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  1. I came over from Heroclix becuase it's not blind boosters. I get what I see. Plus, PC Tie Fighter
  2. The Adv Cloak allows him to cloak once he attacks. I love it
  3. Also to let you guys know I am a judge of Heroclix at Stadium Cards and Comics on Golfside on Sundays. Tomorrow I am bringing my Star Wars pieces. I would love to learn to play this game as I need something different in terms of gaming. I would think we will have a lot of room as there is no big Heroclix event. I would hope to see you there and to learn this fantastic game
  4. I am in Ypsi. Anyone close to me that plays? EDIT: Doesn't take a SMART GUY to go back 2 pages and see there is a facebook group.
  5. Lets bump this. What is a safe way to clean the paint off of them?
  6. got me some GW paints to help. Also I am brown washing this batch of Arch-Viles. so far they look good...
  7. Thanks! Now I only wish that I had the other Arch-Viles and imps out to keep the same colors! I remember what I used but the mixes might not turn out the same
  8. Boy did that flash show off the blue I didn't cover up! At least it can't be seen by normal means
  9. Man this post is kinda still alive? I did paint one of my Revenants. That was before my wife left me. I needs to get some brushes as I ruined the ones I had when I had to move back in with my parents. I will posts pics when I can get a camera to do so!
  10. So look who's bac...ME! Been away for awhile but I have returned and I got news...I painted my first mini ever! It was a Revanant. I'll post pics later. I used Apple Barrel paints and they seemed to work very well with it. I'll get those pics up tonight
  11. haslo said: Yeah, I'm using GW colors exclusively. It's partially because I started to paint with them back when I played Warhammer 40k, and partially because those paints are really good. All my paints were lost over the course of the last 10 years, what with me moving 3-4 times and the colors getting old and dry anyway, but I got a pretty complete collection of new colors now because I remembered them to be great, and I didn't regret it - they still are. As for primer, I'm using black primer as well, indeed because it helps keep the minis dark and spooky. Back in the days I had mostly white primer and then painted the minis with a first dark color (and regularly, black), it just makes more sense to prime them black from the outset. I now completed the other 5 Revenants, and made that little step-by-step blog post I talked about. I did it particularly with you in mind, King of Terror, please let me know if it helps to give a little insight into the whole painting process - of course, you don't have to do all these steps from the start, my first minis looked entirely different and back then, I made way less extensive use of drybrushing. Here's the complete group of 6 Revenants, as a teaser: This was great! This will help me out a lot!
  12. haslo said: King of Terror said: So I want to make sure I do the right things I wanted to add something regarding this It's a good thing that you're careful and you don't want to waste your minis, but when it comes to painting them, the best thing you can do is indeed get some colors and start painting. The way you want your minis to look, the exact technique that fits yourself, that will only come to you over time if you actually paint. The first few minis won't look exactly as you want them to, but only practice makes perfect. So get some colors, start head-on in and start painting Believe me I want to. I was gonna get all the GW paints from there site. I already have a work station set up. but my wife wants me to lay plastic down EVERYWHERE! So I got to wait on all that.
  13. So I was reading around and if I give the mini a dark primer coat it should take care of it from being to bright of a figure in the end? I want to make sure I get a dark tone to my figures. So I want to make sure I do the right things
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