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  1. How about a Merchants of Venus/Merchants and Marauders type of game in the Star Wars universe.Exploring planets,smuggling,bounty hunting,special missions for Rebellion against the Empire, spceship battles Pvp or vs NpC,Tasks for Empire,etc.
  2. I would like to see a Deadlands or Rippers setting dungeon crawling boardgame.Much in the vain of Descent or Imperial Assault.FFG and Pinnacle Ent. partnership please!
  3. They could release a side board "Jungle Expedition" theme access via The Amazon or Heart Of Africa spaces.
  4. How about a Fury of Dracula spin-off with the "Eldritch Horror" mechanic? All across Europe and northern Africa you could quest treasures and hunt classic monsters.Visiting London and famous locales like Dracula's castle and the Egypt's pyramids,etc.Also fighting nemesis like Dracula himself,Frankenstein and Jack the Ripper just to name a few.I'm also a big fan of the Deadlands setting.So a old west setting with some horror/steampunk elements is a winner for me.Just some wishing thoughts!
  5. Relic is limited to the warhammer 40k universe and factions oriented.I want a real space adventure game with much more diverse locations, events,planets exploration, time traveling,etc.A board as big as both Talisman and Relic but more similar design wise to Timescape or Merchants of Venus or even Eldritch Horror.
  6. Just like Spectrum said,4 new lairs to explore with epic bosses at the end.2 inner boards,one lair each side.Or any small expansion is a welcome.The reaper,blood moon,harbinger are my favorites. I would like Timescape to be a game of it's own though, based on Talisman mechanic of course.
  7. FFG should remake Timescape as a standalone game base on the Talisman system.More focus on time travel/adventure rather than space traveling.A giant board also divided in tiers but with different time periods on each side.For example a western world on one side, a futur world on another,a savage world with dinosaurs, etc.Not sure what would be the goal but a game that is fill with side quests or missions.Anyway I welcome any Timescape expansion or not.
  8. Crag78

    Relic or Talisman

    Relic is a thighter game than Talisman as far as the mechanic goes.I'm not comparing Relic to other strategy games here.But as cool as Warhammer 40k setting is, it's true that there's less flavors and places to explore in Relic's adventure deck cards than Talisman.Same goes for the board although gorgeous, looks a bit the same here and there.Talisman is the opposite.Less thighter, more diverse.Warhammer 40k is a faction's war setting.So Relic as it is, is perfect for Warhammer 40k fan and not for a space quest adventure fan who loved Talisman for it's fantasy quest adventure nature and randomness.The only thing that Relic and Talisman have in common it's the board overlays separate in three regions.But that's only my opinion.That's why I'm hoping for FFG to release a stand alone Timescape game to fulfill our need for real space quest adventuring.Talisman mechanic or not but with a board more in the like of Merchants of Venus than Talisman or Relic.We'll wait and see.
  9. As I said earlier I'm voting for more alternative center boards with different themes and of course more small expansions or pod.It's true though that Talisman will feel complete once Woodland will come out in a way that all the classic expansions and almost all the classic characters have been remade. Timescape should be a stand alone game with it's own feel of adventure(exploring planets with diverse landscape, smuggling, bounty hunting, space battle, space travel, time travel, etc.).As cool as Warhammer 40k setting is, I never felt Relic as a real adventure game.So Timescape is a welcome but as a original FFG game rather than a Talisman expansion.That's only my opinion.
  10. Even if the fourth corner as just been announced I'm still hoping for a new center board expansion as alternative to the Dragon's one.For example a Vampire's Castle or Tower with some new game mechanics, bosses, etc.Of course more small expansions is always a welcome.Can't wait for Woodland though.
  11. How about small decks of "adventure" cards specific to a space as if you were questing there.For example The Graveyard space, instead of doing the instruction's space you're drawing a certain number of cards from the Graveyard deck depending on the difficulty of the task.1 for easy quest, 3 for medium and 5 for hard.Put the cards face down and deal 1 card per turn.Of course those decks would be harder than the main adventure deck.So the more difficult is the task, the bigger is the reward.They could do this for many spaces like the Graveyard, Vampire's Tower, Ruins,Hidden Valley, etc.
  12. I grew up with the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.A boardgame on the Titan world setting would be awesome.With future expansions that allow you to play you're favorite gamebooks.Like Advanced Fighting Fantasy rpg but boardgame style.FFG, are you listening? ; )
  13. Sad day indeed.No Tomb Kings cards set.I guess FFG will now concentrate their efforts on the upcoming Warhammer Diskwars game.
  14. If you take a look at the number of replies in the forum for each boardgames, Talisman is their 2nd most popular after Arkham Horror.In terms of sales ranking Talisman must be around the same place.
  15. Crag78

    Relic or Talisman

    By comparing both games based on the core game without expansions.For me theming is what it get my attention first.So fantasy or space.As far as both games mechanic goes, well, I think its safe to say that Talisman is a bit simpler but a lot of fun.More accessible and easier.Relic is in my opinion a tighter game and a bit less random.I guess Relic fits more into today's standard games since Talisman have a more old school feel.You can consider Relic as a advance Talisman.But Talisman I think is much more diverse in the adventure department and have more players interactions and PvP.They're both great games and have tons of replay value.
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