Refugee Refugees of War 3 Meera Reed Tourney For The Hand 2 Robb Stark Kings of the Sea 2 Northern Cavalry Flank Scattered Armies 3 Catelyn Stark Lords of Winter 1 Old Nan Battle of Ruby Ford 1 Maester of Last Hearth Here to Serve 1 Ser Kyle Condon A Poisoned Spear 1 The Blackfish Lords of Winter 1 House Umber Berserkers Battle of Ruby Ford 2 Maester Luwin Forging the Chain 2 Jory Cassel Calling the Banners 1 Arya Stark The House of Black and White 2 Events (8) Dissension Queen of the Dragons 3 Parting Blow Princes of the Sun 2 Lethal Counterattack Core Set 1 Distinct Mastery Core Set 1 The Price of War Kings of the Sea 1 Locations (14) Great Keep Lords of Winter 3 Street of Sisters Core Set 1 Street of Steel Lords of Winter 1 Narrow Sea Kings of the Storm 2 Flea Bottom The Grand Melee 1 Harrenhal On Dangerous Grounds 2 Frozen Outpost Lords of Winter 2 Lord Eddard's Chambers Lords of Winter 1 River Row Queen of the Dragons 1 Attachments (5) Tin Link Called by the Conclave 1 Steel Link The Isle of Ravens 1 Gold Link The Isle of Ravens 1 Copper Link Gates of the Citadel 1 Valyrian Steel Link Here to Serve 1
  3. ZiM946 said: Although I am very raw in the game and my experience is super low compared to the superstars that attended, I was thrilled to be playing with other people for once! The drive was long, but well worth it. I have already convinced my wife, Amy to attend Days 2013 with me- so hopefully I'll run into some of you folks up there! I am super stoked for Days of Ice and Fire! Thanks for all the great pieces of advice and for making us out-of-towners feel welcome. You all were class acts and can't wait to do it again, hopefully with a better win/loss outcome! It was great to meet you, Brad. I (and the community as a whole) look forward to seeing you on the tourney grounds again soon. Bear Down!!!
  4. dcdennis said: i dont think i have ever met a more relaxed human than rick. he defines 'go with the flow'. The Rick abides.
  5. Ratatoskr said: When the LCG switch was announced, there was a lengthy open letter from Christian Petersen to the community explaining the whats and whys. The non-rotation thingy might or might not have been in there. Anyway, that letter was one great piece of CRM. Very open and honest. I would very much like to read it again, but I can't find it. So, if any of the oldtimers have it somewhere, I'd very much appreciate a link or a file. Thank you! Here you go, good ser: Roseville, MN, Dec 21, 2007 An Open Letter From the CEO of Fantasy Flight Games to the A Game of Thrones CCG Community INT. PROXIMO’S SOLAR. AFTERNOON. PROXIMO Oh, you should see the Colosseum, Spaniard. Fifty-Thousand Romans, watching every movement of your sword. Willing you to make that killer blow. (beat) The silence before you strike. The noise afterwards. Rises. Rises up like a storm, as if you were the thunder god himself. …Win the crowd, and you’ll win your freedom. Maximus I’ll win the crowd. (beat) I’ll give them something they’ve never seen before. - Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator.” Sometime during the adolescence of the A Game of Thrones CCG (“AGOT”), I believe it was just after the release of the Ice and Fire edition, some players were screaming of storm clouds gathering and of doom (not the Valyrian kind) on the horizon. Some went so far as to declare AGOT “dead”. Witnessing such despair, I felt the need to calm the waters, and so posted something akin to “while it is true that all things -- in the end -- must die, for AGOT the answer is, echoing the lonely words whispered by Juba in the Colosseum, “Not Yet…. Not Yet!”. That post, in its reference to the movie “Gladiator”, earned me the nickname of “Spaniard”, a handle I proudly hold as I fight for AGOT’s future. Remember, there is no such true love for AGOT as the that carried by the staff of Fantasy Flight Games. Every day in our breakroom, multiple lunch hour games of AGOT can be seen. Myself, having contributed a significant chunk of the original game design (the Plot card system namely), take great pride in the system, the fortitude of the rules, and Fantasy Flight Games’s perseverance in its survival. Sometimes the fight for survival is hard. It is an established fact in the hobby gaming world that most games die (if they indeed had life at all) after their “honeymoon” period is over. The new is no longer new, the quirks, once charming, become annoying; and most importantly – the spark is no longer there. Something shinier comes along, and the player moves on. A story old as time itself. I don’t think there