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  1. H2SO4 said: Why would there be a specific need to kill troopers who've seen a daemon? After all, those who've seen a daemon can be generally categorized into: -Dead (killed by daemon, or executed for cowardice) -Heroes (those who survived fighting the creature) And the latter category tends to be quite small... and of interest to the inquisition. I think those who survived a match against a daemon would be of interest to the =][=, as proven capable of taking on the worst of enemies. So, my take on this would be: Those who ran away -> get dealt with by the comissars, those who fought and survived -> get taken in by the ordos as agents / operatives / acolytes / quality cannonfodder. You forgot the third category: -Hero Imposters who survived contact because they were infected by the thought seeds or made a pact with the deamon in question in order to infiltrate the Imperium and create an even larger incursion at a latter date Just As Planed by You Know Who...
  2. Short answer: Yes. Knee-jerk answer: It depends on the planet. Slightly longer answer: Not only dose it depend on the planet, it could depend on the community, the local priests, the bishop of the planet and what order/sect within the ecclesearchy he belongs to, the cardinal of that chunk of space, their sect and beliefs, the political situation that the cardinal is embroiled in, the political situation the bishop is stuck in, the political situation that has rolled down hill to the priests, whether anyone above the ranking of "priest" even knows about this, who the planetary governor is, what his son is up to, and even more things that are just not worth mentioning. The short answer is really a lot better then the slightly longer one really.
  3. H.B.M.C. said: whiplash308 said: @H.B.M.C: Well soooooooorryyyyyy boss, I wasn't aware there was a stat line for it. No need to be a **** about it. I was trying to help you nutcase. Jesus... ... I think it was the "BYE" you always put at the end of your posts. Before you explained it a while back and before I had seen a lot of your posts, your ending tag always seemed, for me at least, to give them an aggressively condescending tone no matter what you actually said in them. It's easy to assign the wrong tone to another's posts based on weird little things like that. Of course, that is also a good reason why its always best to give any post, no matter how rude sounding, the benefit of the doubt (never mind the various language and cultural differences of the various posters of these and most other boards). Edit: and looking back at it, he could have taken tyhe "BYE" to be your asertion that you had given the finnal ultimate word on his topic and he should go away now. Damned if it isn't easy to read all kinds of tones and meanings into one sentance and an added word...
  4. Your players have already given you the answer. If they think the NPC is too much, then it is. Either they are fealiing like they are the supporting cast to an Author Insert character (not a good thing for players to feel) or their ideas about the universe and what they wanted to get out of the game is not being delivered. Either way, if they all say you need to dial him back, dial him back.
  5. Fate Points are the PCs safty-net. If you want to insure the PCs stay alive, make sure they always have aty least one. Perhaps let them start with maximum Fate Points just to be sure they have at least 2-3 to burn. When they do burn one to stay alive, make sure it keeps them alive for the remiander of the encounter and not just the first bullit from the Full Auto burst.
  6. Cobramax76 said: The Adeptas Soriritas would NOT accept an untouchable character into their ranks for the exact reason of her pariah nature when it comes to disrupting the other sisters faith abilities as well as any psy abilities they might have/gain/use. They would have found out about it well BEFORE she was ever of age to join the sisterhood. If anything the Assasinorium wouldve picked her up for training at such a young age because of her untouchable status. As for being unaware of the status..thats not viable either. Anyone with that trait wouldve grown up shunned for the most part with few friends due to their repulsive unnatural presence ( or lack thereof ) And unfortunately you cannot gain untouchable trait after the fact either since it is described as either a result of the latent Pariah genome ( put there by the Ctan Eons ago ) or some freak of nature that makes you effectively considered "souless"......Sorry but if you have no soul you cannot have true faith and as stated in the IHB you cannot use or take any faith based talents...Therefore you are effectively barred from active service with the Sisterhood It kind of feels like you're getting game mechanics mixed up with game nutritive here. How would the Sororitas tell if a particular novice has purchased the True Faith ability or not? They measure faith in deeds and actions, not whether miracles regularly happen around said sister or not. In fact, barring the picture the game rules seem to paint, miracles rarely if ever happen around an individual sister. When they do, it is an important and momentous thing complete with, what I imagine, a lot of investigation to validate what had occurred just to make sure something hinky didn't happen to put a witch in their midst. Having the True Faith talent is likewise not a requirement of being in the sisterhood, just chased piety and a zealous devotion to the God-Emperor and the sisterhood. An untouchable in the sororitas is probably just in for a life of chastisement, penance and punishment for perceived but never named sins and impurities before she gets shuttled off to some dark and mostly forgotten convent to preform dreary duties analogous with peeling potatoes for the sisterhood for the rest of her life. The sisters don't have any psy abilities (whether the whole True Faith is or is not is debatable but in-game, having copious faith and the Emperor's favour is not seen as such). They burn people for having that when they can and when they must, they'll at least guard others from them on the Black Ships.
