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  1. I'm feeling a bit stupid: Do the plot cards still provide gold?
  2. I do not think that it will work as you are too dependent on two locations. You need both starfall and the southron vessel (preferably more). As long as you do not have them in play you are dependent on reducers. However, you want you influence for westero's bleeds... I think it is too slow and you do not get a real benefit from the agenda like this.
  3. Beric is not invincible! One Nightmare or Milk of the Poppy and he can be killed! That's why you want to put more Berics in it. I do not like plot cards which give you and your opponent an advantage. What's the big advantage of Devious Intentions? Stealth? Force bonus for Power? It's nice but not exceptional good. Attachments are at the moment to easy to discard/blank.
  4. Here's my Martell Brotherhood deck with which I participated at this year's Stahleck joust tournament (Thanks to Jekothalep for some help with the deck). The deck was constructed 3 days before Stahleck, hence I could not test the deck (which was not really necessary). The goal of the deck is simple: get the Red Viper and Beric on the table (and some Taste for Blood) At the end I made the 35th place. I had no major problems with the deck, but I made some rather bad decisions in some games... Martell Housecard The Brotherhood Without Banners Plots: Fury of the Sun Valar Morghulis A Song of Summer Power of Blood Attack From the Sea Fear of Winter Let my Porridge Fly Characters: 26 3 x Orphan of the Greenblood 3 x Refugee of the Citadel 2 x Herald of the Sun 3 x Flea Bottom Scavenger 2 x Maester of Lemonwood 1 x Tom Sevenstrings 1 x Thoros of Myr 1 x Arianne Martell 1 x Ellaria Sand 1 x Ser Arys Oakheart 1 x Varys 2 x Edric Dayne 3 x Beric Dondarrion 2 x The Red Viper Locations: 12 1 x Lord Doran's Chambers 3 x Summer Sea 3 x Water Garden 2 x Palace Fountains 1 x Shadowblack Lane 2 x Lost Oasis Attachments: 10 3 x Venomous Blade 3 x Taste For Blood 2 x Bodyguard 2 x Milk of the Poppy Events: 12 2 x Condemned by the Council 2 x Ill Tidings 2 x A Game of Cyvasse 3 x He Calls It Thinking 3 x Burning on the Sand
  5. Shindulus said: That's not really a rule question but I wanted to get some feeling about combos between Iseara + units with self sacrifice ability. Why do you post then here? I think it is a viable tactic. You need a lot of resources and the proper cards in your hand. One small Holy Zealot and Iseara is history. I never played ageinst it (maybe on Stahleck) but in my opinion it is not broken or imba. Who would have thougt that Orcs could play a control deck
  6. RTFM The only way you can send a unit on a quest is by playing it from your hand!
  7. Forced: After a unit enters this zone, The Greatswords gains "1 Power" until the end of the turn. Every unit (including the Greatswords when it is played) which enters the zone where the Greatswords (if they are already in play) are will trigger the effect. Example: You have the Greatswords in the battlefield. If you play another unit Greatswords in the battlefield then both of them will gain 1 Power. If you play another unit then both Greatswords gain 1 Power. One trick is to jump with the Pistoliers from one zone to the Greatsword zone back and forth.
  8. Ahh so it needs an errata not a clarification. I do not think that your request will be fulfilled
  9. What is your problem with the Greatswords? I think the FAQ is the most recent clarification (and the official!).
  10. Forgive me my ignorance, but what is the problem with the War Hydra?
  11. I do not think that this will be errata'd as there is no real benefit from doing it. Most heroes are interesting because of their abilities and not because of their stats. In my opinion it works like it was intended to do.
  12. The limitation is not part of the trait! Therefor, if you use the Witch Hag's course you will keep the trait hero but not the limitation as the limitation is NOT part of the trait. Traits have NEVER a specific function (see other LCGs). For reference see the rules page 7 "Card Anatomy Key": Traits: "Special designators that have no rules, but may be affected by other cards in play. Examples include Warrior, Hero, Spell, and Building". Therefor you can have two heroes in the same zone when both do not have the limitation anymore. The FAQ explains just the limitation.
  13. The requirement for the action is that the Descendant of Indraughnir attacks. It does not say "at the start of the attack" or "if this unit is declared as an attacker" or something similar. Therefor you should be able to use the action when you want, as long as the Descendant attacks.
  14. I agree. FFG needs to create comprehensive rules like in other card games. This counts for every LCG.
  15. From the FAQ: In order to successfully trigger a card effect, the player must declare that he is activating the card, declare targets, then pay any additional costs denoted on the card. If a player cannot fulfill any requirements to trigger a card effect, he cannot attempt to trigger it. The player must fulfil the requirements (i.e. sacrifice the lobber crew) to be able to trigger the effect. It's not really a cost but a requirement (I think the example leads to false conclusions because of the poor wording). As long as the requirement is not fulfilled you can not trigger the effect and hence the opponent can not respond.
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