is any doubt that AGOT has survivedits honeymoon period. I am continually amazed by the great people, cunning gamers, and loyal fans that comprise the AGOT player base. I can assure you that Fantasy Flight Games is as loyal to you, as you have been to AGOT. Yet, perseverance alone does not make a game grow. Loyalty does not forestall a game’s mortality – new players do! Although I disagree with industry-pundit Ryan Dancey’s conclusions on most topics, I do agree with one spectacular point of his: a game’s health and well-being is tied to the strength of its player network. Would you subscribe to a telephone service with only a few hundred other phones? I believe that the success of a CCG (and of most games) is tied to likelihood that a player will find other players. All games have attrition in the player base, for a plurality of reasons. Older games will eventually see a decrease in the network of players, a cancerous process that makes the game exponentially less attractive. It is therefore critical that new players equal or exceed this attrition. When a game is new and fresh, the acquisition of new players requires less effort, but as a game ages, this task becomes increasingly difficult and costly. When a game crests in this way, I have often seen players blame the company (sometimes rightfully, most times not) for not advertising enough or for other incompetence. Advertising is somehow seen to be the panacea of troubled games. While there is justified room for advertising in a marketing plan, it is a fickle, risky, and mostly intangible way to increase a player base. Fantasy Flight Games, although we do advertise AGOT, has always felt that most of our resources were better invested in other efforts proven to be more effective in gaining new players. We have implemented such efforts over the years (most recently with Luke’s tour around the country), and we have seen ebbs and flows of success. But over time, the game has continued to slow. This is not AGOT specific, the same can be said for the CCG category in general, especially the more complex games (the exception having been CCGs for younger players based on weekly cartoon shows.) However dire this may sound, whatever conjecture maybe racing through your head at this point, don’t despair. We’ve yet to throw in the towel on any of our CCG’s, and no towels will be thrown today. Let me say, once again: “Not Yet!” “Not Yet!” We have, of course, given much thought to the game and how we can create a new life for it and its community. It is a fact that the game needs change. That what is old must become new again. We don’t wish to fight yesterday’s wars, we want to move into the better future. Nothing shall be the same. To heed the banners. To ride into this future. We hereby introduce the following changes to the A GAME OF THRONES CCG: Change One: The Living Card Game For what is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger! - Aeron Damphair Future AGOT releases will no longer be sold in “booster packs" and “starter decks”. The planned release that was entitled A Clash of Arms has been cancelled. Rather, AGOT will be launched in a new format that we call “Living Card Games”, or – to coin a new acronym – the “LCG”. When Fantasy Flight Games’s Call of Cthulhu CCG failed to garner an audience large enough to support new game releases, we decided to instead release “Asylum Decks” so that the existing player base would have new content on a regular basis. This was a new and untried type of product, and Fantasy Flight Games had no expectations for how it would be received. At a minimum we hoped that Cthulhu players would appreciate our dedication to supporting the game. To our surprise, these decks were a success. With this in mind, more ambitious thoughts began to stir about the future of the format. The AGOT LCG. There will be no further A GAME OF THRONES booster pack, or random collation, releases. Starting in February 2008, Fantasy Flight Games will begin releasing monthly “Chapter Packs” for AGOT, each containing 40 cards. (20 unique cards. As with the CoC Asylum Decks these will be 10 unique cards in 3 copies, and another 10 unique cards in 1 copy.) Each deck will retail at $9.95, and will be produced in a hang-tab tuck-box (see picture on the next page). The AGOT Chapter Packs will ship in “cycles” of 6 decks. The first such cycle is aptly called A Clash of Arms. All decks, released monthly, within a cycle will have the collectors “button” relating to that cycle. Each deck will have its own title – for example, the deck to be released