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  1. With Daybreak, the Reckless checks have gotten worse. In the section about combining with Pegasus you a) do not include the Pegasus Treachery cards and b) if a Treachery card comes up in the Reckless check, reveal the top card of the Treachery Deck until you reveal one with a cost of 0. Then trigger the effect on that Treachery card AND the treachery card underneath it. Can get nasty real quick, especially with the new treachery card that makes you add two more Treachery to the Destiny Deck.
  2. I know I'll be following this game's updates. It looks like it could be tons of fun.
  3. dcdennis said: I LoVE that they did so many, just wish they double checked the NE corridor dates. Way to cramped to hit them all like I was planning. A wife can only stomach so much. Ps: I think regionals winners get buys at worlds, not gencon. That's correct. The free entry if for Worlds, not Gen Con. With 42 Thrones, 72 Netrunner, 77 Star Wars LCG and 100 X-wing regionals, could you imagine the cost to FFG for that many admissions? We'd be back to about 12 nationwide. And, yes, I do feel that there are too many regionals. It doesn't seem like a Regional event when there are so many of them out there. However, I am glad to see some many stores willing to host these events. I had thought about putting in for a Thrones and a Netruuner Regional, but decided not to since FFG planned to hold their own at the Event Center and expected more people to travel to their event than to mine. Now that I see that there are two others in MN and multiple ones in both IA and WI I'm glad I didn't, since I doubt I could have gotten enough players to make up for the cost of holding the events.
  4. The Gamers Den in Cambridge, MN, is currently hosting an 8 week Star Wars LCG League. Entry fee is $5 per person. The contents of a Game Night kit will be used for prizes. Players may play a league match against each opponent in the League once each week. Matches consist of two games, with each player playing once as Light and Dark. Players earn a point for each match, plus an additional pint for a win. If the matchr esults in a tie, both players receive 1 point. At the end of each week, the player with the most points wins the week. At the end of the 8 weeks, the player who wins the most weeks earns the Darth Vader prize. The top 8 players, based on total points earned, receive the Red Five card. Other prizes are awarded randomly. For more information, please message me or contact The Gamers Den. Our contact information can be found by following the link in my signature line.
  5. divinityofnumber said: I would personally like to see longer rounds for this game, and also for AGoT. I think that they should be around 120 minutes, and, if a game is particularly intense, let it go on until its conclusion. On the flip side of that, it would be fun to have a separate "speed tournament" using chess timers, and only allowing a few seconds for each game movement/action window. I disagree. Two hours for a single round in a tournament setting is way too long for any game, except Warhammer/40K. I've been playing Game of Thrones for 9 years, have won games in 10 minutes, and people don't want to wait close to two hours for the next round to start. Having a time limit forces players to play faster, and make their decks tighter. If you can't win in 60 minutes (even a dual match, like Netrunner) then you suffer the consequences for not getting a full victory. Playoff rounds are different. There generally is no time limit for these rounds, as the states are (usually) high. But for the swiss rounds there should be a reasonable amount of time, and 60 miutes is more than enough. Back to the original topic, I do think that Star Wars will follow the Netrunner pattern of playing both sides, but that is no guarantee this will be the case. But with two opposing sides that play (slightly) differently, they might throw us for a loop and create a same-side based rule for tournament play.
  6. Nevermind. I found the ruling over at BoardGameGeek. THe answer is yes, for anyone curious. More on Imp can be found at http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/910934/official-answer-about-imp
  7. If I have Imp in play with a virus counter on it, and I access an agenda that I cannot score (for example, it has a Red Herring and I don't have the extra credits), can I use the Imp counter to trash the Agenda? It seems that I should be able to, the way Imp is worded.
  8. Specifically, under the Corp rules for Agendas, "While an agenda is in the Corporation's score area, itis active and adds its agenda points to his score." (p.14) For the runner, "While an agenda is in the Runner's score area, it adds its agenda points to his score." (p.18) Since the agenda is not active for the runner, the extra click ability can not occur.
  9. CrusherJoe said: My local store is pretty competitive with pricing, telling me that they really just want to stay in business because they enjoy it. I like that, and will be picking up as much as I can from them. That said, my core game came used form ebay for a steal. But I'm the patient sort, and pounce only when the time is right. I'm still looking there for Dunwich, since my LGS says they can't get it. FFG just reprinted Dunwich again, so check with your LGS. They should be able to get it now. My distributor listed it this week with their restocks.
  10. Musha Shukou said: Next request for clarification: On page 3 of the FAQ under "Encounters that Close Gates" it says that gates closed as a result of an encounter do not provide the investigator with a gate trophy. But then, on page 22, under "Other World Encounters," where it describes the Yuggoth encounter, it says that you DO take a gate trophy. This seems to be a contradiction. Can somebody please clarify this for me or explain to me what the difference between the 2 is? We're having some debate about this in our playgroup at present, but I tend to feel that it refers mostly to encounters like the Science Building's "Dimensional Beam Machine" and similar encounters. Most of these already state that the gate is not kept as a trophy, but the concensus seems to be that if you are able to close a gate that you are not a) currently at or b) currently in then you cannot keep the trophy unless the affect says otherwise.
  11. The Gamers Den in Cambridge, Minnesota, will be holding our Kessel Run event on Saturday, December 15th. Start time for this event is 2pm. Entry fee is $10 per player. We encourage players to show up at least 15 minutes before the event begins for registration. Players will have to provide a list of their figures in their force (can be done on site). We will provide tracking sheets for each player. Additional information can be received by emailing or calling our venue, or by messaging me. A link to our website (which contains directions and our email/phone number) is located in my signature line. I will also check this thread from time to time. Hope to see some of you at the event!
