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  1. This new game does not look like Reins of Power. It may be Warhammer 40K, but it's not Reins of Power. Rage.
  2. Lucas Blackwolf said: I would love to see a Homeworld miniatures game. With capital motherships and an absolute ton of smaller vessels. As long as it included hundreds of salvage corvettes, since they're all I would ever build. I'd hate to run into a piece limitation on them. Seriously, though. Rei(g)ns of Power. However they're choosing to spell it. I want that game more than I can express in words.
  3. However grim it may appear, I have my fingers crossed that Reigns of Power will finally make its appearance. I have been waiting for that game for far too long.
  4. I was fortunate enough to get part of a second shipment from Amazon. When I'm finally stateside in a few days, I'll have a chance to open the box and check things out. I think this is the first board game I've ever been this excited about.
  5. There aren't any new ship types that could be added (they keep using Battlestars, Vipers and Raptors, and the Cylons never get any new toys), but a wide variety of crisis cards and characters could easily be implemented to cover material from the rest of the series.
  6. "If there are 3 Cylon Bording Party Markers and I succesfuly use Armory to destroy them, I destroy them al right, not just one." You only destroy one centurion for each activation and successful dice roll on the armory. In other words, if you have three centurions on board, you will need to activate the armory at least three times to get rid of all of them (unless I have completely misunderstood the rules). EDIT: I'm too slow...
  7. "Some may question your right to destroy ten billion people. But those who understand realize that you have no right to let them live." - In Exterminatus Extremis
  8. I'm still amazed that this game went to release so quickly after being announced. Nothing wrong with that, of course, since it means more games for me. It's just impressive compared to my past experience with FFG products.
  9. The new forums aren't incredible, but they're not that bad. My only gripes are the excessively large UI and the lack of custom avatars. A lot of the community-related features are nice, though, so I don't really mind if it stays.
  10. I've been mildly interested in this game for quite some time. This thread is causing me to give the game a more serious look.
  11. My group tends to have games on the original map (not Storm of Swords) go from 2.5 hours (on a really good day) to well over 4 hours, especially when mixing in material from the expansions. Somewhere in that time frame would be our average.
  12. Of course, any goal I have when I play a game is to win. What is so great about TI3 is the path to that victory. Even though I aim to accumulate as many VPs as I can, that quest is not my favorite part of the game. The political wheeling and dealing is what I love so much about the game, and why I'm always trying to convince people to try it out, even if they're rather intimidated at first.
  13. From the latest version of the FAQ: Errata The bottom of the Admiral card has incorrect attack numbers for nukes. The correct numbers can be found on the back of the rule book.
  14. I was thinking about these very questions earlier today. They seem tough to answer with what knowledge of the game I currently have.
  15. I had five broken air units (beyond simple repair with glue, an unusually extreme case) and a deformed Ultralisk (no base), and I had replacements within a week. FFG's customer service is second to none in this business, and I love them for it.
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