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  1. Looking at the pics I see many of the plastic pieces are new designs, most notably the Warsun, Flagship and cruiser. I used mercs, mines and leaders.
  2. Yes the rules do explicitly tell you what to do in that scenario but those instructions don't explicitly tell you what to do with the routed units, hence the question. Resolution step A tells you how to determine winner and states the loser must retreat his units, as this happens during step A what do you do with the routed units when you skip that step? As there are no explicit instructions we need to infer that it will work the same as if we didn't skip Step A, thus routed units keep retreating until there is no where to retreat or they rally.
  3. My understanding it was every squadron in the same arc and range band.
  4. Don't you guys find that they are cumbersome to use because they are Large, and cannot movie diagonally? With 6 movement and mobility they are still quite agile and keep in mind that pounce is place the nexu within 3 spaces so diagonals work for pounce.
  5. Combine it with her +1Speed and ability to move through figures/difficult terrain then she can really get into the mix of thing. I do like her Weapon throw ability though as it adds a blue die and gives a bonus surge ability. Diala is my Favourite Rebel
  6. Diala's Precise Strike Ability makes this mission very easy when done early.
  7. As the Imperial Player I win most of the missions though they are all quite close. As a rebel player with other rebels the imperials have won most missions. As a Rebel player playing 4 heroes I have won all but 1 of the 6 mission played. I got over whelmed by Vader, Royal Guards and Elite Storm Troopers on a Luxury Cruise, talk about the wrong cruise ship to hijack.
  8. The first thing jumped out at me about your post is that if they are blasting/cleaving free damage into Vader don't position your troops to allow that. Royal Guard's Stun would prevent that hero from being commanded and require an action to remove. A Nexu bleed would cause an extra damage if they were commanded and again an action to remove. Loosing 3 Elite Storm Troopers with Medic in one activation is either really bad luck or something wrong is being done. Perhaps it was just a bad luck mission.
  9. Some Rebels have great early upgrades like Diala's Force Adept but other like Gideon are probably better to save up. Saving up for an expensive ability could pay off more than getting a minor boost early. What kinds of loot do you buy/save for? Obviously weapons are good but I really like the attachments "Balanced hilt" and "Tac Display" and these are only available in Tier 1. I have not bought armor or equipment cards as they don't seem that strong.
  10. Its hard to argue that moving 4-6 spaces and and attacking followed by a second attack as the 1st action a bad first move.
  11. 1. Don't have the rule book but anytime you suffer strain beyond your endurance you take damage. no endurance means you take damage. It would be pretty pointless for rebel weapon to have bleed if it did not do any damage. 2. Correct, Threat Level is determined by how far you are in the campaign i.e 2 in your case 3. You only read as far as you are in the mission. So you start with the mission briefing and then only read new sections as they are triggered in the mission. You never do anything without explaining why. When something triggers read the fluff then the rules associated with that trigger. Please use spoiler tags when talking about mission trigger details.
  12. I second Powda's suggestion, Make the Rebels work to hunt your imperials down. The more actions spent not doing the mission the more likely they will fail.
  13. Do you have the card text handy for trick shot and quick draw? Going by memory Quick Draw grants an attack on a just activated figure. Trick shot lets you trace line of sight 3 spaces away for an attack. As quick draw is an attack I don't see why it would not work just keep in mind that you do need line of sight to the activated figure to use quick draw and trick shot does not grant you any additional line of sight in regards to activating quick draw only for tracing your shot.
  14. Ive found that storm troopers work better in squads so having an officer to move 1 further is not that helpful. An Office and an e-web on the other had is great. If all 3 missions came down to the wire then your probably not doing anything wrong. I find the balance in IA to be great. Our groups has the imperials winning more but again its come down to those last turns where the rebels have failed their checks. I find that unless you can Deploy something big in time with a reserve deployment then spending the 2 to reinforce your storm troopers is quite often the best option. Storm Troopers are a great unit especially with an attachment. Trandoshans are a great a unit for dealing damage
  15. Its little rules like this that drastically change the balance and it makes you wonder what rules are missed by players claiming one side or the other always wins.
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