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  1. Alright we can work something out ill be there thursday mourning .
  2. I got launcher and breaker if you want to buy them i have extras as well.
  3. I am still waiting for mega man to enter ufs one day.
  4. MarcoPulleaux said: Well, you'd know better than me in this case. But mini block's gonna change by the end of the month Why is that tekken still doesn't come out till september?
  5. We play it every other week since we are sick of standard we just want a bigger card pool and some better blocks then it will be set.
  6. Wow thats insane reminds me of flowing gale hook.
  7. Deck dont matter said: Hey Scuba 1x blood Runs True for 1x Gunyu Force Mat Let me know Ya thats fine I can do that email me chrisk@diversonly.com
  8. jasco games said: Hey Scuba, check my trade list and see if you might need anything. Thanks! http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=31&efcid=5&efidt=162154 Sorry nothing i need the only thing i need thats not on my list right now is spinning beat and raging gnome.
  9. I never even thought Shane was asian he always looked more italian and more like a dude in a rock band then anything else.
  10. Wow with all the current E negation cycling unless sets print more 6 and 5 HS characters might be the new 8/20 and 7/20 characters....
  11. TheBat said: I need: 1xOriginal Style, 2xUnbridled Rage. You wouldn't happen to have a Fade into Darkness would you? No i dont have any of those but i can do those 3 for the reveants though i need more if there is anything else you need . Ghetto gamer - what did i email you regarding email me chrisk@diversonly.com and remind me. Cascade - email me chrisk@diversonly.com or aim-ckovaz those are the best ways to reach me since I am uber busy through November .
  12. Wow 5 HS mill wins insane i guess battle prowess and amys and all of earths wall is kinda like evil negation lol . Good job shane and being the first person to take the ECC besides Hata lol .
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