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  1. Since the game has been released, can we get a rulebook posted that we could read?
  2. I have read everything I can find on this game in English at least twice. All the gameplay videos I have seen have been in non-English languages. When can we find more about gameplay? A video in English or a rulebook would help pass the time until the release.
  3. If a card provides a shield to a character and then one to another character, can it go to the same character? I was thinking maybe the word would have been "different" instead of "another" if the answer is no. Thanks.
  4. Can you claim the battlefield if you claimed it the previous round and still have it?
  5. Even if you run more than 1 copy of a unique support card in your deck, there's never really a reason to carry more than 1 die for those cards is there?
  6. Thanks to both of you for some great help. Can anyone help me with how to filter decks in SWdestinydb.com?
  7. After much hesitation when the product was so scarce, I am now taking the plunge, getting 2 of the Legacies 2 player starters and buying some boosters and some bulk stuff from older sets. I want to introduce this to my wife at the same time as I learn it myself. Is there some place I can get a good deck list for what 2 decks and teams I can put together from these two 2-player starters to have a good game against her? Also, I really like these forums but are there any others where the game, cards, teams, decks and rules are discussed?
  8. That's a narrow and misleading way to represent an argument that you know is more involved than that. I believe that you can unstun by choosing to do anything a creature can normally do when he is ready. It doesn't matter if they choose to fight when there are no creatures because the fight isn't going to happen. So that also should be true when unstunning isn't a goal, for consistency sake if nothing else.
  9. No I am not. The rules allow you to pick something you can't do when you unstun. The rules only say you can't fight not that the action can't be chosen. There is a card that says "ready and fight with a friendly creature." The way you guys read it, you could play that card and then reap with it if fighting wasn't possible due to opponent not having any creatures but the creature was from the named house. Using my interpretation it wouldn't work that way because that creature will still have to exhaust and choose to fight. By the way, I know if there is no fight then no abilities are triggered.
  10. Can you choose to use a creature, choose fight as your option even though there is no creature to attack? I know that no fight will happen. I know that no fight effects will trigger. It seems by the rules that you can.
  11. I love that idea and hope to run one or play in one.
  12. It's not $10, open and play. There are counters and lots of them and there is printing a rulebook to know how to play and use as a reference and there's finding another person who has been willing to pay $10. You can do all that or you can pay $40 (closer to $30 online) and have everything you need to play with anyone who wants to try it out. Core is a bargain for me, especially since I want the game to succeed and want to teach it a lot.
  13. How do I become a Tournament Organizer?
  14. Wish you were closer. I am in Anderson and that would be a long haul. Good luck. I will keep looking for central and north central Indiana people.
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