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  1. When is Android 2nd Edition happening? Do you plan a replacement for Netrunner, possibly using a model more similar to KeyForge?
  2. If you mean XCOM, the base game was only released in 2015 and the expansion in December 2016, so only about 2 years.
  3. Imperial Assault is not a digital game. The app was only added much, much later as a supplement.
  4. AH3 seems (from surface impressions) to scale better than the other games, mostly because the Mythos phase has been altered so that the number of Mythos events that trigger is directly proportional to the number of players.
  5. I'm guessing the game possibly arrived earlier than expected (it did seem like a shorter than average time between "On the Boat" and "Shipping Now"), so they decided to postpone the final preview until release day, along with the rulebook.
  6. The real unstoppable timer in EH is the Mythos deck.
  7. Also, someone took photos of the Learn to Play guide at GenCon and posted them on the internet somewhere, so the rules are basically known.
  8. Scenario-based: AH2 was also scenario-based; it's just that the scenarios were extremely weak. Character death: What's the problem with this? It's not the same as player elimination. Skill sliders: The concept of focus still exists, it's just implemented a little differently. Mythos tokens: Text effects for Mythos events still exist in AH3. If you were that concerned about these potential changes, the smallest amount of research would have shown you that most of your concerns lack any basis.
  9. I'm not racist, but... I didn't vote for Brexit, but...
  10. I'm sure one of the scenarios (maybe in an expansion) will allow you to do this.
  11. These cards all have different backs, and so cards are typically taken from the bottom of this deck.
  12. With the loss of the GW licence, I think it's inevitable that FFG will start to re-theme all of their licensed games to other properties. Chaos in the Old World, for example, seems like a natural fit for the Cthulhu mythos (though then it would be even more similar to Cthulhu Wars than it already is, but hey-ho). It occurred to me the other day that the best fit for BB:TM would probably be Game of Thrones. Each matchup would be a scheme that the players are trying to achieve, with the ball representing the back-and-forth struggle for dominance on each scheme. Thoughts?
  13. This is how I would do it: I would borrow some ideas from Star Wars: Rebellion. I would combine the concept of both "leaders" and "activation tokens" so that leaders are what you activate your systems with. I would possibly also combine the concepts of the Strategy cards, Political cards and Action cards into a single card type and use them in a similar way to how missions are in Rebellion: you either activate a system with one of your leaders to move ships there, or you activate a system to attempt a mission (one of these cards) in that system, with each leader having specialisations in different areas (military, trade, politics, etc). Opposing players can send their leaders to try to oppose your missions. I would try to find some way to make combat faster and allow more players to participate during it. Maybe players in adjacent systems can "support" one side or the other in some way...? I would also offload all special abilities from the different units and move these on to technologies instead. Having to explain all the different unit abilities to new players is probably the biggest roadblock of getting this to the table with new groups. I also agree about streamlining how tech works, with no classic "tech tree". I would also make the tech names easier to parse so it's more obvious what they do without having to read all of the text! Maybe even combine techs with the "missions" idea above and just make them another type of mission you have to complete. Also agree with somehow removing the planet cards. Maybe also combined with my idea for mission cards above, at the end of each round each planet lets you draw a certain type of mission card, or something like that...?
  14. Wait - is this thread about Fury of Dracula or Runebound?
  15. That didn't work out so well for the base game, though I imagine a lot of the kinks have been ironed out of the app development process after their experience the first time around, so they might be able to hit an earlier target. Does anyone have any information about the production status of most GenCon announced games? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/
  16. I would imagine that most games announced at GenCon should be available before Christmas.
  17. They do also still design original games as well, you know.
  18. Funny thing - I own a number of board games that use apps, and not one of them has expired yet. Let me know when you find one.
  19. Err... They wouldn't really be *playing* the game, though, would they? I mean, it's fine if someone doesn't mind just being the narrator (as I have done in the past), but it's a far stretch to say that they're playing *as* the keeper.
  20. Or you could just not worry and get at least 10 years' worth of gameplay out of a great game.
  21. I'm sure all of these locations are coming. MoM is a game that is heavily dependant on theme, and so it makes sense to focus each box on one theme at a time. If they tried to focus on multiple locations at one time, it would mean the theme of each would be spread too thinly among the number of possible components in the box.
  22. The more relevant part is that when an investigator gains a spell, he gains a random copy of that spell. So it is irrelevant where you return it to.
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