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  1. I feel like there's only a small chance I get to come to this, but I'll still RSVP as a maybe. NYC Tournaments are known for their ability to get me to ignore all my responsibilities to be crushed by other gingers. Can we maybe just have a gingers-only invitational? Ryan Jones, me, Dave and Amy Stromes.... Alright, so maybe just a gingers-only melee game? With the ladies vs lords variance!
  2. If I play Ygritte can I choose to take control of your Jon Snow playmat?
  3. Hooray! I love Thrones! I love NYC! I love Thronestoberfest! I assume that I (and my +1) will be there in time for some kind of get together Friday night, so I hope there's some interest there. Unfortunately we'll have to head out early Sunday morning. I don't want to discourage a Sunday secondary tournament, but if there is one hopefully it is not exclusive to some casual gaming or "friendly" melee Friday night.
  4. This is the most accurate thing I've seen posted on this forum in a year.
  5. As a potential solution that both provides "the best of the best" and a welcoming environment for all, why not have an open tournament alongside a "Championship" tournament? There can be a large tournament for everyone who wishes to attend, and each meta enters their champion into the "invitational" tournament? It, in a way, makes a more competitive event because some metas are lucky enough to have multiple world champs (and would-be world champs if they could manage not to get disqualified), and you mitigate the advantage that individuals playing from the same meta have in a field. This reduces the stress of having to choose who gets to go -- let the individual metas decide. I imagine you'll get the best level of competition without making anyone feel like they're not welcome.
  6. Dobbler said: If the idea is truly to build community, then the best example is Chicon (I, II and III). Free drinks, free food, large home, a ton of people coming, no exclusivity, but yet still the best of the best showed up to compete with young upstarts who wanted to prove themselves to be among the best of the best. All of it held outside of the normal convention or formal gaming store atmosphere. Drinks while playing? Sure. Drinks while watching? Sure. Community and relationships built? For sure. I definitely agree with this. I almost made an analogy to Chicon -- I think that type of community atmosphere is what's in mind, though I think the experience is irreplacable, especially without free booze, free pizza, and a t-shirt depicting a bowl of brown (I definitely wore mine as a sleep shirt the other night. If this new thing happens, I need a Without his Beard shirt for sure). However, I think that a good large AGoT tournament will naturally create, build, and strengthen relationships within the community, regardless of whether or not it can live up to Chicon.
  7. Dobbler said: IF I were to get an invite (which is obviously no sure thing), I can't imagine telling my metamates who didn't get an invite "Hey, please drive to Michigan with me. I'm going to play in this awesome tourney, while you guys get the sidekick tourney" Perhaps I misunderstand (and apologies if I do), but I find his point was more of to have a large tournament that is not "Gencon or Worlds". I feel like I would go, though I would never get an "invitation". I'm sure I would have a blast joining the people I went with and seeing the people in this community I've grown close to. Having a large tournament (or two tournaments with a qualifier) mitigates this "exclusive" aspect. With regionals being more spread out this year (something I personally love, but I recognize it has its drawbacks) the competition from regionals is potentially slightly different from years past or "the old ways". Creating an environment for a lot of players (including top players) to travel to is potentially a good thing. I personally am able to travel to far fewer tournaments than I previously intended -- I would never knock another opportunity to do so, especially if it included people on a more national level. However, I also hate exclusivity. While I would attend from a social aspect, you create the difficult situation of creating an environment where everyone feels welcome but you still have the desired effect of "the best of the best" competing. If you use a completely objective scale (winning a world tournament) you exclude some phenomenal players who deserve a substantial amount of recognition -- as mentioned: Nate French and soon-to-be-footrubbed ktom. However, if you make it subjective you make a very difficult decision of you deciding who the best players are, which can be certainly biased based on who you've personally come to see and meet. There are many players that are phenomenal but travel very little. I love the idea, but feel that the execution could have complications. Regardless, I feel that the point was to bring a closer community, not to divide it. While it is stated to be exclusive in its nature, I feel that there could be some benefit by bringing together the "best of the best" in a manner that is not the twice-a-year that FFG has allotted. TL;DR: The idea of a large tournament that is not at Gencon or Worlds has its appeals, and I feel like we should be open to the opportunity. If there is an exclusive aspect to it, side tournaments should be free and plenty. If there isn’t then we should be thrilled for another opportunity to face off against AGoT’s best. Regardless, we should revel in the fact that this community is amazing and worth traveling for.