  7. The exacts of the stories, of course, won't fit the 40k universe, but a LOT of their mood and ides fit rather well. They are based around a desire to escape, a longing for something far beyond known reality. It almost mirrors Erasmus' mad quest. The key opened the gates of Randolph Carter's dreams, and the realms beyond time, though the key, from what I remember, was almost metaphorical. It's been a long time since I've read those stories, though I reckon this would be a good time to refresh my memory.
  8. The Laughing God said: Is Haydes locks the same as Hyades locks? I am pretty sure that in the Dark Heresy material they refer to Hyades locks. Do you know some more about these keys and portals/gates in the Lovecraft story? what did the silver key unlock and what were those dreamlands? If the Haarlock storyline was inspired by the Lovecraft mythos, we might glean some more clues here. Balls! Dyslexia strikes again. It's Hyades in both DH and in the Hasur/Cthuluh Mythos (as well as the damned star cluster). Sorry for the confusion. Though the Lock part of Hyades Lock only, to my knowledge, exists in DH. But how much the various writes love to barrow from the Mythos, the fact that the Hyades Locks were named such can't be a coincidence ;-) As for the Silver Key, you can read it HERE and Through the Gates of the Silver Key HERE. The final story in the series, Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath is not in the public domain but can easily be tracked down. I think the last Book to have it was The Dream Cycle of H.P. Lovecraft.
  9. The Laughing God said: Hey Bojan, That little secret has been addressed earlier up in this thread, so it isn't a new discovery to many of us, but indeed it's a tantalizing hint isn't it! I am still in the process of working this all out into an over-arcing Haarlock storyline tied in with some big dramatic sector-wide legends and prophecies. So far I have not come up with a good explanation for the Hyades locks .. there was also something, I recall, about 'show me the portals of sleep', I believe that was written on the key the PCS can acquire during the auction in House of Dust and Ash. I guess the portals of sleep are the Hyades locks ... 'through which all shall pas to endless sleep'... You might find some inspiration if you go to the source of the key and the locks. Both were definitely inspired by the Cthuluh Mythose. The silver key is definitely a riff on "The Silver Key" fallowed by "Through the Gates of the Silver Key" both by H.P. Lovecraft which deal with the alternate existence of the dreamlands. The Haydes Locks sound as if they are taken from the Hastur Mythos. In the original King in Yellow (who most probably is the inspiration for the enigmatic King in Rags and Tatters), Haydes turns up a few times, such as in Casilda's Song: "The songs the haydes shall sing, where flap the tatters of the king..." It has been expanded on by a lot of authors making haydes a lot of different things, though it should be noted that Haydes also happens to be one of the closest star clusters to Earth and is used by astronomers to gage cosmic distances. This has, of course, been worked into the KiY and Hastur Mythologies, though what it means is dependant on who's doing the writing. So, in essence, perhaps the haydes Locks have something to do with the King in Rags and Tatters?
  10. Indeed with the others here, the 1d10+9 is either a typo or its just stupid wrong. Either way, the only sensible reaction to it is "**** no". After all, if it is equal to or out pulps an amour piercing shell that explodes inside the target (as well as the Heavy Shot cannon which needs to be braced or suffer a -30 due to its incredible recoil in delivering such an awesome load of shotgun goodness), there is something wrong. It would seem that the DH supplements might be going the Rifts direction. 1d10+9 for a shot gun. That's. Just. Stupid.