this February will be called The War of Five Kings. The second cycle of Chapter Decks is titled A Time for Ravens and will be launched with the release of two Chapter packs at Gen Con Indy 2008, and continue with monthly releases through December 2008. Chapter packs will be limited edition product. When they are gone, they are gone. We don’t want retail stores to worry about an ever expanding line of decks, and we want the limited nature of AGOT cards to remain intact. Note that individual cards from Chapter Packs could make an appearance in later sets and products (just as prior cards have been re-introduced in the past in Premium Starters and the Legacy Pack). Also, at Gen Con Indy 2008, we will introduce the new AGOT starter set, a $29.95 SRP boxed set, with a plethora of cards, custom playing pieces, a game board, and updates to the game system. In this way, Fantasy Flight Games brings AGOT into its greatest core competency: that of boxed game production. It is envisioned that a new AGOT starter would be created for every Gen Con along with a new cycle of Chapter Decks. As manufacturing, shipping, and other human factors can be unpredictable, Fantasy Flight Games intends to make its monthly release dates happen on time by manufacturing all Chapter Packs of a single cycle in one printing. In this way, Fantasy Flight Games will have the inventory in stock, and will be completely in control of when the product ship to the market. This should insure a predictable and timely release schedule for the Chapter Packs within a cycle. Why make such a change? Are we fixing something that is not broken? Are we breaking fixed things? These are good questions. Please allow me to present some of the issues and thoughts on why this is a very powerful, positive change, not only for AGOT, but possibly for other CCG’s and the marketplace as a whole: 1) Collectibility Backlash As many of you are well aware, a great number (if not majority) of hobby game players are reluctant, if not outright hostile, towards collectible games. Many reasons exist: random collation, cut-throat competitive play environment (not in AGOT, of course), cost, availability, and lack of players (compounded by the first series of points. We saw with the Cthulhu CCG a significant resurgence in interest and players once the format changed to the non-collectible Asylum Decks. Suddenly, we realized, the potential player base had doubled, if not tripled, simply due to the step away from random collation. In the same way, we now hope that many new players will become interested in AGOT, and that former players will return to the fold. The game is now more accessible, a fact that we hope to communicate far and wide in the industry. 2) International Resistance In 2005-06 Fantasy Flight Games made an effort to take AGOT to international markets, expanding the player base, and increasing Fantasy Flight Games’s return on the assets invested in each release. Although moderately successful in some countries, the cost of printing and maintaining a normal CCG can be very aggressive on publishing partners (especially as the collectibility backlash in Europe has been extremely strong), and impossible to bear if a “critical mass” of players do not materialize in that country. So, as some countries began to fail, the production became more expensive for the others (including Fantasy Flight Games.) The LCG format is conducive to far better distribution opportunities overseas than the CCG format, for. The incremental production is so much smaller, and the production process itself is less expensive for smaller print-runs, than a CCG (which, in addition to high cost, incurs a tremendous amount of waste in booster packs, booster displays, disposable common and uncommon cards,.). Now, even languages with smaller populations will be able to join Fantasy Flight Games in producing AGOT locally, and larger countries are certain to be targeted by Fantasy Flight Games for localized AGOT LCG releases. 