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  1. Dawn, dont you still have my word document???
  2. i still check everyday -,^
  3. amphillips +1 once again, thanks again for another fantastic trade.
  4. +1 to amphillips once again awesome trade super fast
  5. i can tell you its not one of the two remaning sets that have been translated. its an informative page, with the idea of what direction we want the site to go in other then just a refrenece for the translations
  6. Heres the thread what are you thoughts Cloud & Sephy are a power house unstopable if you can get them out the King is dissapointing Yen Sid OMG, to bad hes only for Roxas
  7. Eroecchi's Update Hey everybody Set 7: Endless Darkness has just been posted, i had posted yesterday(all day) with lots of headaches finnaly ending with the page being all jibberish but got back on it today cleaned it up so go have a look enjoy and start discussing. As for translating, Ryo and i have finished translating all the cards and yesterday i finished my first write up for them. Also we have gone thru japanese sets 1,2 and 1/2 of 3 comparing texts from the english to the japanese so expect a page on the website soon along with a few other ideas we "webmasters" have come up with Now don't hold your breath for the next batch of cards to be released, Chotiz, Dawn and I are in agreement on waiting till we get good images of the cards before we post. But dont worry they will be posted eventually. Side note, we have found the most usless card in the game. Ive gone over it with Ryo 3 times and he stands by how he reads it. Imma ask him one more time before i share it. but really its 100% accurate to the game character but 100% useless to any player. Later Eroecchi
  8. +1 for Ghugrim thanks for the trade (^,^)b
  9. +1 to amphillips thanks again for the trade
  10. Currently it looks like all japanese versions of the cards are unavalible to the the english internets, you are not the only one looking for the cards. the boxes i got were the last from the online store i ordered from and they have e-mailed me after i asked stating they would not looking to get anymore in stock.
  11. one from Ghugrim and a second from amphillips
  12. Thread Closed got my hands on 2 of the awaking soras that i needed, thank you
  13. Hiya everybody sorry again for the lack of anything, still school work, BBS and some sick got in my way. But this little update is to inform you Set 7: Endless Darkness is out to the editors. I can't promise it'll be up this weekend as its my big Japanese midterm on monday but im not one to study all weekend -,^ i fixed the bug on the Set 6: Rejoin page where the page just didnt end & did a few very minor edits that you probably wont even notice. Plus Chotiz pulled thru and got us the 6 in total missing images we had(5 from Rejoin/1 from Endless Darkness) and i have put them(Rejoin) up right away so go check em out: TImeless River Sora, Rikku, Paine, Shan Yu & Storm Rider. So also expect set 7 to not be missing any images. Chotiz is still in the works for getting the rest of the card images and i feel its best that we wait to release the translations for the remaning promos, missing cards and POM set until we have the images to go with them. Trust they are all translated (except POM) and will appear when we have them. thats it for now have a good one, i'd if you got some to spare i could use some luck on that midterm i'm just as bad at spelling in Japanese as i am in english. Ja~matane Eroecchi
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