  11. DJSunhammer said: Lecram said: Sound vs sight. If you have your back turned toward the person who just fried your buddy with a melta weapon, you'll have a good idea that it came from "that tree-line Yonder", but if it's silenced, then you'll have a "harder" time PINPOINTING where it came from. So unless you succeed at an Awareness check with a penalty, you're going to have a hard time returning accurate fire. This makes sense to me. Whether or not it is in the spirit of the weapon is another thing. Sure that would make sense, if silencing a melta made any sense at all. Would it help if I said that silencing melta beams, as well as plasma, las, and most any other source for rapid air vaporization for that matter, is one of the oft overlooked and forgotten side-effects of anti-grav technology?
  12. On Sinophia, which would you say is more valuble: a good quality bionic arm and eye that comes with a blind one armed slave (who may or may not live) on the side or a slave with a good quality bionic arm and eye attached who will deffinitly live?
  13. Häxjägare said: I just looked it up and you are right, it seems lika a brilliant setting. In DH I mostly saw stuff about the Halo stars that said "don't go there". But you are right, this could be really cool. Any other information about the area then in the RT-book? BAM! and a slightly more pricy BAM!
  14. graver2

    Only War

    Adeptus-B said: Deinos said: I feverishly desire Baneblades. Sweet, delicious Baneblades. A tank the size of a building, intended to challenge the largest threats on the battlefield (namely Titans), used in a game about covert teams rooting out hidden heretic cells? I dunno, I'm thinkng that's going to break down to less than 1% of the time spent "unleashing the fury of the Emperor", and over 99% of the time just waiting around while the rest of the party does the actual "adventuring"... And yet there exists rules for Gray Knight PCs...
  15. I've read through your scenario and, first, I have to say you do have a nice simple conspiracy here. That should help combat some of the problems you mentioned from your first attempt. You have some nice evocative ideas in there as well, could be quite fun. However, if you are strictly writing this for your self, you might have come close to writing too much. The more you write down, the more slaved you are to concrete ideas about what is and isn't and the less adaptable to the players actions you will be. This could and often dose lead to stagnation as players try to go in a direction that, according to what you've written, doesn't lead anywhere. In such situations, it's best to make the path the players have chosen the path that advances the story along but if you already have it written otherwise, you'll be more loath to change or alter your ideas on what the story is about and how is is "supposed" to proceed. That aside, there are a couple of other small points you might want to address in your scenario. First, you come dangerously close to having only One True Path down the Breadcrumb Trail. There is some variety but, especially at the beginning, it can go south real quick. What happens if the PCs chose to hide instead of engaging the scum until the coast is clear? What happens if the PCs fail to identify where the scum come from? Second, as mentioned above, your story is very reactive relying on the PCs to do stuff in order for more stuff to happen. The NPCs could use more motivation of their own, and an idea of how they act and what they will do if the PCs do absolutely nothing. Skipping the Big Bad as he's not really part of this part (and you should leave it that way for now... write that part out latter, once the story is well under way so you can structure it in response to what the players are doing/have done). Since the Adept on the take is dead/captured, what will the Big Bad do now for shipments? Did he want him dead and, if so, why? Dose he know the =][= got the Adept and, if so, how dose that alter his plans and the actions of the bandits? What are the bandits doing about their lost/dead team-mates that were supposed to secure the last shipment? Do they know what happened to them and, if not, what are they doing to find out? (assuming the PCs stop said bandits) Was that the last shipment or will there be more? Think about the bandits and their motivations as well as possible orders they are receiving from on high and what they will do if nothing beyond the death of the Adept changes. That will serve as a good base line to work from if/when the players do something completely unexpected or nothing at all. Finally, avoid random chance happenings. You have one listed, the 25% chance of the scum attacking the PCs in their sleep or calling them out. Get rid of the 25% chance part of that. The pacing needs of the session and player action should determine if they get attacked in the night or not. If things are really slow and the players are spinning their wheels, then they should most definitely get attacked in the night. If they can't find the hideout and are getting frustrated, it should happen, perhaps with more then listed and with some good old either to make sure they can haul them off for interrogation... at their base (but only managing to get one of the PCs who, if he asks about his microbead/transmitter/anything of the like or mentions trying to hide it, succeeds thus enabling the players to find the base, feel like they did so through their own cunning while in a tight spot, and to get in some of that monologuing the magus is so prone to). If, however, the PCs are battered, bruised, and on their last wound point where having another senseless fight would grind the story to a halt while they healed or rotted 6ft under, then they most definitely shouldn't get attacked at night... unless they just really asked for it to happen. The needs of the story should determine what happens next, not random chance. There's enough of that from the players and their dice as is. Either way, you have a good idea here. Just try to keep it lose, make sure their are more then one way to move forwards, don't over write it, and decide what the NPCs do if the PCs do absolutely nothing and I think you'll be good to go.
