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  1. My contribution to the Tannhauser mythos would only need a few scant entries: Over A Million Years Ago - The cataclysm of the thermonuclear Atlantean-Lemurian war drives the Elder Race that populated the surface world, underground to the inner earth, known as Agartha. The Atlanteans build the mechanical Dero. The Dero possess organic brains encased in a metal frame. Powered by Vril energy harnessed from the smoky sun of the inner earth, they begin piloting the saucers that monitor the outer earth. 1885 - Marquis Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre, a French occultist, begins telepathically communicating with the "Ascended Masters" based in subterranean caverns of Agartha. 1908 - The Nowegian sailor Olaf Janson sails through an entrance to the earth's interior at the North Pole where he lives for two years with the Agarthans. 1945 - Richard Shaver claims he had been the guest of what remained of an underground civilization. He contends that the Elder Race fled to Agartha in our prehistoric past.
  2. The tokens game-play is changed. The components are unchanged. New rules will be available for download or a hardcopy may be purchased. The good news is you will have two rules systems to choose from.
  3. Though I have Wolf, I must say, I'm thrilled that other players will be able to buy Wolf without getting gouged. It's a bit overdue, but he is available, so I'll gladly hold back any other comments.
  4. Excellent work! I just skimmed it over and it looks good. I'll let you know if I spot any errors.
  5. In the basic rulebook fluff they mention attacks by paranormal fifth columnists on New Louisiana in the Deadlands region (p.4). I believe the Tannhauser chronology also makes mention of the historical vodou priestess Marie Laveau.
  6. I like the instant kills. In other miniatures/skirmish games we play the damage is little drawn out (mind you, we are partial to using hit locations, so it's our own fault). We do love the Domination Mode, it is little bit more strategic than Deathmatch Mode. My statement against the "wanted to like it" trope was a bit harsh, yes. I associate the "wanted to like it" excuse with something like inarticulate movie reviews you would find on something like Ain't It Cool. It relieves the reviewer of any investment beyond an initial desire, if you follow. I agree, Tannhauser can be "bumped" up to a better game, and there is room to critique it.
  7. I saved most o the JPC maps. I did an inventory of the campaigns, and I'm sorry to say think I'm missing a couple of maps. I'll have a look around and see what I have and post them.
  8. Welcome back Miah99! I loved your scenario from the old boards. Has that been backed-up anywhere?
  9. There were no fan made pathfinding maps. They were official maps, FFG just never put them up. Now that ToY's site is gone, you can't get them anymore.
  10. Though I would love to see a Golden Globe faction, with the IP change, I can't see it happening. Also, Dr. Jeckyll would be out of place, as it's the 1950's in the Tannhauser timeline. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is great, but in the 1950's Alan Moore has them interacting with Kerouac and Burroughs characters. It would be very nice to see Union characters that aren't solely American, it is the Union, after all...
  11. For me, the game would be dull if it didn't have a high mortality rate. Like you, when my group first started playing we we had preconceived expectations regarding the game, and the high mortality rate seemed odd. Many games later, with the knowledge that every character could be taken out any time, the gameplay is less reckless and less predictable. Also, I've found that players that decry weapons being overpowered are, inevitably, the ones on the receiving end... Rant on - It really drives me nuts someone says they "really wanted to like" something. What does that mean? It's a passive aggresive excuse for your own expectations, really. It's like saying "I really wanted to like Shakespeare (but I couldn't actually make an effort to make it through the prose). - Rant off
  12. littlewars


    You can download the Tannhauser Chronolgy. This is the corrected version. FFG's original had a number of errors and omissions.
  13. Excellent! I'll be downloading this when it appears on BGG, thanks!
  14. I haven't bothered with Story Mode after our first few games. Objectives are a pain, as far as I'm concerned. Don't get me wrong, my group likes scenarios and objectives and all, but Domination Mode is our fave, due to the fact that you simply secure objectives to win. It works for us that when you reach an objective, with no fiddly skill requirements, you plant a flag and cover it. That being said, we have had incredible fun with the french scenarios (both official and fan made). I think ToY tried to make the objective tokens open ended so you could write your own scenarios, but I don't now if they were successful. At least they tried to accommodate a few styles of play. You should use whatever works for you and the players. Also, the upcoming Daedulus (this year, ha ha, that's a funny one FFG) does have additional objective tokens.
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