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  1. Necronomicon, an online card game based on the Cthulhu Mythos!
  2. Jim Culver's solo adventure in Dunwich; or, When the Dead rise and outnumber the Living (Hmmm.. this is my first try at describing a game, and I'm still not very experienced with AH, so I hope I didn't make too many mistakes about this... Please tell me if anything seems wrong, that would be highly appreciated!) So I used your basic setup, starting with randomly drawing from the DH cards Jim Culver as my Investigator, and Glaaki as the Ancient One. I wanted to get as many DH cards as possible, since it was my first play with the expansion, so I drew my starting possessions from the DH cards, and added the basic AH cards afterwards. I got Vision Quest and Cloud Memory as spells, Brass Knuckles as a common item, and the Grapple skill. Overall, not a bad draw I suppose. I randomly picked 6 AH Allies to add to the 5 DH ones. I added only the cultists to the DH monster tokens (hoping to give Glaaki more influence over the game), and mixed the DH and AH Other World Encounters and Gate Tokens together. I used all DH Mythos cards hoping for an easy game. Jim's special ability seemed to be a perfect match against Glaaki's undead army, so I was pretty confident, but at the same time, not knowing most of the Encounters, Monsters, etc. meant that I would be taking a lot of risks in this game. The game was pretty uneventful in the end however, as in all of my turns only one Gate opened in Dunwich. I managed to build a good amount of Clue tokens right from the start, using Vision Quest in the Backwoods Country, then with an encounter in Wizard's Hill. The Mythos card I drew afterwards opened the Gate directly in my location, drawing me in. Even with the turn spent delayed, I managed to clear the Gate before any other ones opened (I drew another Mythos card with the same Gate location however, all others were on the Arkham board). So even with a few monsters in play, slowly moving towards me, I eventually got out, closed & sealed the Gate and ended the game immediately without fighting a single monster. It all went down in a few turns, but it still took me some time because I was going back to the DH and AH rulebooks from time to time. The whole solo approach was pretty exciting, but the fact that only one Gate opened made it way too easy. Instead of removing all Mythos cards with Arkham locations, maybe a selection of a few Mythos cards with Arkham Gates, according to the abilities which mix the best with Dunwich, would be effective. Otherwise, winning conditions should change, maybe at least 2 or 3 Gates closed before considering victory possible. Another problem which occured here was the absence of the Terror Track, which meant that Glaaki's special ability and also his attack, if he was to awaken, would be useless. I decided that I would discard an Ally whenever an event raised the Terror level even if there was no counter, and that I would actually use that counter if Glaaki was to awaken. The whole undead setting was pretty inspiring however, and it leads me to believe that a good formula for solo games would be individual scenarios, using the same formula as the League Scenarios for example, and offering a good challenge for each investigator. In my game, for example, a Monster Cup full of undead monsters and a few tweaks to Jim's starting equipment, in order to make him a true undead slayer, could've turned the game into a Resident Evil-like zombie fest. Winning conditions could then be raised to an higher number of Gates to be closed before ending the game, and/or full eradication of the monsters on the board. Other Investigators could be assigned nemesis according to their weaknesses, for example a game with enemies having Physical Resistance / Immunity yet little to no Magical Weapons or attacks, forcing the player to find other ways to defeat the monsters or simply avoid them completely. One of the Investigators, the strongest fighter I guess, could even have the objective of taking down the Dunwich Horror. Yeah, I know, easier said than done... Right now I still have a lot to discover about this game, and I want to get the other expansions first, but it may eventually be something I'd like to try creating. It could be great to use a scoring system, and have everyone participate in the challenges in the same way that the League works.
  3. Thelric said: If you pop over to the old forums before they close, you should be able to find them and send them a PM. Thanks Chris!
  4. Excellent work, this is great. Just the right amount of detail to cover all of the game mechanics and satisfy my curiosity. I'll wait for reviews from players however, but I'll probably have to add that to the (growing) list of games I want from FFG. Now, if you still have some spare time, you should do the same for a few other games!
  5. Today, I suddenly remembered that I once had a CoC card, a promo or something that I received from a magazine... so, after excavations in my old CCGs boxes for almost an hour, I finally found it.... except it's a Mythos card. And only an uncommon one, according to what I found on the internet. Oh well, I guess my 1st CoC cards will be the ones from those new Core Sets. Besides making me feel stupid , anyone who can tell me what happened to that game, and how it was different from CoC? Anyone who still plays the game?
  6. Abdul Alhazred said: Mike said: Cthulhu fthagn! What the...? Yeah, what is that supposed to mean??? It's Cthulhu fhtagn! Learn how to spell... ....just kidding!
  7. ced1106 said: If you have a spare 45 minutes, could you test my Dunwich Solo variant and add any tweaks? Thanks. Sure, I'll give it a try! I only have a few games of AH under my belt, so my insight may not be the most enlightened one, but it's gonna be a great way to discover and enjoy DH. I'll keep you informed!
  8. Uhm, just noticed that (see topic title) on the back of my new DH board... just how is Skotos involved? There is no mention of the company anywhere else, except for their ad of course. I know that they have the Lovecraft Country text-based RPG, but still it doesn't make much sense.
  9. theanimaster said: Huh? What's this? Is that definite? No avatars? No, in fact there's been no word at all from FFG about the forums. Nada. Rien du tout. But for the moment they simply seem to be adding more Avatars to the available ones, so I'm hoping they would take a look at this to make their next choices... Yet for me, it doesn't resolve the issue of custom Avatars, which are still necessary.
  10. I just got Dunwich Horror today! I'm planning a really «geeky» evening Saturday as I'll make one or two playlists of AH music, stay home and play a Scenario solo. Can't wait!
  11. Investigators and GOOs for Arkham Horror would be great... The game has only 7 Avatars available I think, yet it's the game with the highest ratings for owners AND favorite game on the site.
  12. Oh, I found out how he did it.... for the sake of avoiding double posting, check here.
  13. Maxime Briand


    This topic on the Arkham Horror thread stays unread and has a weird post by MMM (a blank, white rectangle) in it, it's probably related. The title of most web pages still contain a word in Spanish, for example: "Fantasy Flight Games [Foro Arkham Horror] - Leading publisher of board, card, and roleplaying games."
  14. Arborshate said: starting with a certain product (forget which) the card backs and borders would change So does that mean the new Starter Set will not be compatible with the rest of the cards? Should I wait until the new release?
  15. It's been available in Montreal for at least 2 or 3 weeks. Where are you from dpezet?
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