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  1. When encountering a cultist while Abhoth is the ancient one you are supposed to draw a "Spawn of Abhoth" encounter card. Is this still a combat encounter for character abilities and/or card asset effects?
  2. Anyone interested in an unopened copy of the Runebound second edition expansion "Mists of Zanaga"? contact me here: kurdaitcha1@shaw.ca
  3. I don't know if I am missing something from the rules, but what happens to "leftover" leads after being turned in for proofs and the completion of quests? When you draw a new quest, are the leads you researched for your last quest equally relevant for the new quest? Have thought about having players either discard all leads when drawing a new quest or allowing one lead per proof to be kept if it corresponds to the same proof on the subsequent quest. Any thoughts?
  4. I like the fact that when the clock advances to midnight, there are varying effects now rather than just adding doom tokens or monsters. I've gotten "all adventurers lose 1 sanity" plus "the clock advances", makes it more like the board game. I did defeat Azathoth once in order to unlock the bonus investigator, but a crash and subsequent re-load caused me to lose her again. Just defeated Cthulhu and unlocked Leo Anderson.
  5. Anyone else just notice the Mythos Cards have two types of staircases; up and down? My players are going to dispute all of their losses now!
  6. They look very nice. Will the scrub on the edge of the tiles block line-of-sight?
  7. Another modification. "Exhaust to cancel 2 wounds" on the silver banners.
  8. Newer versions of the banners have been uploaded. See the "Revisited Banners" post for the new ones.
  9. Brother Gherinn from Dungeounquest, modified for the Order of Kellos (rushed job, admittedly not the best quality)
  10. My "Order of Kellos" expansion has various undead including zombies, ghouls, wights, and wraiths (plus shadows). The link for the Vanilla monsters is here: http://www.4shared.com/document/omen8YrT/DOOKVANMonsters.html
  11. Another question regarding "The Hanging Gardens"; if a scout creates a city at the Start of Turn phase, is it imediately available to be produced by the garden? Nothing I've read seems to prohibit this.
  12. If you harvest a resource as your action, is it immediately available to use? Just seeking clarification.
  13. If you click on my signature, it will take you to my site where you will find a link to e-mail me. The originals are put together in open document format.
  14. Thanks for your input Slidr. I don't have a fourier analysis option available on my photoshop, but I do have Despeckle and I can't believe I didn't try that before. Even that little bit cleaned the images up. It has been some time since I uploaded my content however, so I don't think I'll be adding yet another version of the Order of Kellos cards to the forums.
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