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  1. If a card provides a shield to a character and then one to another character, can it go to the same character? I was thinking maybe the word would have been "different" instead of "another" if the answer is no. Thanks.
  2. Can you claim the battlefield if you claimed it the previous round and still have it?
  3. Even if you run more than 1 copy of a unique support card in your deck, there's never really a reason to carry more than 1 die for those cards is there?
  4. Thanks to both of you for some great help. Can anyone help me with how to filter decks in SWdestinydb.com?
  5. After much hesitation when the product was so scarce, I am now taking the plunge, getting 2 of the Legacies 2 player starters and buying some boosters and some bulk stuff from older sets. I want to introduce this to my wife at the same time as I learn it myself. Is there some place I can get a good deck list for what 2 decks and teams I can put together from these two 2-player starters to have a good game against her? Also, I really like these forums but are there any others where the game, cards, teams, decks and rules are discussed?
  6. That's a narrow and misleading way to represent an argument that you know is more involved than that. I believe that you can unstun by choosing to do anything a creature can normally do when he is ready. It doesn't matter if they choose to fight when there are no creatures because the fight isn't going to happen. So that also should be true when unstunning isn't a goal, for consistency sake if nothing else.
  7. No I am not. The rules allow you to pick something you can't do when you unstun. The rules only say you can't fight not that the action can't be chosen. There is a card that says "ready and fight with a friendly creature." The way you guys read it, you could play that card and then reap with it if fighting wasn't possible due to opponent not having any creatures but the creature was from the named house. Using my interpretation it wouldn't work that way because that creature will still have to exhaust and choose to fight. By the way, I know if there is no fight then no abilities are triggered.
  8. Can you choose to use a creature, choose fight as your option even though there is no creature to attack? I know that no fight will happen. I know that no fight effects will trigger. It seems by the rules that you can.
  9. I love that idea and hope to run one or play in one.
  10. It's not $10, open and play. There are counters and lots of them and there is printing a rulebook to know how to play and use as a reference and there's finding another person who has been willing to pay $10. You can do all that or you can pay $40 (closer to $30 online) and have everything you need to play with anyone who wants to try it out. Core is a bargain for me, especially since I want the game to succeed and want to teach it a lot.
  11. How do I become a Tournament Organizer?
  12. Wish you were closer. I am in Anderson and that would be a long haul. Good luck. I will keep looking for central and north central Indiana people.
  13. There is no light Game of Thrones card game, so I welcome it and will try it at the $9.95 price point and 15-30 min.playing time.
  14. Will it be shown at GenCon in about 20 hours?
  15. rickert

    as a 2-player

    Does the game work as a 2-player? What about with the expansion modules?
  16. Are all of the things created for this game still generally available?
  17. Richard said that FFG had several things for an expansion that could make the game more challenging and varied but he had no idea when or if they would be produced.
  18. I will buy this and haven't purchased any LCGs. I don't like to build decks before the game starts. This doesn't need that. The only thing that would be better would be a deck building AGOT.
  19. So I assume that means that the curently out of print expansions will be available in the future as well?
  20. Toqtamish said: No more attitude than I received. You may not have enough for you to decide if this game is for you but I do and that is why I said this game looks like fun and then needed to defend my opinion. Its my opinion and I am entitled to it and to base it on whatever or much info I choose to. Yes I think this game looks like fun even with what little we have available. Deck building games I think are a great new take on the now classic CCG/TCG's. Also I like the idea of the different scenarios that can change the game from competitive to cooperative. Very cool idea in my opinion and will allow increased replay value. As well as making it appeal to a larger group of people, cooperative has more appeal for drawing in girlfriends, fiances, wives which is never a bad thing. I am completely on your side. This looks like great fun and a great angle on deck building.
  21. I know I intend to buy into this big time. Now finally I will be able to own everything. The fact that some things were out of print is what caused me to never buy anything beyond the base set. This is good news.
  22. I hope for a GenCon demo as well. I've got grandkids just getting into gaming age and I want them to be open to a lot of tabletop gaming. this could fill the bill.
  23. I would be buying so much BattleLore right now if they would only announce that all of out of print sets would be either reprinted as they were originally or repackaged. But I came to the game too late to get the early stuff and now I feel left out if I can't ever get it all.
  24. The release says there will be victory points. With HBO releasing a series based on the books, this would appear to be a great time for a new product for this license.
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