3) Novelty Unfortunately, once a hobby retail store has discontinued a CCG, it will virtually never stock that game again. This has an almost insurmountable effect on acquiring new players, regardless of advertising and effort. Thus, players that later become interested in AGOT by Fantasy Flight Games’s marketing, find it increasingly harder to locate product, and, more importantly, find it harder to find the retail play-areas that re so critical to organized play and finding other players… Understandably, stores must use their resources to invest in the next up-and-coming product, and do not have much incentive to invest tremendous time and effort in a game that has run its course in their store. As all CCG players know, there is a vast number of CCG’s available and more are released monthly. Attempting to create renewed resurgence for AGOT in these tidal waves of new products is a costly and almost certainly futile fight. Instead, we dare to be novel. Dare to be new! We aim to launch not only the AGOT CCG with renewed vigor, but in a way that affects the category itself. Affects how players and retailers could see the category in the future. We know we have one of the best games out there, and it is time that it had an equally unique and novel release identity that sets it aside and plays to its strengths. 4) Marketability In our years selling CCG’s, we have found that a substantial number of stores are unable to effectively sell, or even carry, CCG’s. For example, in the U.S, if you go into a Borders bookstore, you will typically see the few CCG’s they carry, hidden away behind the counter to avoid theft. In this new format, we gain access to other markets (such as the book store market), which will be a positive event for player acquisition. Also, the investment for a single hobby retail store to try a CCG is typically at least one starter display (about $100 retail), and a booster display ($100+ retail). As an LCG is sold in smaller increments, we believe that a far greater number of stores will now be able to carry the product (and perhaps this will also mean that the cost of reintroducing AGOT would be far smaller for retailers that are no longer selling the game.) Change 2: The Multiplayer Angle. Starting with the 2008 AGOT Regionals, and culminating with the Gen Con Indianapolis World Championships, these AGOT games will be played using multi-player format. (Updated tournament rules will be provided in January.) This choice was made to move the game to where it is strongest, which is (in our opinion) in its multi-player incarnation. Think about it! What AGOT games have a greater flavor of A Song of Ice and Fire than the multiplayer games? In addition to the solid mechanics, you have the politics, backstabbing, hyperbole. Some multiplayer sessions seem as a page ripped out of the novels themselves. Although there will be no one-on-one AGOT World Championship, Fantasy Flight Games will continue to run tournaments and organized play for one-on-one games, as well as “classic” format games. In addition to the Clash of Arms cycle of cards, standard legal cards leading up the GEN CON world championships in August ’08 will be the Winter Edition, Song of Twilight, Song of Night, Winter Premium Starter, Iron Throne, House of Thorns, House of Talons, and Five Kings sets. More details on this will be provided in January. Using analogy, former AGOT championships were akin to tournament chess, while the new AGOT championships will harken to tournament poker. Change 3: Organized Play. In late spring, Fantasy Flight Games will launch its new Organized Play (OP) program for A GAME OF THRONES. We are creating an entirely new program, one that, like the LCG format, is innovative and novel. It isinto a new gaming age. The planning phase of this new OP program have just been completed. The implementation of this project will require a significant effort by Fantasy Flight Games, but one that I am confident will result in an amazing service to the players. We intend to keep the details of the OP program under wraps for now, but will reveal more as we get closer to completion of this program. If you are a Night's Watch member, and you want to be informedabout our organized play plans, please contact Luke Reed at lreed@fantasyflightgames.com so that he may add you to our list of Night's Watch contacts for the new program. Until the major OP program is rolled out, our organized play team will be creating several events for the player community, as well as organizing the 2008 Regionals for April 2008. Keep your eyes peeled on this new site for news and other announcements. Thanks for playing, Christian T. Petersen C.E.O. Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc cpetersen@fantasyflightgames.com EXT. THE MOROCCO ARENA. DAY Maximus extends his arms to the crowd, sword held high, dripping with the gore of his foes. MAXIMUS (shouting) Are you not entertained?
  6. ktom said: So, moral of the story is: Merchant's Widow cannot use her response after an opponent returns their "empty" gold pool to the treasury. But it can respond separately to "each opponent" in a multiplayer game?