  12. There are a couple of us who play up in Cambridge at The Gamers Den. It's about 40-50 minutes from Blaine, depending on where you are at. We usually meet on Tuesday nights. There's a link to the website in my signature line. Full disclosure, I also own the store. We might also end up playing 40K or a board game, depending on how many people show (or don't show) for Thrones.
  13. Nerdcore said: That's epic… I almost want it sized up to make a playmat out of it cause it's so awesome. Good call! I was thinking that was Facebook cover-photo material. Great work, and I look forward to seeing more of it!
  14. Being from Minnesota, and having been to the Event Center several times, there are multiple restaurants about 1/4 mile away, just up the road. There is also a nearby shopping mall and district. Two hotels are literally within walking distance, if you enjoy a short walk in Minnesota pre-winter. Plus, there is also a liquor store a few blocks away. And many bars. Hope to see some of you there, though I may have to leave early Friday night. My wife and I own a game store about an hour north of the Event Center, and if things are busy that night I'll have to drop from the event. But I still want to play.
  15. Toqtamish said: Video where Lucas explains his decision and talks about future movies. It should have zero effect on current license rights as they are likely contracted for a set period of time like any other license. Pretty much. For as long as the current license lasts, we'll have the LCG and X-Wing and the RPG. It should be at least three more years (and likely 4, since I doubt they signed a four instead of 5 year agreement). There may also be some legal terminology that grants them extensions or automatic renewal, or first right at refusal if Lucasfilm/Disney increases the cost of the license. Time will tell.
  16. I have used Chum several times to great effect. It works best when the runner feels they can bust the second piece of ice. In a game I played last weekend, my starting hand had two Chums and two Neural Katanas. My actions the first two rounds were the same: install NK, install Chum, gain a credit (turn one on R&D, turn two on Archives, as I was playing against Noise). Sure enough, turn two he made a run on R&D. I rezzed Chum. He figured the second card was Data Mine. It was devilishly fun to win that fast. I will agree that later in the game it can be less useful, but I see no reason not to use this ice at present. When it works, it works great.
  17. I'm tempted. I have two friends that have pretty much decided to attend, especially now that they've announced the playmat for participants. That's the big draw for me as well, since I'd have to actually drop from the tournament as a) I have commitments at our game store that night and b) even if I made finals, there is no way I could get time off from the Post Office that Saturday. The way I see it, this year is likely going to have the smallest field for the Netrunner worlds, since the game is so new, thus the odds of winning have to be better for anyone who plays.
  18. This Saturday at 5pm I'm hosting another tournament at The Gamers Den. It will be $5 entry, everyone who attends will receive the new House cards from the Fall League Kit, and prizes for the top 2 will be the new playmat and the Targaryen Power Counter set (One prize per player, best record gets to choose the prize) as well as a second set of counters for the last place player (The Sansa Stark prize). If we get 10+ people I will also award counters to 3rd and 4th place. If 8 or less people, it will be straight swiss rounds, 9+ will have a playoff.
  19. Every Tuesday night from 5pm-close The Gamers Den in Cambridge, MN will be having open play for A:N. This is our weekly LCG night, so some of the players might also be playing other LCGs, most specifically A Game of Thrones, but there is still a strong chance (especially now) that we'll play Netrunner fairly often. I also intend to hold a tournament sometime before the World Championship Weekend, since we're close enough to the FFG Events Center that we can make the event without all the logisitical problems people from out of state have to face. I'm also willing to host a demo of the game most nights (it all depends on my workload and if I've already committed to a different game that evening or not). However, since I want to grow this game because I enjoy playing it so much, there is a good chance I'll change my plans to help you out.
  20. I'm going to bet this is a one-shot item. Usually, Beginner Boxes are an intro to the game for people who are hesitant to spend the Big Bucks on the core book. It seems to me that the full game will likely be similar in packaging and price to WFRP, which is $100. The BG lets players try out the game before investing the larger sum in a game they might not enjoy. Now, I think that $30 is a bit high for an intro product ($20-$25 seems more reasonable), but the set of custom dice takes up a big portion of that cost,
  21. Here's a related question. Mediuim doesn't refer to these as "hosted" virus counter. The Corporations ability to Purge Virus Counters specifically states "removes all virus counters HOSTED on cards" (emphasis theirs). Would that mean this ability does not work on Medium, or would any virus counters automatically be considered Hosted, even if the card does not use the term Host?
  22. Two friends and I got our cards last night. Of course, being the game store owner doesn't hurt in my wanting to get these on my shelf as soon as possible so we can play.
  23. To be honest, as a game store owner I an on the fence about getting this product. I've been playing A Game of Thrones since 2005, embraced the LCG model and have kept up a strong community here in my store. I would much rather push a customer towards the original LCG than this product, as they will have a ready community to play the game. However, the plus side of Game of Thrones is that it is self contained, only requires one other person, and doesn't have dozens of additional product that will intimidate your non-traditional gamer. But I know that the existing AGOT community will only buy this IF they want cards with photos on them, since the cards will not be LCG legal. And I really question of the wisdom of that choice. They could have just reprinted existing cards with these photos and I could have sold many, many more copies.
  24. Sad to hear you say that. I had a similar attitude when I first started to play FFG's Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, but after playing with the dice I really got into the flavor of what they offered to the game. Sure, the same effect can be generated with regular dice, but there was something wild about rolling "boons" along with my hammers to see how much damage I was doing in combat, or my success rate at "persuading" npcs to do what I ask. From what I understand, these are the same dice used for X-Wing, so one set per playgroup should work out fine. Hopefully the dice add to the game, and I have faith that they will, based on my experience with WHRP.
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