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  1. hey does anyone know how we have more answers then views
  2. not enogh support. This deck would get crushed by dark or just shephy
  3. I started up my d'n'd campaign today with my friends and we had a blast
  4. I don't see how it's unactive because we are the only team active here
  5. Hey I just wanted to here other peoples ideas on the light or dark players. Right know I think that it is dark or the highway with not much of a way for light to win. Sure a jack stack can stall 'em a bit but once they get their cage out and take your jack it's done because them comes the smart persons 2hades, 2 hooks, 2 maleficent, 2 oogie boogie, and the 2 wizard the game is over for the light player.
  6. He said he would jion when he got internet on his new computer but all he has been doing id team fortress 2
  7. Tetle asked and the store is still doing the normal stuff (Tetle is my friends nick name and I am trying to get him to jion the boards aswell)
  8. Trothael said: Anarchy_In_The_Galaxy said: nintendo wii's last big hit was brawl and thats some big shoes to fill Not really, because Brawl sucked. Melee > Brawl every day. I could find a group of people that go against that quite fast. Just last week my friends and I were all "Lets play some melee" after that we compared brawl to melle and characters are so much heavyer in melee then brawl, and somewhat slower overall.
  9. Nintendo is working on remaking some games from gamecube to wii Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis from what I know now adding wii controls and changing things here and there http://www.gamespot.com/wii/strategy/pikmin/news.html?sid=6202425&om_act=convert&om_clk=newsfeatures&tag=newsfeatures;title;1 http://www.gamespot.com/wii/strategy/pikmin/news.html?sid=6202317&om_act=convert&om_clk=newsfeatures&tag=newsfeatures;title;2
  10. I asked him the other day and he said he joined as Akiroth but I haven't seen anything about it I'll need to ask him again
  11. I say do what you were doing the magic ofense dark aggro use more trickmaster and use ansem which seeing as fangirl don't really use it use that to go I have a fira am on wonder land lv2 and just go say go by to said dark card on opponents side
  12. Deep Jungle lv3 is the same as wonder land lv3, terrible. The effect only ever effects you and never your opponent
  13. K-ral

    Some of my decks

    Dark Deck Dark Riku Dark Lv1 Shadow Gigant Shadow x2 Bouncy Wild x3 Black Fungus x3 Lv2 Power Wild x3 Air Solder Lv3 Large Body x3 Barrel Spider Lv4 Screwdriver x3 Stealth Sneak Lv5 Behemoth x2 Invisible x3 Search Ghost Lv6 Gargoyle x3 Darkball Lv7 Parasite Cage x3 Defender Wizard Lv8 Hades Captain Hook Jafar Oogie Boogie Maleficent Darkside Wyvern lv9 Dragon Maleficent Attack cards soul eater x3 Oblivion Magic Cura Total=49
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