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  1. Part of the reason why people mention they are playtesters is the fact that sometimes they are encouraged to talk about what they are playtesting. This always comes with a very specific set of guidelines, but it has happened from time to time. Personally, I usually never bother mentioning I'm a playtester if I can't talk about it, because I know I'm an idiot and I"ll let something slip if I start running my mouth, so I just stay away. Even once books come out and I don't have my copy yet, I stay away, since sometimes things won't make it into the book, but are slated for a future release. We don't know what's made the final cut until we actually see it in print. As for BoM...I bet it's gonna be awesome when it comes out, and I bet I'll buy I copy.
  2. I've read over 20 of his books and immensely enjoyed each one. That being said, films have a way of starting from a good place and mutating into a horrific mess by the time they're done.
  3. That will all very much depend on the Ultramarines movie being good! I'm hoping that they finally do it right with this film, and stop screwing around. As for GW plugging FFG stuff, I say it's about **** time. I hope that there is a huge FFG presence at Games Day this year... last year, there was none at all. Personally, I was hoping that they put out the Dark Eldar codex, and FFG puts out a book solely on the Dark Eldar, for use with any 40KRPG game....but, that's just wishful thinking, I don't think either book will ever happen.
  4. Try the bands Red Sparrowes, Isis, Russian Circles, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Grails, Pelican, and Tribes of Neurot. I've got a similar station on pandora that you can find here:www.pandora.com/
  5. I honestly don't care what's in it, as long as it gives DH Characters a way to scale up to being the players rather than the pawns. If Ascension allows a DH character to be in the same room as an RT character, and have just as much power and pull, then I will be happy. I love the scale of DH and the feel of being a tiny speck in an ocean of murder and pain, but I also like the idea that the characters can claw their way out of that ocean and evolve into a prowling menace all their own.
  6. No problem! There may be more in DotDG, but I haven't read the whole thing, only the bits I plan on crushing and terrorizing my players with....hehee
  7. Don't forget about the tasty bit in the Logicians section of DotDG, regarding the Fenksworld Gene Atrocity, and the Xeno Conspiracy on Fenksworld mention in the Beast House section... As a fellow Fenksworldian, myself, I think that's all of them, but I will keep my eyes peeled.
  8. Unarmed Warrior/Master are the two talents (one less powerful than the other, like swift and lightning attack) that give you better damage with unarmed attacks. I.E. not a paltry d5-3, but actually as much damage as a fire-arm.
  9. Yeah, I agree that profit should not be used while on a mission, as it's by nature much more abstract and involves wayyy more people than just the PCs. And yes, I am curious to see what Ascension brings, as well.
  10. I vastly prefer the profit system to the thrones system and will definitely be adopting that, post-haste. It's pretty simple, really, I'll break it down. Pretend your profit factor is your skill rating, so you need to roll equal to or under it to get the item or items. The number is modified by the availability of the item, the craftsmanship of the item, and how many of the item you want. So, it's really easy to say "Hey, I need a laspistol", but if you say "I want 10,000 suits of best cratsmanship power armor"...well, you better be rrriiiiccccchhhhh. Of course there's time based on availability, population, etc, just like in DH, but the basic thrust is that it's essential a skill test. If you get your profit factor up to 100 for any given test, you don't need to even roll, your minions just figure it out. I feel like the origin path cranks up the characters a bit much for DH, and will probably keep char-gen as is. I will also be allowing them to make some of the ship-board extended actions, give them access to some of the new gear in there (hell yeah, full auto boltgun! with motion predictor!), and generally use RT to cause mayhem, madness, and epic craziness for my players to deal with (when appropriate...they'll still have to spend a good amount of time digging in tunnels, trying not to listen to the scratching and moaning coming from inside the walls). I also will probably allow assassins access to unarmed warrior and unarmed master (at exorbident cost).
  11. Wow. I was going to continue to engage, but you pretty much just trumped anything I could have said. Basically, we're just going to have to agree to disagree with Shadowspawn....because he's wrong. =] In all seriousness, it sounds like he likes the game, he just wishes there was some more specific things that will hopefully be in later books. I can understand that, even if it doesn't matter to me. I really don't feel like it's laziness that caused the omission, though, and think that its kind of unfair to hurl that around when the rest of the book kicks so much ass. But, to each his or her own.
  12. I don't know what's so disappointing. There are a few examples of NPC vessels, plus an example PC vessel, all of which could be easily added to/subtracted from to make them vastly different. Plus, you can always bang out your own NPC vessels by using the building process. As for NPCs, not only do they kind of cover all the bases, but any and all of the stuff that's been published for DH is perfectly valid. I'd vastly prefer having brand new background and information/ tweaked rules/ new talents/ careers, etc, rather than repeated NPCs in books I already own. For instance, there is nothing in Creatures Anathema that would prevent it from being used in RT besides the psyker career in there (which uses DH rules, but there are rules in RT for converting between the two systems). They can only make the book so big.
  13. Yup, there are new ones. They are sweet. I don't have the book in front of me, so I forget what they are, but when I get home I can check the book if no one posts them before me.
  14. CE is beautiful. As for the game itself, I'm pumped that there is so much new art, new gear, new information, and new baddies!
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