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  1. Yeah. Big uncaring shame to loyal fans.
  2. We used all three of these and more. Leaders, specifically, was always a great addition albeit somewhat too complex to explain to new players.
  3. Of course she doesn't explode! Just read the final part of the text above, by cyb3k.
  4. Thanks a lot, guys!! I couldn't agree more with you and I even tried to explain my point of view using this logical method ("think as if someone was programing it..." or "Don't think only on the planets you got the control the system, let's try seeing how many planets are left to control be taken.." and so on.. =P). Sincerely, Mauro Draco.
  5. Also, no one can choose the imperial or the iniciative strategy card twice in a row..
  6. That's what I think. But my friend states that the phrasing " and every planet on the system" indicates that the system has to have a planet (at least) in order to be controllable. So the question pretty much comes down to what tha above phrase means regarding the system: a) It means the number of planets in a the system is zero. And so you just need to control the vacuum space in order to control the system as a whole. b) It means the number os planets is non-applicable (NA). And so it fails to have to possibility of being controlled at all. I apreciate a lot all of yours comments, but it'd be great to have a clear official ruling on this too (and I'm writing that question for the FAQ too). Sincerely, Mauro Draco.
  7. The game cleary idicates that to control a system, you have to have a ship (non-fighter one) there and control every planet it contains. What if the system has no planets!? Is it possible to control it (as a means of fullfilling some SE secret objectives) just by having a (non-fighter) ship there? Or is it uncontrollable? Help end the war! hehe =P
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