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  1. Cool!, thanks for the heads up!
  2. mad-halfling said: Sorry if this is mentioned somewhere but I can't find it in the rules, nor in this forum's search - if an effect halves a number, do you round up or down? Rounded up; Rulebook page 54, right above the river rage card
  3. caradoc said: Also, I realise this is like asking a group of crack addicts whether I should try the drug or not, but would anyone recommend me getting Marauders (since this ain't on the reprint list) but not Skirmishers, or should I go after both? Cheers, Giles. I can quit playing Battlelore anytime I want ! I just don't feel like it !!!
  4. germ

    Troll and Country

    I was about to point out the M44 overlord map expansions as well. The format works. The last one they issued came with a new combat deck. Imagine if they issued a map expansion for BL that came with a new Loremaster deck or new Command cards. If the price is reasonable, I bet the crowd would buy into it. So much potential for cool add-ons... I personnaly decided to get a copy of Troll and Country even though it was way overpriced. Anything over 15$ is ridiculously too high a price to pay for so little.
  5. I would advice against painting based on english or french side for one simple reason. If you plan to invest in expansions, you'll need to buy two of each; one for the french side and one for the english. I personnally chose to paint according to the game art as much as possible. After all, the banners are there to indicate rank...
  6. germ

    Updated Rules

    I'm not into BoW either. Battlelore is still my favorite game and probably will be for some time to come. If ever it does die, being the completist that I am, I will simply breath a sigh of relief knowing that I have every expansion up to date; more than enough for me to be able to play for years to come. BoW = Better-Off Without
  7. You would surely get a kick out of Memoir '44
  8. The rules don't mention anything about transfering or trading. House rules oughta do the trick.
  9. Not such a bad move for Creatures expansion when you consider only the Hydra was new...
  10. You got screwed !!!!! Just kidding, the whole access code thing doesn't work anymore since Battlelore is no longer with Days of Wonder. And as far as the online scenario editor goes. FFG basically told us "eventually they might have their own, but don't hold your breath 'cause it will definitely take a while before this happens". Short term solution to running out of scenarios to play is getting the Call to Arms expansion. You might want to look into it. Welcome to the forums BTW!
  11. spacemonkeymafia said: Thanks for the heads up but does this really need to be posted in both forums? It really has no specific info regarding Vanilla Battlelore. Thank you for reading my thoughts and expressing them in such a polite manner.
  12. Interceptor said: Unfortunately, I got into Battlelore late and missed the Hundred Years War expansion. I keep hearing it will be re-released, but when? It's taking forever. Hundred Years War is still available in some online gaming stores if you look hard enough. Often times the problem is shipping costs, but it is still available depending on how desperate you are. Same goes for pretty much every expansion released so far, except for the hill Giant Promo figure.
  13. Another way to get the most out of your expansions is designing your own custom scenaros. Of course, it might be a while before FFG has its own scenario editor.
  14. Elberon said: Germ Do you make use of geek gold? Chris No, not really. At least not for the moment. I have received some for my contributions but I haven't used any of it yet.
  15. Torche said: Ever think about selling some? taking orders, one at a time? I'm sure a lot of people would be willing to purchase this... To me it wouldn't be worth the time and effort. I didn't exactly build the chest because I love building chests. I did it because I love Battlelore. Don't get me wrong, I loved doing this project and all, but my main satisfaction is the finished product. But if anyone else wants to build some chests using my design and sell them, be my guess. My aim is mainly to serve as inspiration for other Battlelore fans
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