  16. Thanks all! And Gregorius. You. Are. AWESOME! I really needed some characters that I wouldn't have thought of, something new that wouldn't feel like one of my many previous NPCs with a slightly different haircut and a different name tag. What you've provided will definitely liven things up and really turn the soon-to-be rival cell into something the PCs can bounce off of for many sessions to come. I can especially see some great uses, sub-plots, and rp moments coming from Milli and Eleisa. I don't know how you can keep striking gold, but, **** man, keep it up and thanks again!
  17. I need to make an NPC acolyte cell to complicate my PCs lives. While I was deciding who these NPC acolytes were, I realized that it pretty much looked like any other acolyte cell I had put together, chock full of NPC ideas that I would totally come up with. My players have already been there and they've already done that, so I was wondering if you guys could come up with some basic ideas for acolytes for a cell, something I might not have thought of so it can be new to my players. About the cell: It is a joint effort by a cabal of inquisitors (Silas Marr, Lady Rathbone, "OGH-OMI" Old Grizzled Home-brew Ordo Malius Inquisitor, and "YPH-OHI" Young Puritan Home-brew Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor). Very little is known or figured out by me about OGH-OMI. YPH-OHI is the hot-headed militaristic one of the bunch coming from a long line of Naval Nobility, still has a head full of noble ideals, a love of proper procedure and the military, and a when in doubt, blast it from orbit mentality. Rathbone and Marr are pretty much as described in the various books. They've come together looking into a set of prophecies based on odd writings uncovered across the Calixus Sector which involves both the Tyrant Star, the Harrlock linage, the Slougth, the possible betrayal of the Imperium by Zerbe or the Tyrantine Cabal, and each of their terrible ends. These prophecies are in the forms of writings left hundreds or thousands of years ago by someone who seems to originate in the as of yet future of the Calixus sector. One lead which has surfaced into uncovering the truth of these prophecies involves a PDF base and it's men on Sinophia as well as an ancient Hospital there. Each Inquisitor is a bit busy fallowing up on more pressing and important leads which stand a greater chance of unravelling the mystery, but agree that the Sinophian threads cannot be left to moulder. To investigate the Sinophian threads they create a joint cell of new and pre-existing acolytes. Each Inquisitor has a definite vested interest in what may or may not be uncovered on Sinophia as well as no real trust in his or her fellow Inquisitors involved in this secret cabal/conspiracy. To that end, they would not only wish to uncover the true validity of the ramblings involving Sinophia and figure out what must be done about them, but also protect themselves from the others involved -just in case. What kind of cell would the four of them eventually put together? If you were the GM, what kind of acolytes would eventually end up being in this cell that the four of them send over to look into the Sinophian side of things?
  18. What do you mean when you say "it didn't go anywhere"? Different groups have different dynamics and approach roleplaying in their own ways. What failed for one could succeed for another and what one sees as a failure anouther would see as a success. So, if you could elaborate on what you feel is/was the failure, the it went nowhere part, we could have a better idea of what you might need to do or try. Edit: and in the interm, if you havent given Flatlines write-up on conspiracy creation, you should. It's a great approach and might help you out a lot. You can read more HERE.
  19. Your freind is correct. The answer to your psy rating 4 problem can be found in Radicals Handbook, pg 41 under the heading "Elite Advances from Missed Career Ranks".
