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  1. As you may well be aware, the current makers of Battletech and Shadowrun (IMR LLC under their imprint "Catalyst Game Labs") have bankruptcy proceedings against them. The primary shareholder appears to have embezzled about a million dollars from the company, and the company is falling apart. The license comes up in late May, and since IMR has apparently been underreporting their royalties to Topps, they are unlikely to get either license renewed. Licenses belonging to smaller and more agile companies such as Eclipse Phase and Cthulhutech have already been pulled. That's the bad news. The good news is... the licenses come up in late May. How does Fantasy Flight Battletech sound to you? It sounds pretty awesome to me. -Frank
  2. Shadowrun is originally a table top role playing game. The first edition came out in the late eighties, and we're currently on the Fourth edition. I reccommend it highly, to the point that I did som freelance writing for the fourth edition. Several of the characters from Shadowrun Horror actually appear in the 4th edition cybertechnology book Augmentation. The board game includes: 8 Johnsons (like a Herald + Guardian) 21 Runners (Like Invstigators) 12 Threats (Like Ancient Ones) 132 Enemies (Monsters) 12 Spawn Enemies 3 Riots (Rifts) 30 Tension Markers (Rift Progress Tokens) 40 Skills 60 Common Items 63 Contraband Items 40 Talisman Items 41 Allies 30 Augmentations 111 Karma Cards (Mythos Cards) 100 Problem Encounter Cards (Gate Encounters) 144 Location Encounter Cards (12 per neighborhood) 24 double sided trait cards. So yeah, it's a lot of work to print out. -Frank
  3. [EDIT BY MODERATOR] We cannot have allow this here, it infringes on the rights of Catalyst Games, the current copyright and trademark holder of Shadowrun. Please do not post this again. - Jeremy @ FFG
  4. So this weekend we playd a couple of games of Shadowrun Horror. So far we're still in the place where we read all the flavor text, so games take quite a while. First game went against Winternight. The Doom Track got up to 12, the Terror Track hit 6, and the Open Problem limit got hit thre times. And then the sixth Exposé hit the table and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Second game went against the Ghost Cartels. Despite getting a literal turn one Exposé off as the result of sending our Ghoul into a good series of encounters, we ended up going to final battle with only 4 Exposés on the board. In the final battle, only Freddy West the combat mage managed to walk out alive (with a suitcase nuke and a laser). So it really seems like difficulty is almost exactly where I want it to be. -Frank
  5. pittplayer said: did you all give up on it? can i know take over this thread and actually do something with it now that people are done having way to complicated ideas and yelling that my ideas are not worthwhile? can we post the board into another thread and keep going with it? Yes. Sorry if that wasn't clear.I gave up on this project and you are fully within your rights to take this projct in any direction including directions suggested by me without crediting me in any way. -Frank
  6. I had been thinking more along the lines of Impersonal Stories. Ones that used the same basic mechanics as Personal Stories but came online for everyone to participate in. It would be entirely possible to hand out additional personal stories to characters dring play. Say one where you get the obsidian shards and then you have to get them translated and go to Gharne before the monsters find out about it and steal your shards and your kidneys. Regardless, when a new story gets dealt out we have to make sure that the pass and fail conditions are based on events that happen since the story comes into play. So a story might get a stamina token on it when the terror level rises and go to the fail condition when there are two stamina tokens - rather than going to failure at Terror Level 3. It's important that they be written like that because these story quests might come into the game very late and we want to make sure that nothing stupid happens like having the story succeed and fail the moment it lands on the board (if I recall correctly, it is actually possible for this to be the case if certain investigators come in as replacements for devoured/retired investigators on a highly advanced board - Kate coming in as a replacement for a character with several gate trophies for example). As for Sacrifices, I think the best way to handle these is to have blight cards get transferred to the Herald or Ancient One that takes sacrifices. At this point the blight stays in play (because the citizen is still missing), but the card acts as a counter (so we don't need to make an additional token type), and the blight can no longer be removed with rescue attempts (because the person in question got their heart ripped out on a cthonic altar). -Frank
