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  1. My trade stand should be next to Eureka; come and say G'day! Mike
  2. Figures that you are sure to be able to use with the basic rules are as follows; Bael (Dark Starter set) Alessa Raincross Azriel Dark Chesire (Dark Starter set) Herod Kronen (Light Starter set) Evangeline (Light Starter set) Janus Faith Khaine D'Lacreu Duncan Reid Akio Kageshima Jiang Pao Faust Orbatos Sophia Ilmora Lin Pao Celia subasa Kurokami Feng Yi Dereck Shezard There might be others but I know these will work. Mike
  3. Raith, I look forward to seeing you there. Did we catch up last year? We must make sure we do this year. Mike
  4. You can play using the basic rules that come with the starter packs and they are also available as a pdf download; my concern is that, if you buy the later figures that have come out in the subsequent releases, the special rules relating to these characters' abilities are not covered in the basic rules. I have recommended this game to many people and will continue to urge gamers to give it a try as it is a great game however, for people such as myself, who bought it when it first came out (and bought everything for it since) it is frustrating not to be able to expand the gameplay. The continued silence from Cypher/FFG on a release date or even an update is also dissapointing. Don't hesitate buying the game and playing it; just stick to the early figures until the full rule book is released. Look on the bright side; you will not have to wait as long as I have for the full published rules! Mike
  5. I would second the call for some indication as to the release of the English version of the rules for Tactics! Would it be quicker for me to learn Spanish? I have a close association with the distributor for FFG here in Australia and they are most frustrated that they receive little or no information from FFG regarding this and other products that FFG supply. My major concern is that many people who have bought the product in anticipation of a well supported game system will be put off by the lack of information and support. The issue that we can now own figures that we can not use due to the fact that the rules are not published for those miniatures is most frustrating. Furthermore, retailers who have commited funds to stock the product in their store, can only shrug their shoulders to their customers when asked "what's comming and when?". The drop off in sales due to this can only serve to disencourage retailers to stock the product in future; thus adding to the lack of players to pick up the game and enjoy what is a very enjoyable rule system. I still love the game but.....come on Cypher and FFG, give us a sign! Mike
  6. Raith, Did you know that there is a convention being held in Melbourne at the end of May? Nic at Eureka Miniatures is one of the organisers; it might be a good idea to run a demmo there. It is a one day participation and demonstration only event and is to be held at The German Club on the Dandenong Road. I attended last year and it was very good indeed. This year promises to be more of the same. I will be there with a trade stand but if I get time I would very much like to have a game. Contact Nic Robson (03) 95684085. Let me know if you can organise something and I will be sure to bring my figures etc. Mike
  7. Now you have me confused Bexley; my Dark starter came with Cheshire and Shinigami Ayl. I have never seen a starter with Bael in. Mike
  8. Hi StormKnight, I think that you will find that Anima Tactics is just what you are looking for! You can start with just the two starter boxes but a game of four figures per side is best. That way you get a feel for the variety of abillities that the various characters have. I admit that the figures are in the high end of the market - price wise but they are of fine quality and you only need a few to have a really good game. Also included with each figure is a character card and an item/effect card with very nice artwork and production value. I have not seen any maps online but I must admit that, as I tend to play on a terrain table, I haven't really looked. Nearly all the figures come with a 30mm plastic slot base, a few have a 40mm slot base. If you wanted to play on the D&D maps then you could just pick up a pack of GW bases to put your figures on (unless FFG sells those too). There is no reson why you could not have a good game with the D&D maps as the game plays better with lots of terrain. Both starter boxes are still available, one for "Light" and one for "Dark" each box has two characters and cards for that faction and the "starter" rulebook; there is an extended rulebook coming out in the first quarter of 2009 (Please!). I am unsure if those figures are availanble seperately. Bexley should be able to tell you more on that front. If you pick up some neutral characters for the extra figures, you will be able to vary the two sides. You will find that each game plays very differently; I have had a few games now and no two were the same. The games play to a conclusion in less than 2 hours (if I'm playing it finishes even quicker!) I hope this helps and that you give the game a try. Mike
  9. That sounds very easy, I will give it a go next time I have finished painting a figure. In the meantime I have posted a couple of images at http://s409.photobucket.com/albums/pp178/Mike-Broadbent/ Showing the art for the Fire Demon and the started master sculpt. Mike
  10. Very nice! That lighting effect is not easy to do and I especilly like the way that you have included it on the basework. But I have to ask, as a techno-virgin, how did you get that image into the posting? I thought I was doing well adding a link to photobucket! Mike
  11. Thanks Bexley, I was pleased how it turned out. I am working on another at the moment but time is a little pressed. Luddite; I mostly use Vellejo paint and Rowney inks, in fact the Shinigami Ayl figure is primed with white primer and then "stained" with ink washes, the only paint on that figure is on the base. Mike
  12. Thanks guys! Nice work on those historicals Luddite. Heraldry and me don't mix! The Saint Astreaga figure is a complete sculpt; I made her from scratch using a wire armature and grey putty. I saw the artwork on another Anima site and decided that I had to have that figure right now. Of course, by the time I had finished her Cypher/FFG had the "official" figure out and I also have one of those, but you know what? I prefer mine! Remember that my day job is sculpting figures for war gaming; so if you are reading this Cypher........... Mike
  13. Hey, what do you know!? It works! They are on two pages by the way. Mike
  14. I hope this works! http://s409.photobucket.com/albums/pp178/Mike-Broadbent/ This is all of the figures I have painted to date. They wouldn't win any competitions but they do look pretty on the table. The Saint Astraega is not an official figure but one I made for myself from the artwork. I hope you all like them (and do be kind) Mike
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