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  1. Just saw this now, thanks a lot JmZ!
  2. Good to see you getting into this game, Dave - if it ever makes it on to Vassal, I'll see you there Edit: Just now noticed this was from a year ago, not one day into the future...still, the sentiment applies!
  3. Denis, I'm not a 2E player yet, but for similar situations in 1E one would have to wait until ordering that effected unit before paying the lore to remove the effect. I assume that 2E is the same, and one would not be able to immediately pay 2 lore to "unstun" in order to be able to counter. EDIT: read through the reference book, and yes indeed, have to wait until the order phase to order that unit and then pay to remove the stun token.
  4. Eight players signed up to date, adventures/conditions to be posted later this week.
  5. BVT#4 is starting up in April. The sign-up thread should post within the next week or so. Here's the link to the BGG Guild site. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/guild/1523
  6. Not sure anyone will see this post - I don't frequent these forums enough to be timely I usually am on the BattleLore module on my weekend mornings (11.00 to 14.00 GMT), but would be happy to set some other times to play as well. Definitely willing to show the ropes to any interested. Pretty intuitive to use Vassal, especially with a little guidance. t_rewoldt @ hotmail.com , toddrew on BGG
  7. I am just now going to be getting into BoW and almost all the games I play will be using Vassal. Would love it if FFG were to put up a proprietary online version, but the Vassal module looks playable, certainly. I should have the complete (to date) BoW game & expansions sometime next week. Feel free to email me if interested in online play using Vassal - t_rewoldt @ hotmail.com
  8. what? Skolo, Tony had posted a review on some plays of a beta testing version of the game - not sure of the details of why he removed his post here and on bgg, but likely due to some violation of a non-disclosure act invovled with being able to play the beta version. The original post was critical of the game's victory points coming from holding hexes exclusively (not sure if that will be the case for all scenarios/adventures...) and also highlighted some of the game's other mechanics.
  9. kelann, I know you are new to BattleLore, but not sure if you are familiar with any of the other C&C titles. There is a multiplayer version common to most C&C games that works with any number from 2-8 on what it is considered an "Epic" board - two regular sized game boards pushed together (usually it is left side to right side, but BattleLore 1E joined the boards top to bottom, then shifted them 90 degress, making two 13x9 boards into one 17x13 board). It is still one army facing another across the board, but instead of just one person commanding each of those, the players are split into teams, with one person (usually) taking the overall command, being responsible for handing out the orders to each section on a given turn and possibly controlling units in a section of the board, and the other members of that team controlling 1 or 2 sections of the board. In addition to that play, BattleLore also introduced a 2v2 version of the Epic format, called Reluctant Allies. This format had each army further divided into two groups of loose allies - typically an even split amongst the forces. Unlike the above described multiplayer format, in this one each of the four players control one army (for BL1E which is normally divided into Pennant Banners on one side vs Standard Banners on the other, additionally there would be Pennant Allies and Standard Allies, with tokens marking which were the allies). If P1 and P2 were Pennants and Pennants Allies, and P3 and P4 were Standards and Standards Allies, then play would alternate P1, P3, P2, P4. Without going into complete detail, the side that met the victory conditions first won, as in a regular game, but the overall winner was the player on that side responsible for collecting the most Victory Points of those collected. No certain idea if BL2E will carry on these same formats, but I see no reason why it shouldn't.
  10. 1E had multiplayer rules (2v2 with Reluctant Allies being my preferred way to play any C&C game with multiple players), I assume that 2E will have them out soon.
  11. Yet to be fully divulged, but seems clear to me that the expansion will occur through figures and scenario cards. Unlike the first edition of BattleLore, and most C&C games, it appears there will be no set scenarios in this game that come from the publisher, rather each game's set up will be determined by the combination of each side's chosen scenario card. I imagine that each expansion will include everything necessary to play the scenario cards included in it (unless these also or only come separate from the figures), but also have the option to include other expansions, as well as multiple copies of the same expansion. Essentially, this is the same way that edition 1 was set up to expand and I expect edition 2 to head towards the same end, albeit in a different path. Again, yet to be fully divulged, but the scenario cards work similar to how Call to Arms deployment cards worked in 1e, though it seems they grant much more control to placement through the points system rather than dictated placement augmented by "Specialist" cards of 1e. I very much enjoyed the Call to Arms set up of 1e, though many found it unwieldy. I expect the set up system of 2e to be more streamlined, but serves the same function of allowing one to get a wide variety of units onto the board so the fun can begin
  12. Wager heavily that more races will be coming out within a year - and likely the Elves and Undying would both be included at some point. Not sure if that helps to gain your wife's favor for this game, but it should be possible to play without involving the Uthuk Y'llan before too long.
  13. Not the announcement I was hoping for, but C&C:Terrinoth does look like it will be fun. Hope this does well.
  14. Martin, it certainly is a matter of perspective and playing preferences rather than an issue of the game being broken, by any stretch. I understand those who prefer modifying the rules to allow provisions for more options of ordering, but stand fast by the command system built into the cards. Making decisions that do not take ones hand composition into account, that just go by what will get the most die rolls that turn, etc., is not a wise strategy for success in this (or any) Commands and Colors game. Using a slightly modified community deck as awayputurwpn suggested is one way to address the perceived drawback, but it tempers any command level differences that a particular scenario may be trying to impose.- as would any effort to change the command system of the game. Allowing 1-1 swaps at the end of the turn could work as well for players. Taking a turn to dump the entire hand (a meeting in the war tent?) is another way that has a relatively stiff penalty attached to it.
  15. Well, I hope you moved on and aren't still waiting for a reply It would be two hits on the mounted unit. Backstab is a vicious card that often turns the advantage of the mounted unit against it (worse for units like Ogres that normally cannot be hit by bonus strikes at all), as any bonus strikes that count as hits on the unit being rolled against are in turn counted as hits against the unit rolling. For example, if a foot unit rolls two bonus strikes against a mounted unit, and the controlling player of the mounted unit were to play Backstab, it would only count as one hit against the foot unit, as the mounted unit would ignore the first bonus strike (note, that is not optional as it some times can be with Flag results). The reverse, as your situation was, with the mounted unit attacking a foot unit and rolling two bonus strikes, then Backstab being played by the player controlling the foot unit, would result in two hits to the mounted unit - as normally there would've been two hits on the foot unit. Hope that helps clear things up. Probably my single favorite card in the game due to the enormous momentum shifts it can cause. Also, for quicker response to questions such as these, I would suggest using the Board Game Geek forums for BattleLore - found here.
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