  7. pittplayer said: just have the tremors break the surface and release a monster in arkham that chases the investigators, that would be plenty of reason to go underground, have the blights come from encounter cards, just use the ones we have, and make them a subtheme. make it so you can only stop tremors by going into the pit, which gives you a reason to explore. i think people are overthinking it and getting upset. make a tremor deck, a herald, encounter decks and tremor tokens thats it. simple. i love this board lets not jump ship!! That would be a perfect example of something that I wouldn't bother continung work on. -Frank
  8. Mariana the Ex-Nun Cultist said: Does this mean that the fail condition should be activated for a devoured invetsigator and placed into play (unless gettingh devoured triggers a pass)? - Mariana the ex-nun cultist No. The story is attached to the investigator. The success or failure card is a condition card that is not required to be attached to the investigator. -Frank
  9. Honestly, if I wanted to save a random one of the eleven allies at Ma's Boarding House from a monster (or whatever), I'd just go have encounters at Independence Square or the Devil's Hopyard. That's a really standard encounter and it's not particularly interesting or noteworthy. The Underworld board needs to do something to justify its existence. Otherwise it's just taking up space. If the encounters down below aren't doing something to the game environment with and without actually going there, the whole board is a waste of time. A waste of time to design, a waste of time to print out, and a waste of time to set up. The board should be doing more interesting things to you, not less. There should be an entre mechanic where there are Ghouls in the underground who are fence sitting about whether to help the investigators or the cultists. These Ghoul Lumnaries should be represented by additional personal story cards that get dealt out on certain events. Fail to do the story quests that get them on your side before the events that tip them against you and the failed ending comes out. Blights should be added and removed from play by failing to engage sufficiently or exploring deep into the underworld respectively. That's something the rules easily could do but just don't. It's interesting. It's different. It's a reason to actually bother having an extra set of locations. If you just want to have normal encounters where people have the same kinds of things happen to them that could be in any unstable location - I frankly want off the project. If you just want to make some heralds that make the game slghtly harder, you should just do that. -Frank
  10. Personally, the printer I have access to will not do cardboard, so my Enemy Tokens don't feel a bit like Fantasy Flight monster tokens. As such, any monsters printed out would have to go in a different cup. As such, an underground monster cup does not feel like an extra rle to me - there is simply no other choice. What I would like is if it was cards from the set that specified when tokens were drawn rather than have an extra rule to remember. Now as for the impact of heralds and the board on Blights, it's a sticky problem. Probably the best idea is to have all the Blight limits appear on the Herald. So the thing where the Dweller Awakens at the third Blight is on the Dweller herald. The Dweller also should have some kind of rarish method of putting a blight into play. If used with the Underworld board it becomes more dynamic, becase the board lets people remove blights by performing rescue missions, but it also has a lot more means of putting blights into play. If you ignore things you'll get a Blight on about turn 6 and every other turn after that. So combining the herald and the board the stakes get higher. But I think the monsters that show up in the pit need to be special green bordered monsters like Cthonians, not Dunwich Horror analogues. If the hralds show up in the pit then you can't use them without the Underworld board. -Frank
  11. I think that there should be a minimum of 1 or 2 that seals add to. Every so often, Yigg will just wake up in four turns or something stupid and it would be nice to be allowed to use one's clues at all in such an instance. Of course, this rule will basically make the Dust Man unbeatable in final battle (rather than merely very difficult as he currently stands). Which for an Ancient One who is supposed to be on hard mode is I suppose fine. -Frank
  12. The point with the Blights is that it's an already existing mechanic that easily allows the game to represent people from town being kidnapped and tortured in the darkness. By printing out additional blights for this set, we don't need people to have King in Yellow or any special herald to use the Blight Mechanic. Relegating the blights to a herald effect would render the entire purpose of including extra blights or even referencing the blights naught. The most common effect when a tremor hits Arkham should be "Masked cultists kidnap a respected city resident from their home. Increase the Terror level by 1 and place a Blight into play." And then you have the chance to rescue people (that is, remove Blights from play) by having the right encounters in the Nameless Sea or the Temple. Areas which you have to open up by having encounters elsewhere in the darkness first. But yeah, little counters on little tracks are