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  1. Any word if the photo's will be posted somewhere? I'd love to see more of the action.
  2. That was a fun game and I really enjoyed it. The relay at the end was awesome!!! I just wish it worked. Thanks to all who played the game and to David for running it. It was my first game of To the Barricades. I guess a win for the first time would have been a little too much to ask for.
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    Played this with some co-workers the other day and we had a pretty good time. Seems a little pricey for what you get but we all had a great time. Although who you play with can make a huge difference in terms of how they interpret the rules for correct and incorrect. For example. My team was pretty strict with correct and incorrect. If a piece was put left but not far enough left it was incorrect. The other team said put left was correct but then kept saying put left put left until the person got it into position. The first way can make for a pretty frustrating exerience. However the other way can effect replayability since once you figure out someone's caveman language it quickly just turns into a race to see how quickly you can get it done, and the language barrier is no longer there. Which for me was the funny part. We found the best way is to rotate the Ugg-tech after every SOLVED card. You are only as strong as your weakest link kinda thing. If you don't want to buy it and If you are savvy enough maybe you can get your work to buy it as a "team-building exercise".
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