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  1. Toolian

    Game Night Kit

    Ming31 said: With wave two listed as Dec 23rd. they miss most of the Christmas / holiday sales . This appears to be something to keep the game in the front of people's minds . until wave two . While not overly excited with the premiums . I hope it will bring people to the store and build a solid play base . Got a new y wing for my birthday ( Orange one) and I need people to fly a pair of y's against . or are they planning on people to spend their xmas cash on wave 2 or money from returns. genius!
  2. Toolian

    Game Night Kit

    in regards to mini gamers being "moochers" from my experience with gamers with the 25+ gamers in my area and a number of mini wargaming forums, gamers are far from being moochers, most of the gamers around here will spend 3 to 4 grand on table top games a year, majority of it thanks to GW's high prices. very common to find many gamers online do the same.
  3. Toolian

    Game Night Kit

    Really wish FFG had better access to league kits. Their terms of getting a a game night kit are as out dated as get X amount of proof of purchases and getting a crappy toy. Corvus Belli tournament kits can be purchased by anyone, person or store, no need to have an account. Privateer press catered to anyone willing to put time and effort into running tournaments, at game shops or Universities. Had an easier time getting league kits from a complete fail of a company from Wizards of the Coast.
  4. Anyone have an idea when they are expected to be back in shops from the reprint?
  5. Jungle Camo! Ready to fight in the pacific.
  6. Toolian

    Chicago Fire

    Lska said: Did you made the fire is it's just some photo shop effect? And who's flag is that? Fire is made from steel wool. I put a rare earth magnet into the steel wool and a piece a steel wire (xmas ornament hook) into the barrel, so you just pop it on. The flag? That is the flag of of Chicaco, which one of the star's 6 points represents the Great Chicago Fire.
  7. Toolian

    Chicago Fire

    mgentile7 said: Isn't that the name of the Chicago soccer team? haha just kidding very nice project. Chicago fire is a name of a fut bol team, however the name does not derive from the fut bol team, but they both come from the same history. The Great Chicago fire. javascript:void(0);/*1329121494019*/
  8. Toolian

    Chicago Fire

    Comments criticisms welcome. WTF is up with image posting on FFG? what is wrong with traditional forum tags [/img]
  9. Page 16 of the Tannhauser Rule Book "Unlike walls however, the doors drawn in on the map do not affect or indicate circle adjacency. " The true way of knowing if the circles are adjacent is by looking at the map key. Doors have no baring on the ability.
  10. Nope, page 25, the target of a counter attack MUST be the original attacker. Since a Voivode is not the attacker (ie not the one rolling the dice) it is not the original attacker. Zor'ka is god..... des.
  11. I'm glad to see much of the art has been saved from the ToY site. Thank you for your work. I would like to make a compilation thread over at Tannbunker as a safe keep for future use.
  12. Toolian

    Dear FFG

    Give us German Zombies (remember they are not Nazi Zombies ) Man does it feel good to play Tannhauser once agin. Been almost a whole Year. Last time I played was Xmas day 2010! So... Where is Doc Savage? Littlewars, Miah, Malichi, and the orignal guys who were around the slowest and darkest days of the Tannhauser growing pains?
  13. Nope. Disagreement does not mean you have upset someone. Don't flatter yourself. Maybe annoyed. Yes, annoyed would be a more of fitting.
  14. I just dipped my in hot water. Tea pot on the stove. Dip, flex, dip in ice water. May need to repeat 2 - 4 times depending on how severe the plastic has been deformed.
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