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  1. I still lurk, on those occasions I have time. I have no real problems with anything to do with the LCG format (love the set packs), the rotation (we play classic anyways), or these new boards (although they are slower I find). My biggest hang up is that of the few gamers in my meta that used to play... we're all just incredibly busy, and have been for so long that really, I can't remember the last time we actually were able to arrange a game. I'd say it was roughly back around the release of Epic Battles. I've picked up a few chapter packs since, but it's really hard to maintain the same level of enthusiasm when the fun isn't happening. So... yeah. Here, but not really participating unless something really catches my eye.
  2. Hmm... *Hangs hat* I could stay here for a while... although, I must say, it's a shot to the ego that one of the first messages I got after signing up was: No new users want to be your friend. Wow. Glad my self-esteem is good
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