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  1. Well, we noticed the change initially from the Combat Actions Chart. But a read through the individual descriptions for those actions corroborates the numbers on the chart, so its my thinking that this will become the norm going forward. Based on that, I'll be implementing that in my regular DW game starting tonight. Thanks for the responses. (If someone official still wants to chime in and confirm this one way or another, I think we'd all appreciate it)
  2. Just got my hands on Broken Chains at my FLGS and after an initial pass through it, I've noticed some changes to Full Auto (bonus changed from +20 to -10) and Semi Auto (bonus changed from +10 to +/-0) fire in combat. The question I and my group have is simply this: Is this the way the rule works for the demo only, or is this a change that will become the standard going forward?
  3. ak-73 said: It has been said: the passage means that if you get +5 to WS, it doesn not affect your buying advances from the characteristic table. You can still buy all the WS advances so that you have +20 and get the +5 WS on top of it for a total of +25. And buying those advances does cost you as much or as little as if you had not bought the deed. The +5 WS does not influence this. It does not have anything to do with normal characteristic increases not counting towards rank improvement. Only with normal rank increases not being affected by deeds bonuses. Alex Thanks for that clarificatiion, Alex.
  4. I have used the opposed DoS for parry & dodge houserule since Dark Heresy. Once it everyone learns how it works, it becomes second nature and doesn't slow our combat sessions down. Of course, I've run a number of sessions with 6 to 8 players, where combat is sometimes almost glacial (at least it has felt like it at times). When I get to run a 4 player kill team, rounds are lightning fast, even with the houserule.
  5. I agree and understand that in the previous books, and that includes the Deathwatch core book, that characteristic advancements have always counted toward the expended XP total for rank determination. That is not at question. It’s the verbiage in Rites of Battle that seems to indicate a change, specifically: "nor do increases or reductions toward the improvement of your Characteristics through normal means" This new Deed mechanic was introduced in Rites of Battle specifically excludes XP spent on deeds from being counted toward rank increases. When I had initially read it, I assumed that this passage applied to characteristic increases and reductions that are included in said deeds even though there is currently no mechanic in game to affect rank increases based on characteristic improvement (though perhaps one might be introduced later). But following a session one night where I offered a distinction after the scenario, it was pointed out that with the words through normal means may mean that XP expenditures for characteristic improvements were no longer applicable. In my regular group, implementation of this literal reading has resulted in the loss of 1 to 3 ranks. My question is, is this the intended meaning? Or, was this part of a sentence that may have missed a proofreading pass after it was altered during editing?
  6. Sorry if this has already been asked and answered elsewhere. On page 58 of the core rule book, under Buying an Advance it appears to indicate that expending XP toward "...changes to Characteristics, Skills, Talents, or Traits.." apply toward Rank advancement (primary focus for this query is on Characteristic Advances). My question, having had it pointed out by a couple of my players relates to an apparent change in Rites of Battle, where on page 74 under Using Deeds it reads "Any adjustments made to the character by selecting a Deed do not count as advancements for the purpose of increasing your Rank, nor do increases or reductions toward the improvement of your Characteristics through normal means." Does this indicate an alteration to the Rank advancement scheme? Or is our interpretation too literal? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  7. I may have missed it if anyone else as already examined this avenue of thought, so I'll apologize in advance if it already been brought up. I'm no space marine scholar, but my understanding of their creation is that each space marine is implanted with a geneseed "attuned" to the founding primarch of their chapter, which is itself "attuned" to the the Emperor (who is perhaps the most powerful 'human' psyker in existence). If my base assumptions aren't completely off base, then it occurs to me that the viability of implanting any geneseed whose ultimate source is such a powerful psyker (whether it manifests psychic potential in its recipients or not - looking at you, Black Templars), it would be prone to such a high degree of failure as to be statistically impossible (on the order of only ever happening ONCE, EVER). I'm going to go back and read over some of the fluff again and contemplate.
  8. aka_mythos said: The GW fluff says, "no sister of battle has ever fallen to Chaos"... and yet there is GW fluff that mention that it does occaisonally happen. Although one could say that once they start to fall, they are no longer Sisters of the Order. Soyokaze said: Scouts, however, are almost never full SMs. In most chapters, they are SMs in training, in various stages of their implantations and training. That's the opposite of what Deathwatch wants. Just like how a modern multinational military unit will experienced men from the Rangers, Seals, Marines, SAS, etc. - not random PFCs fresh out of boot. I could see a Space Wolf Scout in the Deathwatch - but that's the sole exception. So, not really core book material. I'm sure that there are plenty of Scout Marine Sergeants that would take exception to your stance.
  9. aethel said: Ha ha. Sounds like our players have similar styles as well. Mine like to "chew the scenery" quite a bit which I really appreciate. I put a lot of work into that scenery, and it is gratifying that they don't blast past it. Mmmm...tastey scenery....properly seasoned with bolter shells and seared with just a dash of promethium. Yum!
  10. A nod to my fellow Traveller grognards, Beowulf and for my campaign, The Golden Grox
  11. The Laughing God said: The Dark Angels are still tainted by an old and unforgiven betrayal of the Emperor. But this fact is not widely known, even amongst the members of their own chapter. Many of the Astartes legions which are suffering from genetic drift in the gene-seed take (sometimes extreme) measures to conceal or mitigate that fact from getting back to Holy Terra. It is possible, however, that the High Lords are simply ignoring these facts because the legions are essential to the survival of the Imperium. Having recently finished Mechanicum, it would appear that the Adeptus Mechanicus believe that the Emperor is the Omnissiah (well, some of them anyway). Z
  12. Considering that the Dark Angels are in the "neighborhood", so to speak. You could have a Fallen apothecary whose completely deranged doing the experimentation. Dark Angels scouts could be closing in on his operation and interfere with the acolytes operation, possibly sabotaging it or planting false evidence to throw them off the trail while they close the noose around the Fallen One. Plenty of opportunity for subtefuge and combat, and depending on the skill levels of the acolytes, they'd have a good idea how tough the opposition is. And of course, the unanswered question, who were those Space Marines and why were the trying to capture that apothecary? Z
  13. I am one of the players fortunate enough to participate in Aethel's virtual game. When my assassin first joined the retinue, they were transitting to another world for their next investigation. I do not recall what sparked the incident, but at some point the cell's resident underhiver scum pulled his hecuter (his pride and joy) and made his intention clear that he was about to use lethal force against one of our own. As new as my character was, and equally unfamiliar with the internecine politics within the group, I nonetheless aimed to resolve the conflict before there was any loss of life. So, I chose a side. Oooh, boy! I drew my sword, with the intention of using it to knock the pistol from the scum's hand. Apparently, the Emperor had other ideas, seeing the righteousness of my intentions and deeming them worthy for His most beneficent blessing, He thus guiding my sword and sundering the pistol in twain. After being suitably dumbfounded by the sight of his precious weapon lying bifurcated upon the deck, we subsequently pummeled him into submission and successfully completed the work of our Most Holy Ordos. While this incident initially caused a undercurrent of tension between the scum and myself, after several operations together and saving each others lives, we've developed an excellent professional rapport and I know that I can count upon him when things get dicey (assuming that he is sober). Z ++[Names deleted to protect the identities of ordos operatives in the field]++
  14. If you haven't already, check out Game HQ at SW89th & Penn. If they don't carry it, they can most likely get it for you.
  15. Ichiban11 said: How willing are you to kill your PC's? What is the coolsest/lamest death? Based on our current campaign, I'd me more concerned with the players characters willingness to inflict harm upon one another. But it has made for some crackin' good story/game play.
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