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    graver2 got a reaction from Marcus102 in Gun bunny problems   
    Tell him that he can carry it all only if he can make a suitable diagram of where he carries it all.  If he can make a convincing diagram, then I reckon he's within his rights to do such barring encomberance. 
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    graver2 got a reaction from ColArana in Abhuman stats ??   
    There's no player stats, no. However, you'll find stats on an NPC Ogryn in Disciples of the Dark Gods. Squats were purged by Games Workshop and, as such, shall never have official stats and Beastmen are no longer Abhumans, they are Chaos Mutants and, as such, no longer serve in the Imperial Guard... they're shot by the guard now.
    However, there's a fan made supplement floating about somewhere written up by Peacekeeper_b (unless I'm getting my folks mixed up) with rules for playing abhumans. Unfortunately, i can not at the moment recall his web address. Hopefully someone else out there will.
    Sorry I can't be of more help.
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    graver2 got a reaction from SirRunOn in The definitive Haarlock's Legacy speculation [AND SPOILER!] thread   
    The Laughing God said:
    @Cheezy: from where did you get the complete text of the 'letter'? 

    I recognize the text, I read it in one of the books but for the life of me I can't find the passage again. However,, and I may be remembering things wrong, I think it comes form an Inquisitor accused of heresy and not from a Haarlock.
    The Laughing God said:
    3) what is the relationship between 'the first and the last' of their line, Solomon and Erasmus Haarlock?

    I love the ideas you've come up with so far and am co-opting them into my universe. This, however, is a bit problematic as Solomon wasn't the first Haarlock. That honor belongs to... um, some distant, unnamed, and more then likely forgotten individual from the deep deep past. However, the first Haarlock to hold the Haarlock Warrant and thus found the Haarlock Dynasty wasn't Solomon -it was Mordercia in 395.M36. Solomon didn't hit the scene until about 300 years after the granting of the Haarlock Warrant, though he was close to the beginning. However, Solomon was the first to discover the Caylix Expanse, so...
    It was also mentioned in anouther thread that the whole first and last thing could be a play on the Lovecraft story, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, which i rather like. After all, what if Mordercia, for all his piety in helping Thor in the apostate war fell in with sorcery and found a way to possess his descendants, corrupting Solomon and so forth down the line? Of course, the first and last could just be referring to those that matter to the Calixis sector which i reckon would begin with Solomon, though i'll be introducing the Dextar Ward situation to some degree into my universe.
    The Laughing God said:
    4) what is the significance of the golden spider heraldry on p36 of Damned Cities, which is coupled to the black sun emblem? why the spiders, suddenly?

    The spider first appeared, if i recall, in Tattered Fates. I don't own the book, but anouther forumite pointed out the spider to me when i was looking for information on the Haarlock heraldry. Apparently, there is a painting that the players can discover in Tattered Fates that depicts a void ship destroying or leaving a destroyed world (Tanis?) with a golden spider on it's prow marking it as a Haarlock vessel. Then there's the spider brides...
    The spider being a part of the Haarlock heraldry and a symbol seems to fit well. After all, it was well established in House of Dust and Ash that the Haarlocks are rather renowned plotters and crazy over-the-top trap makers, like spiders waiting for flies to become ensnared in their web. Oh the webs they weave and all that.
    The Laughing God said:
    5) is the Gilded Widow in House of Dust And Ash a representation of Haarlock's daughter? On p219 of Disciples of the Dark Gods she seems to say as much.

    That's the theory I'm working under. If the theories of Erasmus trying to find a way to bring his immediate family back to life, he might have devised methods to house or trap their souls until he could "fix" things... I wonder as to his wife now... Though it dose raise an odd question. If the Gilded Widow is his daughter, to whom is she a widow and what of their fate? After all, for Erasmus to entrap his daughter in an oracular device and then have it called or made to look like a widow would seem to suggest that her being married to a now dead man is a major part of how he sees her and, thus, is of some import.
    The Laughing God said:
    7) what do we make of the prophecy issued by the Gilded Widow in House of Dust And Ash (p219): "The black sun burns and he comes, riding its wake (...). At its passing the eye shall be snuffed out, the carrion lords thrown down, and the hungering ones torn from the outer dark.'
    Tyrant star? Eye of Terror? And the carrion lord is the Emperor ???