annoying, and I'm not suggesting that we do that. I'm suggesting that having 3 or 4 Blights in play should make things go to hell by itself. If the whole point of kidnapping people is to awaken a foul beast in the pit, there should be some teeth to that. It could be as simple as the third blight and every blight after that comes with a free Monster Surge. Or it could be that the third Blight and every Blight after that spawns a monster in the pit. I don't really know where you're going with the super monster heralds. I'm not even really sold on the idea frankly. I think I'd rather just have a small pile of monster tokens that were separate from the main monsters and were full of bad assery and were spawned directly or indirectly (through Blights) by Tremors in Arkham events. Frankly, any monster tokens we make up for this expansion are gong to be self printed, so they won't feel like the monsters in the rest of the monster cup. We should use that by making it a separate monster cup. If they spawn in the pit and don't move (like Cthonians and Colors Out of Space, not like Dark Young) then it creates that cool mechanic where you have to fight hem in the pit and then get lost in the dark. Heralds should be usable with just the basic game, I don't think that they should tie in with the pit at all. As for the Sheldon Gang one, I agree that it's a pretty minor effect. It's intended to be a mirror of Sheriff Engle, who removes the Deputy cards and reduces the outskirt limit. I think I've gone the last dozen games without anyone becoming the deputy, so I honestly don't care about that aspect of the card. The reduction in outskirt limit is really painful though. And that's the same thing with Kathy Sheldon. The fact that she turns off the Sheldon Gang mechanic is flavor text. The important part is that while the gang is flipping out you lose a huge buffer of outskirts limit and the terror track is in a lot of danger of rising by potentially several points if a Monster Surge breaks out. -Frank
  13. Morgaln said: Strange; I see it just the other way around. I agree that time is a critical factor in AH, but solving Rex's PS costs you a lot of time. You already had those clues and then gave them away, and it will take time to get them back. I just don't understand this assessment. You loan 10 clues away and you get them back eventually. You also get $5 and get rid of the curse. Rex can't effectively seal gates while he is cursed, so he needs to ditch the curse to really get into play. All he has to do is go pick up clues from places with only 1 Clue for three turns and then he can go to the newspaper and cash out. When he does that, he gets a big pile of money and the people already in otherworlds start getting clues. Then Rex becomes a clue hunting non-cursed machine with a giant pile of money. Rex gets clues like no one's business, but he always needs someone to buy him a Bless before he is worth anything. With his personal story, he can buy his own bless in exchange for spreading he clues he gets to other players who aren't cursed. And he gets five dollars. It's a total no brainer. 10 clues just isn't a big cost to someone who starts with 4 and gets an extra Clue every time he finds clues. Get the right encounter and you can easily have enough to cash out on turn 2. The personal story permanently changes Rex from a guy who collects clues until someone else takes a gate trophy to the South Church on his behalf and then becomes awesome and seals two gates to a character who fixes his own darn problems. -Frank
  14. Our game with Patrice was incredibly easy, but Patrice really didn't seem to affect things that much. We started with an Elder Sign and the the big underground tentacle just never really interfered much. I think the Deep One Rising track got up to 2 and we held the Doom track to 5 when we put the last seal on the board. Rex completing his story was at least as big a deal as the fact that Patrice was there. -Frank
  15. I figure at least 12 additional Blights are going to be wanted. Here are some suggestions (sorry, IH is at a friend's house): Harney Jones Whenever an Investigator draws an item, they must make a Luck (+2) check or discard that item.Darke Investigators do not roll to get rid of Curses. A Cursed Investigator may not become Blessed. Joshua Place Do not place clue tokens during the Mythos phase.Ted Covey The first player loses one Sanity each Upkeep.Principal Miles Whenever the Terror level rises by one or more, it rises one more.Nurse Heather After an Investigator pays money to regain Sanity at the Asylum, they lose 1 Sanity.Doctor Mortimore After an Investigator pays money to regain Stamina at St. Mary's Hospital, they lose 1 Sanity.Kathy Sheldon No Investigators may gain Sheldon Gang Membership, nor may they perform crimes with the memberships they have. The Outskirts limit is reduced by 2 (to a minimum of zero).Doctor Harris Whenever an Investigator gains Sanity and Stamina, they must choose to gain the Sanity or the Stamina.Professor Verne During the Mythos phase, the first player must select one Tremor. That Tremor moves on White.-Frank
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