  7. phoenixember said: I do think that having one more tiebreaker past the SoS would be good to specify for FFG, as this has come up in at least two major tournaments this year now…so either it's a major statistical anomaly, or it's a clear need. I think that with one additional level of tiebreak, you would probably cover 99.99% of tournaments. At that point, you leave it to TO's discretion. I think Ktom was TO at the 2nd "Trials of the Mad King" (Or did that call that one the Murder of Crows b/c it paired so nicely with the booksigning for the release of aFfC?), so perhaps he can flesh out (or totally gainsay) my recollection. I ended up being 9th by what I think was the fourth (maybe fifth?) tiebreaker, (And I don't even remember what that was), just behind Mike "cardinal23" Docherty. I probably wouldn't "remember it to this day" if the remaining door prizes for the field of 32 weren't given away at random (outside the Top 8 and the "Sansa" prize). The old Madison crew really put together a nice spread of prizes to pick from (signed novels and unopened packs), and my finish got me the 29th prize. I shouldn't be complaining since I actually got something, but whining is in my nature, or at least my name. ("But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!") #Can'tLetItGo
  8. Gualdo said: those were the typos: "Citadel" -> "Citadel Custom" "Gregor Clegane" -> "Ser Gregor Clegane" "Gylbert Farwind" -> "Gylbert Farwynd" "Khaleesis Faithful" -> "Khaleesi's Faithful" "Kingroad Fiefdom" -> "Kingsroad Fiefdom" "Lannisport Trasury" -> "Lannisport Treasury" "Merchant Widow" -> "Merchant's Widow" "Muster the Realm" -> "Muster the Realm!" "Ser Aerys Oakheart" -> "Ser Arys Oakheart" "Southron Scavengers" -> "Southron Scavenger" "The Knight of Flowers" -> "Knight of Flowers" "You Swore and Oath" -> "You Swore an Oath" I updated first post with new sets with typos corrected (send me a mail if something is still wrong). It is not mandatory to redownload and reinstall sets cause they remain full compatible. If you don't mind about them skip the redownload. If you find them annowying reinstall ;-) Enjoy! Any chance we could get updated scans of the errata'd cards: (Blood of the First Men?) Please and thank you.
  9. Daenarys said: Bran Stark S13 PLOT : Kneel Bran Stark to choose and reveal a new plot card Does this include opponents plot cards as well ? Thanks For that you'll need to use Margaery Tyrell, F47 in the Defenders Cycle.
  10. Slothgodfather said: Nope, because if you are already into the "responses" window of the INT challenge, which allowed you to discard the Rookery in the first place, it is already passed the timing that the plot would take effect had it already been revealed. I believe those types of plots are typically handled at the beginning of the passives window, which is before you get to responses. Although if you'd revealed Let My Porridge Fly as the new plot because of winning an INT challenge while The Tides of War is your revealed plot (and it is Summer or Winter), both the plot rotation and the attachment discard are passive, and therefore would happen.
  11. dcdennis said: Staton said: Actually that is intolerant priest, not ORP. ORP is the best weenie in the game. i like hoster tully cuz he's old. I'd make the suggestion that this is the first case of Gerontophilia in AGOT, but for all I know, the Late Lord Frey's new wife #9 might be into that.
  12. Twn2dn said: Thanks Dennis I'm actually working on something that should be up in the next few weeks (not on CardGameDB though). Will link to it here when it is. What I've noticed in terms of what's lacking online is the deck stats from various regionals, etc. I know the Two Champs and a Chump podcast has explored some of these numbers, but sometimes it just helps to visualize the data. My schedule has become MUCH busier in the last 9 months or so, so I haven't done anything. We'll see what happens in the next six months or so though. There's a possibility that I'll do the GenCon numbers as a 1 or 2-pager similar to the "By the Numbers" sections in the newsletter I worked on last year. Assuming Jaffer cooperates, I'll be happy to work up the raw data again… I'd like to expand on one of your sub-points: Some consider a card NPE if there is a large number, perhaps even a majority, of players who consistently have negative play experiences with or against this card. In short, a card is NPE because a lot of people think it's NPE. If only a few people think it's NPE, then it doesn't qualify by this standard. This may feel highly subjective, and it is, but then so are ratings in general. Toward the end of the CCG era, (I think this coincided with Nate getting more confident in his creative abilities) there were two mechanics that started seeing greater play that many people harangued against: Lasting "take control" effects and looking at your opponent's hand. Both of these had existed from the games beginning (Persuasion/Conquer and Interrogate/Westeros Vary), but hadn't been dominant. Bother were areas that people felt comfortable with… they're areas that they expect to be safe. I really think the arrival of thinks like Seductive Promise/Direct Assault and ITE Varys/Tyrion (Spidercraft in character form) was there to push people past the stage of upset into acceptance of a new paradigm. I'm not suggesting that any of the cards mentioned are in that category, but I do know that sometimes we have to grow as a "population" when it comes to effects. (Does anyone remember the screaming over You Murdered Her Children?) And I'd rather see the "offensive" TLS errata'd away effectiveness during the plot phase (To paraphrase Luke Homen, "Threat from the East" is his personal plot), and I have no problem with a "richer" restricted list. (I'd like to agree with Thorondor, but playtesting has given us too many cards that are statistical out-liers when it comes power level) I just want the game to be fun, non-degenerate, and with a variety of competitive builds in all houses. <whiny voice> Is that so wrooonnggg? </> And a ditto to Dennis' hope that you'll make it to GenCon, Dan.