    Like all prophesies, it's so damned vague it could mean anything (and thus, never be wrong XD ). How I read it is:
    The eye is the Eye of Terror thus signifying the Black sun is something from beyond the warp which even the powers of the warp are incapable of stopping and will eventually succumb to. Alternately, the eye being snuffed out could be an allusion to the Black Sun's black light inferring that it will make all men blind at it's coming, unable to see (and thus unable to reason or unable to reason and thus, unable to "see") and plunge all into pure and perfect blind darkness. This seems to be thematic with the Haarlocks. After all, look at the Children of the Kingdom. They are blind things that come from purist feted darkness. Why did Haarlock chose to call them the Children of the Kingdom? Perhaps they are those who languish in the Kingdom of the Black Sun ruled by a king in rags and tatters? (had to throw him in ;-) )  Perhaps they are those who will inherit all the worlds of the calixis sector when the sun breaks through, perhaps they are what men shall become under it's light, strange bestial, regressed worm like things crawling in the dark. If Erasmus ever found a way to travel through time, then he already has, and if he already has, then perhaps they are what mankind will become under the Tyrant Stars baleful light plucked from a black future. After all, in House of Dust and Ash, they seemed to come from nowhere -it Erasmus figured out how to travel through time, perhaps that nowhere they suddenly came from is a nowhere in the future when man's eyes have been snuffed out and black light covers all his domain, the true inheritors and children of the Kingdom of Man. That's all just a random thought I had as i was writing this... though I think I like some of it.
    As for Carrion Lords (it's plural), I read as not the Emperor (sigular) but as an allusion to the Necrons or possibly the Slought. Both have the whole lords of death thing going on. This might be an indicator that the Star is not of C'tan origin or is some-how anathema to them. After all, when it appears, there seems to be a good bit of warp disturbance, heightened psyker birth, etc showing it to be closely related to or having an effect on the warp breading an impassioned madness as opposed to the cold madness that the C'tan and their pawns tend to bring out in people. If we go with the eye of terror and Necron thought line, perhaps those two parts of the prophesy are illustrating that the Tyrant Star is neither beholden to the Warp and is something beyond it as well as it not being of Necron or C'tan manufacture and will be their doom as well.
    Tearing the Hungering Ones from Outer Dark seems to be a reference to the Tyrranids. They come from outside the galaxy (the outer dark) and they eat a lot (hungering ones). What it means by tearing them from the outer dark, I don't know, but if they're torn from something, they must be placed somewhere else. If they're torn from the outer dark, what's left for them but here? There are lictors mentioned in CA, apocalyptic mumblings about them starting to appear in calixis and what they could mean, Inquisitors from the Ultemar sector turning briefly to look to the Calixis, etc. Perhaps the Tyrant Star has it's origins with the Tyranids? The names are so damned similar, perhaps it shall bring them or something close to them to the calixis sector... though what this has to do with Haarlock, i have no clue. That's just how that part of that prophesy seems to want to spell things out, at least in my reading of it, though, to be honest, I'm not too keen on the Tyrant Star having a Tyranid connection... it lacks the gothic horror vibe that everything else about it has.
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    graver2 got a reaction from Green Knight in The definitive Haarlock's Legacy speculation [AND SPOILER!] thread   
    [This is a bloody quote from one post up from the Laughing God]
    Perhaps Erasmus Haarlock slaughtered her husband as well? Or perhaps she is the daughter of someone or something else? The monstrous entity in Tattered Fates was known as the Widower, which seems to suggest 'widows' is a theme in the Legacy too.
    [here in ends the quote from one post up]
    Well, if she is indeed Erasmus' daughter, then she wouldn't be a widow by his hand as, supposedly, it was his wife and daughter's death at the hands of warp terrors summoned up by Mathiras Haarlock that lit a fire under Erasmus' arse, sent out to the halo stars to return ten years latter and commence the slaughter of the Haarlocks.
    The two big defining traits of the Gilded Widow (besides being some form of warp being that is entrapped in a mechanical body who has prophetic powers) is the fact that she's named a Widow and that her father imprisoned her in that mechanical body. If she was/is indeed the daughter of Erasmus, the one that died in Mithiras' attack, then it would be Erasmus that placed her soul in the mechanical body and, if that is the case, why call her or play up her being a widow above that of a daughter. After all, the central defining trait of a daughter to her father is the fact that she is his daughter, more so then someones wife, mother, etc For most fathers, first and fore-most, she is his daughter and always will be. As Daughter and Widow are two traits which seem important to who/what the Gilded Widow was/is, figuring out the whys and hows of those two roles, i feel, would answer a lot in regards to the Haarlock mystery.
    Of course, the name might be a call back to the spider theme (black widow) as well as just a call out to the theme of familial death (like the widower... a direct calling to Erasmus' tragedy?) or, heaven forbid, a throw-away name because the author thought it sounded cool. It's probably the latter and we're putting way too much thought into this, but, dang-it, if you're going to name an NPC or creation in a story an odd and evocative name, then there should be a reason for it because you bet the audience is going to try to make sens of it...
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