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  1. What ever GW or FFG ever do with the Warhammer universe and it's different settings they can never take Malal or Kaleb Daark away from me. Sure looking forward to Black Crusade it is going to be a awesome read.
  2. You have my support. The CCG part of UFS has been the biggest turn off for players, it has been such since people realised how sick M:TG got. Many players around my area are positive about the LCG system, cause they know what they get for there money. Shadowar LCG great just awesome!!
  3. Sad times indeed... I am willing to help out with any continuation of the game, because UFS is the greatest game ever... and even if there are no new cards coming, the game will live on with me...
  4. Then I guess you have to take charge in your own area an recruit some more players... Let me know how it goes...
  5. There sure are! Goteborg has past the 10 player mark and as things look there is going to be organized game night starting after new years.
  6. Excellent, I will be sure to let you know.
  7. Sorry, not in Norway... But we are a four players in my group in Göteborg, Sweden and that is not too far off
  8. It will be arriving on the Swedish market in the middle of next week. You should be able to order it from Science Fiction Bokhandeln in Stockholm.
  9. Daark


    Okay, thank you both for your answers seems that there won't be much overseas presences at UFS Worlds this year. This will be the first year since UFS entered the gaming scene that I won't be there for the championship... feels a little sad... Just have to hope Tekken gets my urge to compete back up so that I can't resist going...
  10. Daark


    So Tuesday and Speedsta what is it going to be GenCon or no GenCon? Cause the time to pre-register is coming to a end it has to be done before the 27th....
  11. Daark


    So we hold our breath for the SotG... And then we decide whats up.... Seems good to me...
  12. Daark


    Yo! Mark me wife have been hinting that I might get the trip to GenCon as my birthday present this year... But I can't say for certain yet... but if it is to be I will happily share a room and take a place in a team. I get back to you as soon as I know more...
  13. looks like new and tasty Soul Calibur 4 art to me
  14. I for one think that Tekken is a awesome license to add to our evolving UFS universe. Good console game or not, that is a matter of personal preference, but I believe that Tekken will bring more visibility and higher exposure to the game we all spend our hard earned money on. And of course there still is a lot of other licenses out there that we would like or not like to see come out and only the future will tell is there is hope for your favorite to enter the arena.
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