  20. The_Shaman said: True, these mostly serve a background function. Still, all three have some mechanical use as well - i.e. the primer has some information on military hardware, xenos, and other things that a starting character has no other source to know. Mind you, this information needn't be entirely correct and unbiased - it's the Infantryman's Uplifting Primer, not the Infantryman's Factologically Correct Encyclopaedia of All Things Knowable and Unknowable. While that might be true for such sections as Survival Techniques, Specific Items of Arms and Equipment, Principles of Battlefield Physic Aid, and Rules and Regulations; most of the information presented in the primer is dead on accurate and unbiased information that could save a Guardsmen's life. Like that large box on pg 54 which advises the Guardsman to "Keep this space clear. Do not deface. On pain of Death." Good strait forwards unbiased information on how not to die. This book also presents all the information anyone could ever need to know about the enemies of man! "An ork can seem an alarming prospect when first encountered. They stand teller than a man, with hunched, broad shoulders and long arms. They may seem to be heavily muscled, but the fact is their muscle tissue is not as dense as a human`s. In actuality they are considerably weaker than the average man, despite what their appearance suggests. Their skin is thick and coarse and ranges in hue from green to almost black. Portions of their body are covered in stiff, black hair. Their brow is heavy (denoting their lack of intellect) and their little, almost useless eyes have a red cast to them. They have greet tusks which jut from their mouths, but they are not sharp and a firm tug will pull them out by the root. When confronting orks in combat remember their weaknesses and consider the facts; they are but animals, and they have no place in our galaxy where they prey only on the weak and helpless. After they have seen you with a loaded lasgun and a smile on your face, you can shoot them in the back as they run away!" FACTUAL! "Tyranid weapons are formed out of living tissue; they often fall apart" ACCURATE! "The form of the tyranid is manifold, Some stand far taller than a man, and are slow and cumbersome movers. Other, faster ones are the size of dogs, but they wander harmlessly at the feet of their larger brethren, often tripping them. Most are armed in the main with claws, spikes, flesh hooks and bony extrusion that form natural extensions of their limbs. Their strength, such as it is, is in close combat fighting. But even in that case a tempered blade thrust firmly in between their armour plates will incapacitate the attacker, and convince its brethren to back off. To avoid getting your uniform coveted in alien ichor it is best to dispatch them from a distance. Indeed, massed fire from such high technology as a lasgun will confound and confuse a tyranid swarm, allowing you to pick them off at will." GOOD ADVICE! "Disposing of the Alien You have by your side the tool of cleansing. Your standard issue lasgun is your instrument to met out the Emperor's Judgement upon the unclean xenos. The alien is weak, and the white-hot heat of a las-round will be enough to end their miserable lives. Treat them as you would a blood-leech clinging onto your belly: a parasitical irritant, a thief of essence, an taker of life to be purged! Bunt! Cut out! Ground underfoot Destroyed! Annihilated with a prayer on your lips!" UNBIASED!
  21. rustorod said: Silly question, I read that the Black Sepulchre had 3 apparitions. Do they have stats and does it explain how to destroy them. Looking for some Halloween ideas, and if there is a haunted mansion or cathedral I might get the module just for that. Thanks. Mike As Gregarious says, they each have a nice little stat block complete with wounds (they average something like 20 wounds a piece). And you take care of them like you would any ghost, with bullets, lasers, a chair to the head, set it on fire, it all works. The above is completely serious -sad, so very sad, but serious. You kill the damned ghosts. If it's a fun Halloween type game you're looking to run, perhaps you should look outside the DH line-up. Call of Cthuluh is great for such though, given DH's direction, I've found Delta Green stories to fit fantastically with minimal changes. For a fun Halloween romp, give Night Floors a try.
  22. MILLANDSON said: Deinos said: MKX said: they'll probably firebomb it and lynch the employees. Yeah, because that sort of thing totally happens in America. *cough* Numerous attacks on abortion clinics, including murder, arson, kidnapping and torture *cough* Yes, that sort of thing totally happens in America - all the time. Which is Abortion nutters, not sexual content nutters (or which there are far fewer and much less motivated). Please don't lump all our varying cults into one one giant crazy pot. We like to keep the flavours separated around here. Thank you.
  23. Seriously? Seriously? Are you saying this guy is not cool? Man, Axe Slash McSix will school you in cool with some totally radical licks from his bodacious axe of chaotic disobediance to your parents! Ya! @MKX, please don't confuse the talking heads on Fox News or the crazy religious nuts from the bizarre sects and churches as being indicative of Americans on the whole. We're pretty damned hard to sexually offend and if we happen to be (and aren't a red neck who's on his 12th beer and the object of offence is less then 12 feet away) then we as Americans usually won't have much more energy or drive then to change the damned channel, maybe write an angry blog perhaps. Now, if the topic is abortion or gun control, well, things change then, but not sex.
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