  13. ktom said: Maester_LUke said: I realize this semantics, but it heavy-handed to correct him, when the FAQ seems to be clear. And yet, people very often try to start from the 0 instead of from scratch. Perhaps it is heavy-handed, but it's a common mistake that really ought to be pointed out when the statement is "the lowest a character's STR can be is 0." I'd really love if there was some notation for this, like |x| for the absolute value of x.
  14. ktom said: radiskull said: Yes, he would die. The point is that the lowest a character's STR can be is 0. If you've got a Former Champion with 10 power on him, his strength is 0. So he wouldn't affect your other characters in the challenge. To avoid some confusion here…the lowest a character's effective STR can be is 0. When you resolve a challenge, you figure out what the effective STR of each character is and add them together. So a single character can never be considered less than 0 when another card, effect, or mechanic references its STR. However, just because a character's effective STR can never be less than 0, don't make the mistake of thinking that you start from 0 when a character's effective STR is 0 for the next STR calculation. If you have a 1-STR character with Poison Wine on it (attached character gets -2 STR), it's effective STR will indeed be 0, not -1. However, if you play a card that gives it +1 STR, it's effective STR will still be 0, not +1, because you start the calculation all over again (ie, 1 - 2 + 1 = 0, not (1 - 2 = -1 = 0) + 1 = 1). It's a very fine nit to pick, I know, but it is an important one. I realize I'm foolish to even question this, but I don't think "effective" is appropriate here. From the FAQ section under Lasting Effect Conflicts: The order in which the lasting effects take place is irrelevant: the net sum result of all lasting effects is applied to the character (the net sum of -1 Power icon and +1 Power icon is 0, thus the character remains unchanged). A character can never have more than one icon of a specified kind. Lasting effects that affect other character attributes work in the same fashion. For example, if a character has a base STR of 2, and a lasting effect (such as Forever Burning) lowers that character's STR by 1, and another Lasting Effect (such as Gutter Rat's Cunning gives the character +2 STR, the net sum modifier affecting the character is +1 STR (-1 +2 = +1). Thus, the character has a total STR of 3. If a character's STR is ever lower than 0 after all effects are applied, its STR is rounded up to 0. I'm just suggesting that invoking the word "effective" is adding unnecessary verbiage. The character's STR _is_ zero, just as you can never have less than 0 or more than 1 of a challenge icon. Any value less than 0 rounds up to zero (and in the case of icons, any value of 2 or more rounds down to one), with the important thing being that these values are constantly computed. In this sense, putting a -3 (non-terminal) effect on a 1 STR character is not "wasted," a +2 STR pump mid-challenge will not leave them at 1 STR, instead they will be at 0 STR (1 - 3 + 2 = 0). I realize this semantics, but it heavy-handed to correct him, when the FAQ seems to be clear. And in the end we're all trying to say the same thin rules-wise.
  15. Shenanigans said: For the sake of completeness/accuracy, your first round opponent was Tony (aka tofubones on these boards) and your third round opponent was Brian,(aka goshdarnstud on these boards) not Ryan. The reason Matt's Greyjoy was such an odd build was because Luke Reed put it together. And for the sake of completeness, I should point out that Matt "TheMountainThatPwns" Pries and Aaron "AY" Young showed up at the tournament not having played in more than 3 (almost 4?) years. I shameless ripped off regional winning Stark & Greyjoy decks to fit their preferences (and memories). Matt was playing the deck that Jeremiah "Shives McShivers" Duggan won the Iowa Regional with. I think he added 1 copy of Maester Kerwin and a copy of Street of Silk. I give them credit for going a combined 3-8 given the level of competition (even if I had to take one of those losses). & :/
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