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  1. Our group tries to correct the mistakes with initiating passives (at the wrong time or forgetting to) if spotted in time. If not, we roll with the punches. How do you guys handle play restrictions that were not met? Events or attachments played when their conditions just didn't meet? Discard or back to hand?
  2. Is that statement in lines with "One who has never tried, has never known defeat?"
  3. I assume that this is true for Lord Commander of the Kingsguard effect as well; however, if the challenge was unopposed, then the Supporting player cannot defend in the place for the original target because of Dragon Sight?
  4. Don't forget Arthur Dayne, his weapon, and Rhaegar's harp. All historical in the sense that they take place before AGoT.
  5. Team Covenant has the House Packs (1 house, but no neutrals): http://teamcovenant.com/store/a-game-of-thrones-lcg/game-of-thrones-lcg-house-packs.html
  6. the thing came in a little too short to be considered a champion-level stature?
  7. I don't know much about the level of polish this game actually has in comparison to other card games...sure it ain't perfect and sure it could use more proof reading (Jaqen the reprint I'm looking at you!), but for me personally it's the great mechanics like the plots among other things that puts it over the top.
  8. They've shrunken the Avatars and stripped all the border dross that was clogging traffic. Now everything loads in seconds. Better late than never.
  9. Cue Ennio Morricone's score for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. let the yodeling begin!
  10. You are right that with this LCG business model, FFG has to continue to churn out hot potatoes, often times this means new mechanics, in order to maintain the interests of its consumers…especially its monthly "subscribers". The next CP cycle, the Kingsroad is a nice refreshing change in that as we know so far it is a revisit to the past mechanics (other than the new way of viewing board position a la "in your command"). I hope that supporting past themes, especially those that are viewed as weaker themes, remains a sticking trend going forward. The uncounterable mechanics you mentioned may generally be something the designers hope that the meta itself rapidly adapts and corrects with some newly introduced cards that nudges them to balance. At least, an evolving self-correcting meta philosophy was the gist of what I got from the 2012 Damon Stone interview by TC. But sometimes it just can't be helped and the nuissance needs the BER stick. With all that said, I still think there are strong similarilties in thoses 3 mechanics with cards jumping from X to Y, as mentioned above. Maybe that is the natural progression of development for a card game with heavy emphasis on unit management (Magic's Old Aggro?).
  11. Good luck you guys! Hope you have a great turnout and a blast of a tourney.
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