  8. It's looking like I'll be making this, and likely bringing 2-3 people with me.
  9. What time will y'all be playing? There's only two of us that typically travel to competitions so it'll be the first chance some of the guys up here have a chance to play people not in our group so hopefully I'll be able to convince a good number of people!
  10. There's a group of us that play up in Tallahassee. I know that's a million years away, but I'm down in Orlando every couple of weeks and I'm sure I could convince some of the guys to come down with me and play. I might try to make it down on the 22nd if y'all want some more company.
  11. Twn2dn said: That was EXACTLY how melee should be played, among friends with plenty of booze to facilitate the (at times seemingly arbitrary and counterproductive) backstabbing. It's alright. Next time I meet Dave in a tournament I'm going to pay those debts like a Lannister. Phenomenal game, I had a lot of fun. It reminds me just how much I love the melee format when playing with good players in a non-competitive environment, which is unfortunately something I rarely do. Thank you so much to Dan and all of NY for making such a welcoming environment. I had an absolutely amazing time even after losing to Dennis two times when I got to 14 power both games against a deck that I've previously beaten with the deck I was running. Not that I'm bitter. I loved meeting the new people that were representing -- you two dudes are both awesome and I can't wait to meet you on the field this regionals season. As always, this community is overwhelming with just how amazing it continues to be. Rock on, rock stars.
  12. Vaapad said: Also, if anyone coming was at worlds, got an advance copy of the new Star Wars LCG, and feels like bringing it, I'd love to check it out during some down time! I read this about 45 minutes too late But still, now on a plane headed to NYC! Super excited! See y'all tomorrow!
  13. While I'm flattered that my losses I gave you were so rough that you had to make a public post about it, I'll note that I don't think that HoD is life-altering. Sure, if shifts the meta. I'm of a mind that any championship card *should* be metachanging, to give the appropriate impact that a national/world champion deserves. However, there are enough solutions to HoD right now that I don't think anyone should be shaking in their boots, regardless of the fact that I mercilessly beat you four times in a row*. *I know you mentioned that in your original post, but I felt it appropriate to repeat it in case you forgot.
  14. I'm sure FFG will come out with some official statement or at least some updates on the rules so that things are somewhat less vague, but as far as the official reason on camera, yadda yadda: It was almost 3am. Every judge there was working their asses off to create a phenomenal environment since early that morning. Whether or not they used the specific wording that was necessary to placate everyone likely wasn't on their minds. It was a tough ruling and a huge change in the game, so I feel like nitpicking the exact wording doesn't change anything. The ruling was made for reasons the judges found necessary. It's stated explicitly in the tournament rules that they may disqualify anyone at their sole discretion, so I feel that breaking apart the specific wording at a huge moment at 3am in the morning just isn't worth it -- it doesn't change the ruling.
  15. dcdennis said: hehe while this was of course my initial reaction, quitting would be ludicrious. I love the game, FFG is an awesome company, and they did what they had to do to protect what they felt was a breach of integrity in the game. I gotta respect that even if i disagree with the decision. No hard feelings to Nate, Damon, Ktom or anyone else involved with making it. I am still trying to figure out what I think about the overall decision made, but I did want to say that this response from Dennis definitely reminds me why I love this game and its community. Even though Dennis is pretty much this year's top rated bridesmaid, he responded with total maturity. Good call, dude. Now I just hope we don't pair up tomorrow.
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