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  1. Here's hoping that the game will include a deck of Emperor's Tarot to alter the gameplay situation every turn or something similar to the effect that will help the loyalist. Die CHAOS!
  2. Knowing how die-hard W40K fans play games, i forsee that HH will be filled with plenty of smack talking with plenty trying to impersonate possessed chaos voices, loyal space marine battlecries and the reciting of the colorful and meaningful Imperial doctrines. I'd probably start off my dice rolls while shouting 'I am the Emperor's will made manifest!' So what's yours gonna be?
  3. I'm hoping that this baby plays on average 2 - 2.5 hours, better if less. I know HH is going to be quite epic but anything that shoots more than 3 hours can be overkill to the point I shall just say 'let the Emperor and his favorite son screw each other till the Tyranid comes and pwnz 'em all' I believe the 2-player system will help speed up things, better than with so many various players with varying speed of play and smack talking. While we're on it, what would be the best average game time you think that is most ideal, for games something like this?
  4. To purchase anything else than this tantamounts to heresy. Praise be to the Emperor!
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