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  1. Do you have The King? I will trade Sephiroth for The King
  2. You guys suck..hardcore..the one f**cking thing you announce early too!!!
  3. Not a huge update but did you guys hear about the new FFG card? FFG staff (player card) Attack -1 Magic 0 Come into play effect: "All players lose interest in the game" Card text: "Buy our cards! We'll promise top notch player support and organized play as long as you keep buying our product! BUY BUY BUY!!!
  4. Jonathan Carinci (username: Levin) Dear FFG, Kingdom Hearts has been by far my favorite video game series of all time and most likely will stand as that. I was amazed to hear that a card game was being launched 2 years ago and I instantly got hooked on the card game as soon as it was released over here in the U.S. Kingdom Hearts has such a large fan base and it amazes me how you guys can sit here and promote all these other role playing games that literally anyone I ask in the card shop I go to has no idea what they all are and here you have a card game with an ACTUAL fan base and you just ignore it like it's nothing. When the card game was first launched I tried being active in promoting the card game and even got a small following of people from the local card shop to play. Sadly they all lost interest in the beggining because it just took way too long for set 2 to be released. I still play the card game and have a whole 2 other friends that still play at the local card shop because we love the card game and the video game series. I'll still buy the cards regardless of whether or not you decide to take it to the next level and actually set up an organized play system for a card game that has so much potential. I don't think you realize how much money you could of been making if you just gave this card game a chance and kept up with it like you should have from the beggining.
  5. Player card: Lvl 3 Riku Worlds: Destiny Islands lvl 1 X 2 Misc: Olympia X 1(equip) Event Promo (everyone loses 1 HP) Soul Eater X 3 Friends: LVL0: The King Captain Pete X 2 Owl X 2 Tidus LVL 1: Moogle X 2 Cid Phil X 2 Tigger Diz X 2 King Triton X2 Cheshire Cat LVL 3 : Jack Sparrow Jack skellington X 2 (the older version) LVL 4: Goofy (the older one) Sephiroth Auron Leon (the older one) Dark Cards: Cerberus Captain Hook Wyvern X 3 Parasite Cage Barbossa X 2 Panic X 3 Like the title says..main goal of this deck is to make your opponent shuffle to death xD the point is to get Owl, Phil and Captain Pete out asap to lock your opponent down then get Panic and Barbossa on your opponent's world so they automatically lose 2 HP then challenge with soul eater to make them lose another 2 HP
  6. My friend had a question about valor form. Valor form allows for you to have 2 equipment cards on. What happens if valor form is discarded when you had 2 equipment cards on? Do you get to keep the 2 equipment cards on the normal sora or do you have to discard one of them?
  7. wow..that really sucks.. At any rate thanks for the help guys
  8. I recently constructed a deck using Axel as a player card and I came across having to face a stealth sneak on my world. Is it even possible for Axel to get rid of a stealth sneak without having to escape?
  9. sorry it's taken me so long to reply everyone, I've been really busy with finals for school >.< Keen_Player: I'm really sorry but I'd rather not ship overseas.. Morbidsanity: sorry but I already have both foil & non-foil flag sora and I'm mainly looking for the following pokemon cards now: Uxie & Magnezone lvl X
  10. like the title says I have that all black card with the big white X across it. I'm not really sure if i want to trade it yet because I want to see what the worth of it is.. I'm still looking for pokemon cards and these are the ones I'm looking for: (note I only need one of the cards i have listed unless otherwise stated) Claydol rare candy Roseanne's Research Magnezone LVL X Uxie (1-2) KH Haves: Jafar Genie (I will also be willing to sell Jafar Genie if the right price is offered) Soul Eater Tinker Bell lvl 3 Agrabah lvl 1 (X 2) Aeroga lvl 5 Tinker Bell lvl 0 Wendy Winnie the Pooh lvl 1 Neverland lvl 2 Fairy Godmother Monstro lvl 2 (X 2) Owl for any other cards you might need just ask, I might have it.
  11. I'm looking for: 2 Roseanne's Research, 1 Rare Candy and 2 Uxie..do you have any of those cards?
  12. Would you trade 1 Uxie 1 Rare Candy and 2 Roseanne's for Jafar Genie & Soul Eater?
  13. yes I still do have the SE and the jafar genie. I don't mind waiting until someone has all the cards i need. I really need those Uxie (not the lvl X I already have LVL x Uxie I just need the regular rare ones )
  14. chatot is a common from Majestic Dawn
  15. Uxie is from the set Legends Awakened and I don't need the LVL X uxie, just the regular ones. About Gardevoir, I'll think about that one because I really don't need that card
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