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  1. Uh, who are the Astra Militarum? There certainly isn't a faction called that on the list of factions they have given us. What I do see is a bunch of Imperial Guard units. So, the question is who screwed up first. The article or the first announcement page.
  2. GrimWizard

    First Question

    For those looking, the reference card was shown in the "Better Good Than Lucky, Part Two" preview. It is rather difficult to go either way since the game isn't even out yet. It is entirely possible that the reference card shown was simply a prototype and the one that you get in the actual game matches the rules. On the other hand, it is not unheard of for FFG games to need errata even when the game first comes out. Just look over at Mansion of Madness for that one. I would wait till the game comes out before trying to panic. As a general reference though, I would go with the rulebook. It's quicker and cheaper for a company to change wording in a rulebook then it is to change the printing on a card, so rulebooks tend to have the most up-to-date rulings.
  3. I'm still not sure where this lack of replay value is coming from. Sure the game itself is very linear, but the randomness from the dice rolling and treasure points ensures it won't be the same game twice. Of course, with the large luck factor a person could start to feel "cheated" by the game.
  4. The answer is written clearly in the Official FAQ: Q: If the Citadel’s power is lost or discarded, are the citadels discarded or not? A: No, they remain in play, but serve no function.
  5. First Player has it easy?! I don't see it that way. Sure his fist turn is straightforward, but his militia move is wasted and he becomes the prime target for everyone after him, Especially the player directly after him, who's only attack target is the first player. Also, when the alarm sounds the first player has the roughest time getting out since he can't wait for other players to clear the road. I would have to say the last player has the most advantage. On the first turn he can't be attacked and is given the most strategy options. On the Last turn he has the clearest paths to leave once the alarm sounds thanks to previous players already moving to leave.
  6. Also, remember that you are allowed to be more specific when going for cards in a deal. You could ask for their highest attack cards or if you know they have a particular card, like your race's flare or a morph, you can try to get it.
  7. Shouldn't that have been obvious? Allowing movement on blocked exit spaces makes it easier to get around the board, thus less characters get stuck. I'm not seeing why that's a bad thing, though. I suppose being able to completely gimp another player has it's charm...
  8. Using the Hot/cold water trick worked pretty well on my minis.... Anyway, It has already been stated several times already, but once again... FFG does not make this game they only distribute it. If you feel there is any kind of lax in quality of the game, FFG can do nothing about it. Also, FFG has already made notice that they try not to respond directly through the forums. Going through their customer support area is the best way to get their attention if you need to.
  9. Pulsar said: the game's designer, who said, in his native tongue, that if he had more time he would have made passing your own gang members permissible. That's the clearest possible hallelujah from the sky proof that this rule is unnecessary No, your the one who is reaching. Your twisting his words to mean what you want them to mean. Yes, He said he would have liked to remove that rule. He did not say that the rule was trivial and removing it would have no effect on the original gameplay he desired. I imagine that removing the rule would necessitate different rules that, while allowing teammates to pass each other, still have the gameplay effect he wanted from the rules as they stand now.
  10. Narly's effect only instructs what the opponent should do, nowhere does it signal the control of Narly to do anything. The words in parenthesis are meant to clarify what is done the effect itself already clarifies who does it. "Choosing a resource at random" doesn't have to mean you choose a card from his hand...
  11. Hate to break it to you, but your still wrong. The rulebook didn't magically change to make you right. You can hoist your houserules on the highest pedestal...and it still wouldn't be anything more than a houserule .
  12. Pulsar said: So far these just sound like justifications of the rules as they stand, and not from FFG officials either. Until I hear a game mechanic that this game's testing showed broke down if we let team members pass, we'll keep playing that way, because we haven't found one. Just because you like to houserule your boardgames, doesn't mean FFG has to defend their own rules to the game. It doesn't mean they should change them either. Sure the game doesn't break down when one rule is removed but, that doesn't mean its a dumb rule. Allowing teammates to move through each other simply removes one more tactic from the game. If you like playing a simpler game, more power to ya.
  13. Team members not moving through each other makes perfect sense. You control a group of thieves. These aren't best friends fighting side by side here. Did you read the character backstories given in the rulebook? Most of them would be just as likely to stab each other in the back as much as the other side. You may be ok with showing your back to someone like that, but luckily the characters are smarter then that.
  14. 1) Yes, so you can dodge them. Although it should be noted that they are not enemy characters, so you can't niggling injury them 2) No, pg.14, All Characters Block movement. 3) You need at least 1 of the treasure to use a mission card. pg 19, it's even in bold. 4)The scenario doesn't mention anything about using up your action when you rescue a hostage, so I would have to say it doesn't count as such. However it does say that when you fight a Zombie, that fight ends the characters activation. Also, it mentions that when you end up in a room with a token, you must end your move there and turn it over, so no being batman and swooping in and out with a hostage.
  15. Rosh87 said: 2.) Explain if the Doppel actually - at any point - is considered to have ANY Printed Icons at all.... or if it always "checks" it's printed icons - against the original Doppel card. This is very important, since if they rule it only "copies" the Icons of the card it is ...copying.....and it actually always has ZERO "Printed Icons" - then it becomes 100% immune to a card like Scotophobia, potentially Eye of the Deep, and several others which affect or remove "Printed Icons" (specifically). I can't imagine they intended this single card to be immune to something that even Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth can't be "immune from" (Scotophobia).....but, again, clarification is needed from FFG as to what exactly they had in mind with this particular aspect of the Doppel card. This seems pretty clear to me. Printed icons are what is physically printed on the card. This isn't the first guy who can copy icons. Does no one remember Paul LeMond from the core set? Paul is immune to all cards that reference his printed icons as are any character that gains icons from attachments or other card effects. It's not a new concept...
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