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  1. I read again the FAQ and core set rulebook and found that Forced effect should be a triggered abilities, though you have no option not to trigger it. From the rulebook, the bold word "Forced:" is a trigger. And its effect must be "triggered" whenever its specified trigger is met. From the FAQ, article 1.36, Triggered abilities are abilities on cards that have a bold trigger word such as Action or Response... (but not excluding Forced). And so, simply following the rules and FAQ, I gotta say Forced effects are triggered abilities/effects. Though, I have no idea how to rule the Forced effects on an unconscious character.
  2. While Gravity is in effect, can a wizard use Misty Body to pick items/treasures?
  3. Forgot to mention, in particular, I need revised cards download for Descent series, and WOW:tBG series. They are too many.
  4. Dear FFG CS, Some bigger games of FFG have cards revised from time to time. It would be so desirable if the revised cards can be downloaded as a paste-up to my cards. HIGHLY WANTED. Possible?
  5. From the base game to the latest expansions, there are cards requiring revision. In the past, I could spare time to craft homemade paste up of the errata. Unfortunately, I can spare no more doing this. Can FFG put the images of revised cards (sheets) for download, just like the Admiral card in BSG? My WoW:tBG also need this support as well.
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