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  1. the official answer is the first one (place 2 control tokens...). Trade tokens only modify the base effect of a focus card. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1919765/trade-tokens-and-focus-cards
  2. I think Mansion of Madness would be better for you and your group. While you take on a investigator persona (in Elder Sign) , your objective is to collect the required number of Elder Signs before the Doom counter fills up. To collect these Elder Signs, you have to go to locations that have them and match the symbols on the cards with the symbols on the dice you rolled.
  3. I think one reason why people are having an easy time of winning the game is due to the rule of picking a new investigator once the previous one dies or goes mental. With my group, the game is over once one of the player's investigator is removed from play. This house rule made pushing your luck even more dangerous. The other reason depends on the investigators that form the group. Some investigators lower the difficulty of the game. For example, there is a psychic that allows you to roll a red and yellow die whenever she is in the other world cards. That is a huge advantage! Finally, the use of items, especially spell books which allow you to hold a die even if the roll was successful.
  4. I just use the snack sized plastic bags for the monster chips.
  5. If you look at overall picture FFG has done with the Chtulhu line, you'll notice that the dice game concentrates on a single building (not counting Omens), AH concentrates on a single town, and EH deals with the global aspect of the game. Looking over the line as a whole, I highly doubt we will see location cards that go beyond the museum. It seems like FFG wants you to move onto AH if you want to adventure in a town setting and EH if you want to go globe trotting. I only briefly went through my Unforseen expansion and I got the impression that many cards were event related than actual areas in the museum. What I would like to see in the next expansion is mechanics to deal with the blandness of the item cards.
  6. I don't get people saying that either they don't like D&D3.5 or it doesn't fit the setting yet they would be happy with a Pathfinder version. You guys know that pathfinder is just a continuation of 3.5 kept alive by Paizo, don't you? Also if 3.5 didn't do the setting justice, Midnight would not have gotten the success it received. I'm not saying this because I'm an avid fan of 3.5 (I think it is an OK system), I'm saying this because I've heard silly complaints such as 3.5 is not gritty enough for the setting yet Pathfinder is (my experience has been that Pathfinder is even more over the top)?
  7. Can't wait for the expansion! I was worried that the game would have no expansion. Not only do expansions give more variety, it renews interest in the base game and I'm hoping the expansion will add renewed interest in my group.
  8. It is a nicely designed boardgame but if you have never handled miniatures before, you will most likely be frustrated with ToI. One, it is tedious putting individual troops onto the base. It can turn out to be frustrating and if not careful you can snap the peg. I never allow a newbie to handle the troop building part because of this problem. Thankfully, I play mostly with friends who are into miniatures game. The scenarios that come with the game are more often than not, unbalanced. If you can find the ToI map editor, there are many fan made scenarios that are better designed. Setup takes a looong time. There are tons of fiddly bits Those are the negatives. The game is best for intermediate level. The rules are not overwhelming but not simple either. For example, there is no facing but there is the concept of line of sight. The components are beautiful and there are a ton of bits that help keep track of effects and such. The game is highly customizable. You can create your own platoons within the confines of the scenario. The cards enhance gameplay but does not run the game. Overall, I like it especially with the Fox expansion and the scenario book.
  9. I would love a Japanese expansion but more importantly, I would like more of the scenario books. Also more packs of soldiers and cards. I have yet to pickup the Russian expansion because I'm waiting for them to revise it before I pick it up.
  10. The castles are indeed beautiful!
  11. There are different denomination of the coins in the new version also but that didn't help with the shortage.
  12. The 4 of us tried it out this past Friday and loved the gameplay. The only issue we had was that we ran out of gold rather quickly. There simply was not enough gold representative pieces to go around.
  13. I don't have MM44 but I do have ToI. It really depends on what your wife likes (since you'll play the wargame with her the most). ToI takes the longest in both prep and play. Strategy in ToI is not dependent on the cards as they are in MM44. Nothing is hidden in ToI. Your opponent has access to all the information that you have so it really comes down to figuring out your opponent's moves (similar to chess in that you and your opponent have equal access to all the information on the table)..
  14. for question 2, I forgot to mention that the attack is a normal attack not a suppressive attack. I understand suppressive attacks stops movement but the rules seem to contradict itself when dealing with normal attacks.
  15. 1. The card, Take Cover: Place in your play area. 1x/turn, when one of your fresh units is attacked, you may place an activation token on this card to give the unit 2 additional cover for this attack. The question is, if during your turn, you move a unit and your opponent opens fire on you (op fire) in the middle of your movement, can you use this card since you haven't finished your movement yet? 2. Take a look on p.19. If a unit is targeted by op fire using normal attack and gets hit, can it still finish its movement or is the unit fatigued. The words under exception seems to contradict the previous statement.
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