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  1. Locque said: It's rare that someone with an actual professional level of talent posts their work. Great to see, and really fascinating. It's a little sad that they're all in the 80's 90's style that GW was favouring back then. To me, it says you haven't been keeping up your efforts, which is a shame. It'd be nothing less than magnificent if some of your artwork was to feature in, and help shape the world of, Dark heresy or Rogue Trader. Firstly he is after all luddite, secondly I personally prefer the 'old' style of art (or in this case Luddite's) to the vast majority of art currently finding its way into many GW and current WFRP and DH lines. I especially hate whoever the main WFRP artist is (not as a person mind you -- but the art.) Hardy thumbs up to Luddite.
  2. I got no points from buying from the FFG online store, so can affirm that is not a means of gaining points.
  3. I've also been getting this great one too: Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0113' Script timed out /edge_foros_temas.asp The maximum amount of time for a script to execute was exceeded. You can change this limit by specifying a new value for the property Server.ScriptTimeout or by changing the value in the IIS administration tools.
  4. I don't think the folks from Edge read these forums, or if so are too busy or otherwise engaged to address any of our concerns or issues. ANd I've found as time progresses it seems this site gets worse and worse or weirder and weirder. I can no longer see any text below the reply box the famous: Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d' Type mismatch: '[string: "1/"]' /edge_asp/edge_funciones.asp, line 256 Appears in its place. Yeah for the 'New Forums' However the user end content has still been quite high end, so I have no complaints on that regard.
  5. Peacekeeper_b said: You will not regret getting a copy of it. It provides good information on the background of the Calixis Sector, the alternate career ranks make the career path system almost work for me, the 4 new origins provide a nice diversity. I do think its gun heavy, but most of the equipment adds a little more info into the setting as well as giving stats. I dont really care for the Sisters, I think they could have just been done as alternate career paths for cleric, and Im sure I will catch flack for that. No flak from me here, nothing but agreement. I think many aspect of the sytem could be handled as such but I think you nailed it in your review the SoB were/are basically fanservice.
  6. It is a Ten Sided die with the numbers 1-5 listed on the faces twice each. I have a d3 which is a d6 with 1-3 on each face twice. Although I'm pretty sure you already know that...
  7. In that case I'll likely submidt expanded versions of my entries which currently have notes on using said gribblies in your games, plt hooks, and coicedently enough groups, cults and orginisations that traffic with said creatures. There's alos the Xenos that was to feature in my FFG Scenario ENtry which I never had time to satisfactorly complete so I'll like submidt that one as well. Is the new deadline end 24th, 31st?
  8. Wu Ming


    No problem, I've got a player who made a Catachan Guardsman as well. Hope that thread helps, maybe you can add to it as well.
  9. You may also want to look here: Dark Heresy - Plot Hook.net
  10. Wu Ming


    YOu might want to take a look here: Specific World of Orgins.
  11. Snidesworth said: I've foolishly passed over this thread for a few days, unaware of what was contained within. This is most interesting and awesome, and I'm looking forward to seeing the project progress. Likewise. Only I though this thread was about rules for actually Binding (as in confining, restricting or otherwise compelling) Dark Gods (as in Nurgle, Khorne ect.) thus I simply ignored it for a good while. Don't I feel foolish.
  12. The Calixis Planest are back up. You can find the information regarding them here. And the actual Sector Page here. Although be warned it isn't yet back to its BI glory days status, that may though be due to a change in how the content is to be handled 'officially' (just a speculation not really based on anything concrete.)
  13. Kage2020 said: Since I'm biased by the imagery of the "blaster" being the true "lasgun," I'm less concerned with silencing the weapon and more concerned with covering up where the bloomin' streak of light is coming from... Kage I don't mind a coherant beam, or a 'cutter'. Mr. Watson (Ian not Ross) often used soild beam Las weapons which always lead me to envison them quite diffrent than the Lucaian Pistols made 'futuristic' (despite being ancient tech -- Dark Age I guesse) by calling them 'Blasters' and having them shoot 'light'. (And yes I am aware there are entire treatises dealing with the function of sabers, balster et al. I'm just being cheeky.) In facte I only think that Las weapons should or would be visble IF they had the copabiliity to be used / fire as a sonstant unbroken beam which could, burn, cut, maime or damage anyhwere along its transveres as Jaq and his Acolytes had done on a few occasions and as has been used in other of Watsons's 40K pieces. Other wise there would be no need to make them visble, as to my understanding they are not usualy so.
  14. I belive tehre is one, which in fact, has many of the planet images and data from the original BI site.
  15. As it stands currently though, with the RAW the standard list of weapons is rather unballanced as it is always more advantagous, sfrom a munchkin POV, to use SP over Las weapons, better upgrades, better base stats, better ammo loadouts and options.
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